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Motorola is offering a 10% discount on most of the accessories sold through their online store using the checkout code JUSTBECAUSE10. You can apply this to anything that isn't already on clearance, and if you get $75-worth of gear, you get free shipping. That might be easy considering the Moto X is currently $125 off and Moto X cases are 50% off now too. The promo is running until the end of August, so you've got some time to take advantage.

Head on over to the Motorola online store to take advantage. They've got just about everything there, but Google Chromecast, Motorola Shells, JBL Micro Wireless Speaker, Motorola Buds as well as DECK and TRACKS AIR by SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola products aren't available for the discount. Anyone biting?


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Motorola offering 10% off their accessories just because


I'll check it out, but was hoping to pick up some shells on sale. I'm surprised the shells never caught on with all the cheap-o case makers. I'm sure there's a good reason for why they didn't.

I wish companies would give you some time and announce sales a week or month ahead of time, not everybody has a huge disposable income to drop on electronics. Most stores always release advertisements on future sales. Sorry, just peeved cause I never save up extra for random electronic sales, plus I like to budget to stay out of debt.

"Dear customer, please don't buy our stuff now because it will go on sale in 3 weeks"
Yeah, that's best for business

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This is one of those times when I say "sounds like a personal problem".

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I recommend choosing the $4 shipping option b/c it not only saves $7 bucks but because it makes it to you in the same amount of time as if you paid the full $10.95.

I convinced my girlfriend it was time to ditch the samsung gs2 and thought the moto x would be great for her. Ordered it last night and she really enjoyed picking out the color scheme. I went ahead and got an otterbox from amazon since she is rough on electronics.

Im excited to see it.

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