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Take 18 months to pay off your brand new Moto X

Motorola is now offering $0 down and 0 percent financing for any order from its website. While it is being called a "credit account" rather than a credit card, the deal seems about the same — make purchases from Motorola's online store and check out with a $0 balance if you're an account holder, and pay it off over time instead. You then have up to 6 or 12 months to pay off your bill (it isn't clear what the dollar threshold for those are), or 18 months to pay if your purchase was over $549 — conveniently the price of an off-contract Moto X.

As is usually the case with credit, you'll be charged at an interest rate of 28.99 percent if you don't meet the terms, so you'll probably want to pay off that customized Moto X before the year and a half runs out. Motorola indicates that the minimum payment per month on purchases will be the total purchase amount divided by the number of months to pay off — $30.50 monthly for a $549 Moto X, for example.

It probably isn't the route that everyone will take to pick up phones directly from Motorola, but it can surely take the sting out of that $549 (or more) price when buying off-contract.

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Motorola now offering $0 down and 0% financing for purchases on its online store


... So what. Pffft.

So Motorola is letting consumers do their own financing. Seems like more of Google being a beneficial disruptor in the cell phone marketplace. Go, guys!

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Sort of. Was approved but can't use it because Motorola has no way to allow me to pay the difference between what I was approved for and the cost of the phone. I was all ready to give them $600, but they apparently don't want it.

So basically you can turn any prepaid carrier into T-Mobile.

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Damn it... I bought the T-Mobile Moto X for full price last week. Would have definitely taken advantage of this if it was there last week.

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Yes you can... Basically at checkout instead of your credit card you provide the Motorola credit account #. But you get the 0% Apr financing only for $549 and above. So if you are looking for contract phones from useless carriers this doesn't apply. But great deal for off contract purchase.

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MOTOROLA, please put out a Top-of-the-Line-phone, with Top-of-the-Line-Specs at a MID-RANGE PRICE. It's the only way to jump back to the top of the game...or else people will just go buy the NEXUS 5 which meets all of the above criteria! If the GOOGLE( LG )Nexus 5 had been the GOOGLE (MOTOROLA) Nexus 5, it would have been a completely NEW ball game for MOTOROLA...But alas...

I like touchless control, trusted devices and other stuff Motorola adds. Not available on Nexus 5, I returned my N5 back to Moto X.

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it is Top-of-the-Line-phone, with Top-of-the-Line-Specs selling for free/ $49/$99

dont comment about spec if u dont own the phone

Nexus 5 is not top of the line specs, which is why it's $350 off contract. The camera, sensor, battery and speakers are all sub par (and decidedly changed from the higher end versions in it's brother the LG G2), and the "1080p" screen is washed out and the backlight bleeds from the edges. The Moto X's specs are wonderful and get the job done.

$549 is pretty reasonable for a phone that gives a top of the line experience. If they sell for less it may do more harm than good in the long run. If a Motorola flagship sits next to every other flagship and costs significantly less it gives the impression that it offers less than the other flagship phones. After using a few of the latest flagship phones I don't really get that impression. And if Motorola were to start selling phones at lower prices than its competitors there would be no going back. Motorola would be the new budget phone manufacturer.

When I need a quad core phone with a 1080p screen to run the apps I want to run I'll buy one. So far I haven't done anything that's made the dual core processor in my Motorola slow down and I can't physically see enough of a difference between a 720p screen and a 1080p screen to care - besides, 720 takes less power to run.

I waited until the Nexus 5 was released, saw what I needed to see, and then bought a new Motorola phone. I've been more than pleased with my decision.

Now I am hoping Google will let us finance the Nexus 5 or its Nexus 7 then oh my gosh the market will get really competitive!

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I think that having the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 start at $349 / $229 is better than having higher prices and offering financing. Google's probably not interested in offering that, but hey anything can happen.

Had this been available just a week ago, I would have likely done this instead of a Nexus 5. I'm on T-Mobile and $600 all up front was just too much.

Just bought mine. Black with red accent, Thanks Google, and thanks T-Mobile for your reasonable data charges.

Yea, I really do like the black with colored accents, but I won't allow myself to get another black phone when there are so many options. Maybe I'll get my Moto X 3 or 4 in black.

You may as well just donate the HTC First, lol. You should have no problem selling the other two.

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I am wondering if it's too good to be true, too. I had every intention to dump Verizon in January ... this offer by Motorola might just keep me at Verizon, if it's true. Verizon owes Moto a big 'thanks.'

Moto x is nearing the magic $300 level on Craigslist. Almost time to buy for me. Wonder if I will like it over the HTC One that I have now and love.

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Google is not playing around with Motorola. They are making big moves here. This is great for someone on a very cheap prepaid plan who doesn't want to pay the $549 for a Moto X. I likey, Motorola. Now lets hope other manufacturers pick this idea up.

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Does anyone know which credit reporting agency they'll pull from?

My TransUnion report is a "thin file". Equifax has a higher score.

Now, just to start selling factory unlocked, so we can send it as Christmas gifts around the world hustle free and without stupid carrier logos.

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Idk why but after finishing w "design" options there is no checkout icon. I tried 5 times from the very beginning. Also, I didn't see the greeting and engraving option.
Is my mobile browser causing issues or their website is messed up?

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You can't complete it on the mobile version of the site. Has to be done on a tablet or computer.

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This might be great for me. I'm trying to switch to T-mobile at the end of the year. Not sure if I want the Nexus 5 or the Moto X yet. The fact that you have to buy T-mobile's full price Moto X straight from Motorola is rough, but this might help out a lot. I can't afford a full price moto x over financing a Nexus 5.

This would be all well and good except for one big thing: Motorola currently has no way to accept two methods of payment, so if you have good credit but aren't approved for enough to purchase the device you want, you're screwed. My order was $599 total, and they approved me for $500. I cannot buy a MotoX using their credit card because they have no way to allow me to pay the balance using my own card.

Might be good if you're buying an on-contract one, but apparently not for anyone else.

Very weird. Maybe they will fix it in the very near future. That would turn a lot of people away

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I have same problem... 500 credit but phone is more than that... Was gonna pay rest with bank but there's no way. Hope they fix it soon.

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It doesn't sound like it. When I asked, the rep would only so 'No, we do not offer that'.

Its just silly. I am not aware of any online retailer that does something similar. At minimum, they should allow two forms of payment, especially if you're on a carrier like T-mobile that does not offer the Moto X directly.

I would like to just buy the Droid MAXX at the unsubsidized price, without purchasing the dev. edition, but it only links to verizon's website. I can't seem to figure out how, am I missing something?

I heard that it gave you a yes or no instantly.. I'm getting that it's going to take 7-10 business days.

That means one of two things:
1) You were denied, but they need to send you a letter that says that.
2) They need to gather more information before they make a decision.

I'm ready to drop the cash, but I have to wait until tomorrow so I can get the account number. This whole experience has been piss poor.

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