We've seen leaked pictures of the Motorola Opus One, and now we know it as the Motorola i1.  Wish we could give you more about the specs, other then it's an iDEN device (get the name now?) running on Android 1.5 (is this a bad joke?) and a 3-megapixal camera, and will most likely have Motoblur.

For those not familiar with Motoblur, it's Motorola bringing all your social Web sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and the like straight to your home screen, so you don't have to go through each one individually to update your every move. [via Engadget]


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Motorola Opus One now the Motorola i1


did they forget to release this in March of 2009. This phone makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Seriously Moto, what are you thinking?

I hate the way motoblur looks , horrible program that Motorola can keep and this phone is well HO HUM

Good news for the 300 people who are tired of the Blackberry 8350i and haven't switched to another carrier yet.

Is it REALLY worth launching a new iDEN device in 2010?

WTF, is Android 1.5/1.6 becoming the new Windows Mobile 5?

Where's all the Android 2 phones??!

motorola are releasing 17 new handsets this year, yes 17!!, so you can expect little to zero future updates.

why the hell are they releasing 17 where at most 4 would be far away enough, ie. top end with keyboard (Droid/Milestone), top end without keyboard, one mid range and one budget, all with stock android to ensure compatibility and to speed the update process as keeping those 4 upto date would be a far easier task than 17.

whatever happens I can safely predict that unless motorola has something extremely good up their sleve motorola will not be in a very good state in a years time

The iDEN network is primarily for Nextel and BOOST. however, this is more of a Boost(prepaid) demographic and may be why it's so toned down spec-wise. the picture of the phone does NOT include motoblur, as that is a service and they may only want it on contracted phones.

I don't know why people are dogging a prepaid device. it's supposed to be cheap for the prepaid market!

and yes, people still use iDEN devices in 2010 :/ however from what I'm told, they're transitioning into the Sprint CDMA network, much like Virgin did..