Motorola RAZR

More news coming out of Motorola today surrounding the RAZR. Yet another variant is on its way, only this time it's coming with an unlocked bootloader

The Motorola RAZR Developer Edition will be available in Europe first, and is available for pre-order right now through Moto's own online store. They make a point of letting you know that phone will be sold without any warranty and will set you back 499 (about $660.)

In a statement on the official Motorola Blog, the company claims that releasing a developer edition allows them to continue to meet their carrier and regulatory obligations, but also meets the needs being expressed by their developer community. While the idea of an unlocked RAZRs isn't new -- Ausdroid scored the scoop on that way back in October -- at the time it seemed like a half-assed nod to developers and hackers, and that carriers would still have the option to (and undoubtedly would) keep the bootloaders locket up tight.

But what about you guys in the U.S.? While the Developer Edition is a Europe-only launch, plans are in place to launch an "unlockable developer device" in the State though the MOTODEV network. No time-frame is listed for this as yet though, and Motorola doesn't actually say whether it's the RAZR, or perhaps the newer RAZR MAXX with its larger battery, or maybe a different device altogether. 

The addition of the RAZR Developer Edition gives Motorola two "developer" devices in its stable, the other being the Motorola XOOM tablet, the first to show off Android 3.2 Honeycomb, and now is one of the first to get an update to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Hit the links below for more info and to order in the EU. 

Source: Motorola; Preorder: Motorola Online Store


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Motorola RAZR Developer Edition on the way to Europe, unlocked bootloader in tow


This is going to be interesting
499€ is a hefty price but Moto writes on the shop page:
This Phone will be sold without any warranty!
which is plain impossible in Germany, yet they still make the claim in German too.

Someone should tell Moto that the European mandatory Warranty really is mandatory and not an option to choose.


This, will be interesting to see how Motorola develops and sells an electronic device without any kind of warranty. I'm pretty sure most everywhere its a legal requirement on electronics.

Yes in the Netherlands you can't sell something without garranty if i'm right. As far as I know you always have 2 years manufacturer warranty (don't know if 'manufacturer warranty' is a proper english word, lol)

Did you not read what the article said? It said it [Motorola Xoom] was the first with Honeycomb and one of the first with ICS.

This just screams FAIL! I gave up on Motorola after the OG Droid and I am glad my money was well spent elsewhere. Looks like they will be deep in the red sooner rather than later.

This phone is completely unlocked.
What this means, for all the stupid people, is simply total access without an unlock tool.

Its not against the law. Its buy at your own risk.!

Example, you buy a Honda and have to get specific Honda tools to take the custom mounts off the engine just so you can put a Nissan engine in later.
Later you try to take the car back to Honda for engine problems.

Kernels, Roms, Bootloaders can be damaged by stupid people that have access and are to trifling to take responsibility of their stupidity.

Developer Edition means phone hardware frame with complimentary programs to get you started.

OK so you don't see the problem here, do you? Droid RAZR, Droid RAZR MAXX and now Droid RAZR Dev. Both the RAZR and RAZR MAXX run identical firmware and software builds but are locked down tighter than a drum. Then you have the RAZR Dev. which will allow custom kernels and ROMs. Now for the small handful that get the RAZR Dev. that's fine. For the rest of the folks with the other two variants they are screwed. Motorola should have just done the same thing as HTC and ASUS did and release an unlock tool that, when used, voids your warranty. At least this way you have the ability to take full advantage of the device you already own.

Motorola has failed HARD as of late. First with the eternal wait for the Bionic and then essentially obsoleting the Bionic within 2 months with the Bionic+, a.k.a Droid RAZR and its' siblings. Hopefully Google can reign in some of Moto's stupidity otherwise they will die off. Their Xoom... ahem... Xyboard line just shows their additional consumer ignorance.

Lastly, a phone can ONLY be damaged if it is OC'd and cooked due to overheating which is a VERY rare case. With the OG Droid being the best example of the unbrickable phone. Unlock the bootloader, make the factory image available to flash through RSD Lite and you have yourself a failsafe that works EVERY time. Moto failed and will continue to. Thankfully I jumped off the Mototanic after the OG Droid and went on to greener pastures.


The ASUS Prime was the first to receive Ice Cream Sandwich, before the XOOM. Remember? The XOOM owners in the forums were pissed.

Great. So dev's will be able to buy the dev phone and create awesome custom roms and kernels which.....only the dev's can flash cause everyone else is on an encrypted/locked bootloader? Sounds like the worst solution ever.

When you buy a google phone (aka Nexus brand) it is fully unlocked. Google just bought motorola's phone business. Who's gonna win this fight? I was hoping all Moto android phones would go to fastboot unlocks.

This is absolute BS and it makes ma happy I don't buy Motorola phones (I did buy the OG Droid and Xoom as they were unlockable). The most disturbing thing about this announcment is that Motorola will not release a device that doesnt have an unlockable bootloader unless you want to pay full price and void a warranty. They just dont get what Android is.

Call me wishful. But I think moto may be throwing the hacker community a bone. Unlocked development phones will bebone through with an electron microscope to see if anyone can reverse engineer a way around the boot loader lock.

Think about it.