Moto G

Moto G starts at just $179, off-contract and unlocked

Motorola this morning at an event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, announced the lower-cost Moto G Android smartphone. 

It's a smartphone that has a premium experience but has a fraction of the cost," said product manager Charlie Tritschler.

Moto G's got a 4.5-inch display at 720p. It's powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor at 1.2 GHz and sports 1GB of RAM. Motorola's pushed a 2070 mAh into this thing, noting 14 hours of talk time. Moto's touting that "all day" battery life line again.

And as you'd expect, it's running Android 4.3 out of the box, with an update to Android 4.4 "guaranteed" by January 2014, Moto's Punit Soni said.

For those who want some customization, Moto G is available with a number of removable backs — "Moto Shells." And there's a "Flip Shell" that is exactly what it sounds like — a flip cover to protect the displays.

And most important — an off-contract price of just $179 for 8GB. For 16GB, you'll pay just $199. It'll go on sale this week in Brazil and parts of Europe. After that come Latin America, Canada and parts of Asia.

Moto G will be available in the U.S., India, the Middle East and more of Asia in January. 

Software-wise, Moto G runs a clean, "stock" version of Android. Just like the Moto X, no skinning.

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KoukiFC3S says:

With the nexus 5 at $350, I hope this phone sells for $250.

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RustyU says:

8GB = $179
16GB = $199

Ry says:

This is awesome!

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GameBoi says:

Did you even attempt to read the article?

MexPride says:

They just updated the article wiseass

sbenson says:

You're officially an idiot. Congratulations!

MexPride says:

Another dumbass

Landon1983 says:


Ratnok says:


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Yuri Vestil says:

It's $179 off-contract. It says so in the article.

This has already been said.....

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HeyImAlexD says:

Come on Cricket Wireless support!!!

From my dang HTC One V. Using the AC App

jdevenberg says:

Or you could go to a better pre-paid carrier like Aio, T-Mobile, or Metro PCS. Cricket was great when it launched, but any more it just isn't up to what other carriers offer for pre-paid.

oddom says:

This is the phone to beat! No matter how cheap lumia phones are this is just all around better! Woot

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Ry says:

This is a better value than the Nexus 5.

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dmmarck says:

How? The hardware is 2 generations behind at this point.

tdizzel says:


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dmmarck says:

Well according to , it's not even in the same ballpark.

Ry says:


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mwara244 says:

It's basically a Galaxy Nexus with a slightly bigger battery, better antennas, and will get 4.4 and more support. Not bad IMO for around $200

JasW says:

Great for the kids!

benass49 says:

Solid point, but remember when they announced the Moto X? We were all disappointed that it was dual-core until it destroyed every other Android flagship out there. (Galaxy S4, HTC One, Optimus G Pro, Galaxy Note 2 at the time.) Older hardware doesn't necessarily spell doom. As long as the software is optimized, this thing will run well. Remember, this is a phone targeted at consumers on a budget, and most of those consumers won't want cutting-edge performance or insane specs, they just want a phone that will work. The ones that want cutting-edge hardware will go with the Nexus 5.

Edit- wanted to clarify this was a reply to dmmarck.

benurd says:


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TheMimic12 says:

Depends on what you want out of the phone. The nexus 5 is the better bargain because, while the moto g is cheaper, the nexus 5 has better specs and LTE support for $150 more than the moto g (16 GB). This is a good value as specs are solid, but are still not ultra-high-end like the nexus 5.
Moto g is a cool phone, especially because the specs are decent at a very low-end price.

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technomom says:

I'd be amazed if it does the hands free Google Search and notification screen stuff. But still, $199 unlocked is a pretty good deal.

turdbogls says:

that wont relies on a couple things (low power processor and OLED display) that the G doesn't have.

still, killer device for $200. well done Motorola.

Roid 4G says:

Doesn't the droid mini have active notifications even though it has an lcd screen?

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ne0ne says:

It does. Its just not as power efficent

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blazer236ix says:

I'm loving the new Motorola

p08757 says:

Any word on a Verizon Model?

Thegreatone3 says:

I'm just waiting for Big Red to stick it to us again.

dcliffo says:

Not seeing LTE listed under Networks here:

Thegreatone3 says:

That would be a deal breaker.


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scottyhifi says:

Maybe for you but I bet HSPA+ is more than adequate for the majority of the people that will buy this. It's a sub $200 phone with a 720p screen.

jdevenberg says:

If it has been said once, it has been said 1000 times. If you want unlocked, easily portable devices, Verizon is not the carrier for you. Verizon will not carry or support this device, I promise.

scottyhifi says:

Ouch. Not even 2 hours after your promise.

tbonepat11 says:

I like the trends here in the states with unlocked phones and pay as you go carriers. Unlocked phones at very competitive prices. Maybe in the states people will start to realize the rip off that is subsidized phones and take control.

Granted this isn't aimed at the US but the international market, but I think this might do well here.

