Motorola Photon

What makes a Sprint Premiere customer a "premiere customer?" How's about the ability to order the Motorola Photon 4G a couple days before most peeps? Last week we saw a lucky member get his device a bit early, and we went hands on with it back at the Sprint event, but now the wait is over. Premiere customers can now place orders for the device, and it will be publicly available on July 31 for $199 on contract.

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Sprint Premiere customers can now order Motorola Photon 4G


i love the fact that Motorola is back and back on Sprint with a killer Android superphone. hopefully this spurs even more competition and pushes HTC to set the bar even higher. i repeat - i'm thinking the HTC "EVO HD" with 4.5-5.0"+ display with almost zero bezel and no capacitive buttons and ice cream sammmmmmmmmmich around Thanksgiving!

Those are my dream specs for the next evo. Well actually, other than ice cream those specs were what I was hoping for with the the current evo 3d but oh well. Hopefully the next evo will have those specs you are talking about in addition to 720p resolution.

dumb move IMO if that's true. why would Sprint go backwards for their flagship HTC device? i'm skeptical.

It's so hard for me to not pull the trigger and order this thing! But I am going to wait until the GSII comes out so I can hold it, the Photon, and the Evo 3D so I can really do my own comparison. Hurry up Samsung!

The 'world phone' bit really intrigues me though. What are the odds that the SGS2 is going to be another world phone?

Debating on this because I love how it has a kickstand, maybe the EVO 3D or the future Nexus device. This looks like a promising device, but I'm not a big fan motos skin and software

You know what makes a Sprint customer a premiere customer, the fact that Sprint is offering a majority of the newest phones that are being bought to the market. As a matter of fact everyone except VZW is churning out game changing devices for 2011. Maybe after the TMO-ATT merger VZW and Sprint will come together.

not sure i want to see Verizon gobble up Sprint. IMO Sprint is pro-customer and provides the best value of all carriers by far. Verizon shamelessly gouges their customers any way they can. an acquisition of Sprint would only increase Verizon's power to gouge even more customers even harder. competition is good - it helps keeps everyone (more) honest.

People talking about Verizon acquiring sprint IS A JOKE AT BEST. Sprint has been and will remain in the future A GAME CHANGING NETWORK the future is extremely BRIGHT and all sprint customers should rejoice at knowing you have a carrier THAT CARES. This PHOTON 4G device adds to the industry leading devices that exist on our network and today sprint has THE BEST DUALCORE DEVICES. EVO 3D, PHOTON 4G, SAMSUNG WITHIN 4G, and the up coming HTC HERO 4G IN SEPTEMBER makes this UNLIMITED NETWORK NUMBER ONE IN MY BOOK. And the funny part is this isn't even including the IPHONE 4S/5 that will be here in October. It's a great time to be a sprint customer....

Personally, I find caps lock to be an EXCELLENT LITMUS TEST for whether or not a person is a MOUTH-BREATHING MORON. When I see a TRUCKLOAD OF CAPITAL LETTERS in a post, I am PERFECTLY COMFORTABLE assuming that the poster is a DROOLING IDIOT whose post I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED TO BOTHER READING.

If verizon was to ever take over sprint (which they wont), it will be out of jealousy because verizon can't think of anything on their own. People laugh at the Echo, but at least sprint tried. And I love sprint for it.

As a Verizon customer who has been waiting for the Bionic forever, this is very disappointing to see. Either Verizon or Motorola need to get their act together. I am happy for the Sprint customers... But frustrated and annoyed as a VZW customer.

Pretty cool that Sprint is going to have (at least) 3 bad-ass Android phones before the year is out. (photon, evo3d, samsung gs2) Plus, if you believe the rumors, they have even have the next iPhone. I've often pondered leaving Sprint, but it really seems like they're getting some great devices.

Is anyone really ordering this today before even one review is out AND with the Galaxy S2 probably due out next month? If so, are you thinking that you may be getting it just to return it within the 30-day window?

The SGS2 is the wildcard here for potential Photon orders. The way I see the comparison:

Photon pros: 4.3 size (yes I prefer slightly smaller), GSM capable worldphone, media/car dock, double flash, kickstand, Motorola brand, Motorola updates, Motorola radio, 1700 MaH battery

SGS2 pros: 1.2 processor, UI, 1080p video capable, 2MP front camera, unlocked bootloader, thinner, lighter

I'm waiting for a review and the chance to play with the phone myself before making a decision. Based on the hands-on stuff provided by the one lucky Photon owner (unlucky, if you count his having to give up the phone), the Photon seems like a fantastic phone. But he's just one opinion, and I value several (including my own!)

If the Photon is all it's cracked up to be, I may bite the bullet. If it's good but not great, I'll wait until the Within comes out for comparison. Heck, I may just go with the Evo 4G+/Hero 4G (or whatever they end up calling it) since I'm a big Sense fan, if it actually comes to Sprint.

I would feel the same way but after owning a Epic 4g, and dealing with Sammy's quality control problems (yes I know a few of you out there have never had a problem with your Epic 4g, congrats) I've been through 3 Epics and I'm officially done with samsung. The galaxy II could lay golden eggs and I still wouldn't buy it.

If the Sprint Within was a gsm compatible then hands down I'd cop it in a minute but since it's not I'm gonna go with the Photon.


Sprint needs to get its 4G speed game up cause Verizon is spanking everybody with its LTE

This phone intrigues me. Alas the motorola skins on these android devices suck, make things buggy and I have seen enough peoples motorola android devices brick because of it. So I'm not a spec junkie I'll buy a phone that just simply works. Trust me a couple weeks ago I weighed this option out plus the evo 3d when I was finally getting off my web os device :-(. Needles to say I went with the nexus a 4g. Its snappy with the single core hummingbird, no skins, most updated android os and even before the update I live in a strong sprint zone outside of chicago so signal issue wasn't an issue (btw talk about a huge improvement on signal speed. Ran a speed test after the update I'm running a hair under 3x as fast and super strong signal.) I still however will watch how the photon does because I get the once a year updates from sprint and I'll still barely be in my 30 day period when the photon is released. If I was a spec hore I would be near humping this phone though... Lol

If it wasn't for the status of the bootloader I would be very tempted to pick this up. I like the corners a separates the styling just enough from pretty much every smartphone out there. The specs are nice too.

Before I would buy anything I would need to see the next Nexus phone though.

I really do love sprint and their continuous attempts to have the best phone, and a pretty good service. Ill never leave as long as they continue the good work.

Was ordering the Moto Xprt, but it got back ordered so I've got a Photon coming. I wasn't too excited about the Xprt, but they gave me an excuse to spend a bit more on the Photon. Can't wait.