Motorola Milestone Android 2.1

Remember how the Motorola Milestone's Android 2.1 update was delayed? No more, as Moto's broken the good news on its Facebook page. And not only is it available right now, it's bringing nine (NINE!) freaking home screens along with it. (Actually, you can choose how many home screens you want, which is even cooler.) Another major fix: You can now voice dial over Bluetooth. Nice. The upgrade is desktop only for now, but an OTA version is said to be in the works. Full details here (pdf), and you can get the download here. Thanks to everyone, and we do mean everyone, who sent this in.

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What the hell, why do the europeans get 9 screens? This must be something verizon didn't want.

jleakey says:

I don't even use the 5 Home Screens in Sense so 9 would be a bit much without a sense leap type feature. Even then I still wouldn't use them all.

APeX3181 says:

So when are we getting those features for the Droid? The voice dialing should have been a no-brainer back last year.

thebizz says:

Voice dialer could be pulled out seems MOTO made a nice upgrade for UK

Darkseider says:

So far all the Milestone updates have had more than 3 home screens AND bluetooth voice dialing. Personally I could care less about the homescreens at this point and just want BT voice dialing.

graymulligan says:

Woohoo...I'm guessing it'll be a week or two until someone pulls the apk for voice dialing out of that ROM and makes it available in a ROM for rooted users.

mupi says:

Who cares if it is in a ROM? if you have the .apk you can install it. even better if it doesn't require root access to operate...then even non-root users could do it.

My guess is it will require root though....

azjerry says:

So there's complaints about the fragmentation of Android with various phones running anything from 1.5 to 2.1 and now we have multiple 2.1 feature sets?

nyc_rock says:

Exactly what I was thinking.

ClinchDroid says:

I just want five screens. Three just isn't enough with all the huge Widgets.

nyc_rock says:

Phil, you sure it has bluetooth voice dialing? No mention of it in your screen capture.

Edit-Forget it, I see it on the PDF.

threepio says:

Im sure that once this update comes out it will be available to upgrade manually for you droid users. So dont get ur panties in a twist. So that means that for you US droid users, you can rollback your 2.1 to 2.01 and then upgrade to this 2.1 European version.

Kinda stupid tho that its a different 2.1 version than here in the US

azjerry says:

Is it really that easy? The actual phone/radio hardware is different (CDMA vs GSM).

threepio says:

oh ur right, i didnt think about this.

josuearisty says:

wow, nine home screens

JohnnyACE562 says:

Helix 2 doesn't even get up to 9!