Hiberny says:

I'm guessing we won't see this in the US. It would make a great pair with T-Mobile's prepaid.

Posted from my HTC One via AC App

Ameshican says:

"Moto G will be available in the U.S., India, the Middle East and more of Asia in January."

Do people even read the articles any more?

Ameshican says:

Of course not!

Hiberny says:

I should have said, "I'm guessing we won't see this on a US carrier." I can't imagine T-Mobile or AT&T carrying it without LTE.

Ry says:

So far for the US, it's been announced to becoming to Verizon prepaid and

This with T-Mobile's $30 5Gb plan would be a steal! $200 for 16GB is awesome. Let's hope it has all of the features the Moto X has.

ne0ne says:

No touchless control or active display / notifications

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Wow nice.. That price is really low :)

BBJoe2011 says:

This is the phone to get kids, so they can get off the iPod boob.

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cq says:

It would be great if they made a $150 model with no cellular radio to compete with the iPod touch. Android would benefit from having a device for kids that doesn't need to be on a mobile plan.

iammatt1936 says:

This is $179 and doesn't need a mobile plan. I'd say that's close enough. But, with this, you can pop in a SIM card and pay as you go for mad cheap. Without needing to buy another device.

eahinrichsen says:

There have been a few Android devices like that, most notably the Samsung Galaxy Player. I don't think any of them really found much of a niche. The Play Music store just never got anywhere near the traction that iTunes did.

Ry says:

I'm more impressed with the Moto G than I am with the Nexus 5.

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XP7051V3 says:

Lets not get carried away here.

Cubfan says:

You and me both.

jdevenberg says:

I am too. The Nexus 5 won't do much to drive the general population to more affordable, pre-paid plans because, although a bargain for its specs, $350 is still more than most Americans want to pay for a phone. $199 and it doesn't suck? Now that could drive pre-paid adoption.

Orion78 says:

Lol I wouldn't go that far but I get where you're coming from. Good job by moto here.


You should be: the Moto G is actually coming to Verizon, lol.

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It's awesome, that the Moto G is coming to Verizon. It'll be usable on their MVNOs, which is a win for me, if I ever have to travel outside of a T-Mobile coverage area.

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Ratnok says:

Uh, no.

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Ry says:

Punit called out TouchWiz and Sense by name.

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I can't watch the stream. I bet it was awesome lol.

I say that, but I also like sense

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Saneless says:

This definitely seems like a win for the rest of the world who pay for things unlocked and full price. Here, it would have to compete with free, $50, and $100 on-contract prices, which most people are fine with.

But damn, if off-contract is your thing you can buy phones like this every 6-12 months without much thought or regret.

sequoia462 says:

If this comes to Canada by December, I'm getting my dad his first phone to put on pay as you go!

rap1 says:

Sounds like a nice phone for prepaid for the US! No mention here about the camera. I know photos are popular in Brazil.

demontooth says:

Active notifications?

Ry says:


chronophilos says:

Google Now is pretty much a US-only service, so it makes sense that a phone aimed at the international market doesn't have the same hands-free Google Now feature as the moto x.

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Gekko says:

wow that price is incredible! $179 for unlocked/no contract!

"The phone will be sold direct from Motorola as well as other carriers in the US in early January, with the 8GB model going for $179 and the 16GB version for $199."

hkklife says:

I was really expecting $199 for 8GB and $249 for $16GB. Hats off to Moto for delivering a solid device at a superb price point AND not gouging on the storage bumps ala Apple.

Now I am just waiting for someone to deliver a high-end phablet (5.2" or larger,Snapdragon 800) with 32 or 64GB storage, a massive battery and top notch camera aggressively priced off-contract ($399-$499). Something like a 5.3" 1080P Moto X Maxx on AT&T prepaid would probably be enough to make me leave Verizon after 15 years.

Orion78 says:

Dude!! That is what I'm waiting on! I want an awesome moto phablet. Well there's rumors of such a device coming 2014. That's why I been stalling on the Nexus 5. Well that and some of the negative news I been hearing about it. Regardless its Nexus or moto from now on.

hodan says:

Moro took note of Lumia's success with this model. Shit's gettin' real!

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mvsmith says:

Damn makes me want to return my Alcatel. Glad phones off contract are getting cheaper at left. I think next year will be the year of off contract phones.

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Sold. My Nexus 4 just broke and with Christmas around the corner I dont think this could have come at a better time!

drewsammie says:

Exactly my thoughts. This is a great deal if your phone poops out mid contact. $150 to ti you over until you can get what ever is spanking new when your contract runs out is great!!!

