Motorola stock

Here's one to watch today, folks. Shares of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (MMI) were up more than 50 percent at the start of trading Monday on the news that Google was acquiring it for $40 per share. Makes sense -- Google's gonna buy it at that price, and that's about where it's trading at now. But that's a hell of a jump for any stock, eh?

Source: Google Finance


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Motorola Mobility Holdings (MMI) opens up more than 50 percent


When all you have to do is sit on your stock to get 40 bucks only a fool would sell for less than what a basic "present value " calculation coughs up,.

It might drop a bit when or if there is rumors of SEC or DOJ looking into the deal or when Apple sees to block it.

The closer the deal get to approval the tighter the price.

I bought my stock back in the Razr days. It's still underwater even after this deal because the other half of the split MSI is going nowhere.

They had a article on seeking alpha about how MMI was wanting to be bought out by google cause of the patent claims...thought about buying it for exactly this...Now i will be kicking myself for the rest of the week.