Motorola Milestone X

Despite the fact that it's not the latest and greatest device to hit the market the original Motorola Droid X rather, the Milestone X in this case -- still has plenty of selling potential and is a great device. Knowing this, Cellular South has launched the Milestone X on their network and is now offering it up to customers for $199 with a $50 reward card bringing it to a total $149 with a new two-year contract with a data plan. You can head on over to the Cellular South website for the full run down.

Source: Cellular South; Thanks, Kidd!


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Motorola Milestone X now available at Cellular South


Is the bootloader locked on this, like the Droid X. If so, can you use custom ROMs that were originally made for the Droid X?
My milestone X has Version.3.2.6.MB809.ACG.en.US

I would assume that the bootloader is locked on this also because that is still Motorola's policy & they made the decision to lock it...not the carriers.

As far as your question on ROMs, I have no clue. Can you use Droid X ROMs on YOUR Milestone X?

I've rooted my milestone X using superoneclick. But I haven't tried flashing a different rom yet, I was scared I would brick it. Waiting for someone else to do it so I know that it works.

No its no GB I own this phone and is Froyo 2.2.1 my carrier is Openmobile P.R. CDMA

@ el jefe
The bootloader on my phone came unlocked and the only way I found to root it was with gingerbreak. Also I havent try any rom yet cause I fear to brick it and there is no sbf file compatible for my carrier.

I got this phone about a week ago, and I love it! I haven't bothered to root it yet, because I'm a little leery after my experience with rooting the Desire, but I may do it eventually - so long as I can easily unroot it later on if I so desire. Right now, I'm just enjoying what I have.