We will have to wait for the reviews, but on paper this sounds like a decent phone for the price.
I wonder if this marks the beginning of the end of ON contract phones. If you can get this much phone for under $200.00 and not have to sign a contract, what's the phone landscape going to look like in 1 or 2 years?

renzi555 says:

And there's your game changer. Well done Moto.

movielover76 says:

Now this is a mid range phone!, great specs for the price.
It's nice to see Motorola taking notice that anything less than 720p is not worth buying in Late 2013, qHD or 800x480 screens don't cut it even on a low-end phone anymore.

tdizzel says:

I love what moto is doing with this phone, but I disagree with that statement. What if you want a phone off contract for under $100 and your vision is bad enough that you can't tell the difference between qhd and 720p?
There should always be choices because there are always people who need choices

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hkklife says:

I disagree,especially with really small screens. 800x480 is fine for anything less than 4" or so. Heck, there are still a few 320x480 smartphones being sold on the prepaid market. And qHD is fine up to 4.5" on a budget device. I had no issues with my past Motorola devices at 4.3" and qHD.

movielover76 says:

720p needs at least 4.3 inches, so I wasn't specific enough anything less than 4.3 inches is ok with less than 720p as it's not possible.

Under $100 now we are talking ultra low-end, designed for emerging markets and I wasn't really trying to address them, that's a different market entirely.

If you're anywhere near $199 or over, they can afford to put in a 720p screen these days anything less and I personally think your getting ripped off. It's not so much about what you can get away with using, as what a smartphone should be expected to have at minimum these days.

I'm talking about off-contract prices btw.

Ry says:

You really have to take physical screen size and resolution together. The target should be 250 to 300 PPI. And qHD @ 4.3 satisfies that.

stevedo says:

UK pricing?

Via a cool AC App on a great Nexus 4

£135 or £159 SIM free

thetruthkc says:

Specs, Schmecks!

I absolutely am blown away by my Moto X. I think Motorola has a winner at this price point. Sure, it may have some lag, but 4.4 helps with that and at $179, that is an awesome backup phone or replacement phone if I drop and break my X.

MacAir says:

This is absolutely amazing. Is it running a clean version of Android like the Moto X?

Motorola should be selling only this phone and the X. They need to start fresh. Fantastic price.

I love tech.

Ry says:

"MotoBlur" is dead.

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eahinrichsen says:

Looks like it. From the article: "Software-wise, Moto G runs a clean, "stock" version of Android. Just like the Moto X, no skinning."


ricketkm says:

Is this phone going to be available in the playstore? I need one to travel to Jamaica next month.

Orion78 says:

This is a game changer as far a pricing goes. I love the direction moto is going. I wish it would have came during the holiday season. It would make an awesome Christmas gift.

eahinrichsen says:

Seriously. Even with lower mid-range specs like this, it'd be a HUGE upgrade over my brother's three-year-old HTC something-or-other, and $199 is a pretty reasonable Christmas prestent.

TomW093 says:

I may get one just to use it as a dedicated MP3 player on long runs, and as a backup phone in general.

biggbrother2 says:

Mototola has come a long way since the Cliq days...

MarkSeven says:

Don't ever say that name again..

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tian Mike says:

will moto become stronger?

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MetalMike901 says:

Wow $179 is great for a decent budget android. Maybe if anyone can challenge the insanely greedy carrier contract business, it's Google. I love that Goog is releasing devices that are affordable off contract, as I despise carrier contract practices. I really hope they sell a billion of these on prepaid and make the greedy carriers wake up. While apple is content selling contracted iphones that purely benefit the carrier, Google is showing it is on the consumer's side, not the carrier. Honestly this makes me much more loyal to Google and I hope this will eventually change the industry for the better as consumers.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk


Wow, this is exactly how I feel!!

Posted via Android Central App

I showed this to my fiancee and she decided to purchase it instantly.

John-Smith says:

Wow that is a pretty amazing price for a new phone with those specs. Great Job Motorola!

teej51685 says:

$179 unlocked? That's incredible. Hell at that price I'd be tempted to pick one up just to test drive T-Mobile's network in my area before making the jump from Verizon permanent.

benurd says:

Why do I want this phone?! Jebus! That price makes me want to get two or three... But I still need a nexii 5. I may pick one of these up before I attempt to get a nexii 5.

Posted via Nexii 4 using the Android Central App

Van0787 says:

Under $200 full price, unlocked, and off contract for an Android powered Motorola phone, well done Moto! Even if the phones specs are not leading edge, they are good enough for the bulk of the audience this phone is targeted to. Plus didn't we all hear that Android 4.4 is designed to be better for lower-end phones than previous editions of Android, so who knows how much better the phone will be after the update!

Also, for those of you saying Big Red won't get this, The Twitter statement linked to above ( states it is gonna happen and are even saying it will be available on their prepaid! I like the idea of a cheap unlocked Moto Android phone on Prepaid on Big Red, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, or any of the smaller carriers!

Why do I even want one, when I am currently rocking a Droid Maxx? There is something about this phone man!

MarkSeven says:

Wow.. This would be a great replacement phone for my brother who broke his phone last month and is on a budget due to his new baby girl. Too bad it won't be here in the U.S. 'til January tho.. Moto is totally missing the holidays with a January release.. Smh..

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