Motorola Assist

Motorola today added Motorola Assist to its growing stable of software features that have moved from the system level of its smartphones into Google Play.

Along with that change comes the addition of a new "quick reply" feature. When you're driving or are in a meeting, incoming calls can be automatically declined, and a custom text message automatically sent. 

Motorola Assist will work with the Moto X, Droid Ultra, Droid Mini and Droid Maxx.

Motorola also has put Touchless Control, the Moto X camera, Droid Zap and a number of other device-specific features into Google Play.

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Motorola puts Motorola Assist in Google Play, adds custom autoreply option


Yep, updated a few minutes ago

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What about the Note 3? RACIST!!!! I'm gonna take my 50.00 and go home. :-)

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Hope u got that $50. Samsung shut it down early so only a few got it. Have to think hackers for stealing money

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I did,I got it a little after 6am that morning.

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I think that this is a deliberate plan to have something new release every day or so to keep their name in the tech blogs to help drive awareness. If so, it seems like a smart strategy.

Better than that.

It allows Moto to update big parts of their skin's features without waiting for approval of an OS firmware update.

I'm going to be pedantic here, but I don't think you can accurately call what Motorola is doing with their new line of devices a skin in any way. It's a stock version of Android with value-added apps.

I'd say that's technically accurate, although other OEMs have been doing skins + replacement/value-add apps and features as well, so calling Sense/TW skins wasn't very accurate either (even in the early days of Android).

I do think Moto's been striking the perfect balance, though they weren't the first to go this route... ASUS customizations on their tablets follow a similar playbook.

The expedited nature of Moto's KK update and the way they've brought most of their major add-on features to Play is a big step beyond anyone else though... Hopefully someone (anyone) follows their lead. I think all the blog attention they're getting is quite deserved.

Hopefully Moto manages to keep it up and doesn't suddenly forget about the X after next year's lineup, that'd be another huge breakthrough for an OEM. After all, can you think of one OEM that's gone on record about KK on a previous gen flagship? (e.g. One X, SGS3, etc)

Just to clarify, I looked at punit's Google+ and he said the Motorola assist app and motorola connect app on the play store is downloadable (aka to update to the new version they just posted) when you are using 4.4. So those of us who hasnt got kitkat have to wait

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I was pointing out that it is not compatible with his G2, because its only for Moto phones.

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The only phones it is compatible with have it installed already.... makes you wonder why they bothered? =/

LG/Samsung don't need to publish all their apps on the play store just so they can update, they can handle them on their own...

you dont get it ..they can add new features to the app and keep it updated, without waiting for every little bug fix/new feature's to be approved by carriers also carriers have there own schedule and they dont always readily accept software updates unless its a huge deal ....they added find my phone feature to the touchless controls without waiting for carrier approvals ..this is the way to develop sw on consumer oriented products and keep consumers happy ..

I found a slick alternative to the "Trusted Bluetooth" app that comes with the Moto X.

Does anybody know of any alternatives to this app? I'd like the music to pause, my text to be read to me, and the music to resume while I'm driving. Does not have to be free. the auto-reply is not important.

Thanks in advance.

I used to have that and Drive Agent and neither read the text messages aloud.

Maybe it was because I had GPM going or something else. I'll try it again on the way home tonight.

EDIT: Just tested Drive Agent again. Only tells me the number, doesn't read the message aloud. I want it to actually read the text of the message.

Maybe it was updated after you used it, but Agent reads my messages aloud.

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nope it doesnt automatically detect driving mode, motorola uses low power core to continuously detect state of your device.

nope it doesnt automatically detect driving mode, motorola uses low power core to continuously detect state of your device.

Soon Motoroloa will be able to have pure Android on their phones and only allow consumers to download the improvements if they wish to.

Because that is what goolge is doing also. Its easier to update those apps then the whole os. Logic

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Upgrade coming for me in July. Moto winning me over big time.

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The new version of Assist read my text aloud while I was driving. My default SMS client is Hangouts.

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