Moto Migrate

Moto has pushed a small update to the Motorola Migrate app this afternoon. Motorola Migrate is their ingenious application that help users from other phones move to the Moto X, Moto G, Droid Maxx, Ultra and Mini by transferring data that you may not have saved to the cloud. It even imports your data from iCloud.

Today's update is minor, and mostly a bug fixer. The one line item in the change log was improvements to the way fixed-focus cameras scan the QR code to transfer data to and from Moto's cloud. Grab the update from Google Play via the link above.

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Motorola Migrate gets a maintenance update


I used this to transfer texts from two different phones to mother's Moto X (from an HTC One X and her first Moto X which had a stain and was returned under warranty), I was surprised it worked flawlessly given the amount of old texts and MMS she had. Took like an hour though.

When I used it, it mostly worked. Everything was fine, except it didn't transfer all of my pictures like it said it had, but no biggie since I had already backed them up.

On my wife's phone, though, it won't login to iCloud, even though the email address and password are entered correctly. She can log in to Apple's sites/store, but Motorola Migrate for some reason comes back with an invalid password error. Is it possible Apple is blocking it, to try to head off defections to Android? IDK, it could be a Moto bug, too, but I think we would have heard more on it, either way.