Motorola Kobe/Diablo

We're trying real hard to decide whether to be happy that we're looking at leaked pictures of the Motorola MB520 Kobe, or sad in that see the return of old-school Motoblur. The horribly blurry pictures match up with the "About" screen that popped up last week, and we see a pretty well-rounded phone. Other than that? We're going to hope for some sort of magic UI overhaul before (and if) this thing ever hits AT&T. [Engadget]


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Motorola MB520 Kobe breaks cover, may be codenamed 'Diablo'



Att doesn't care what motorola does with the phone, they only care about the iphone! Besides its not on big red, so it can't be that good. ;)

The main difference between motoblur and what droid x/2 have is different button graphics. most of the inner workins are very similar, if not the same.

They are not the same at all actually. The original blur was an entire UI as opposed to just a few widgets the DX comes with.

I don't know...I don't see a problem with Moto putting their messy GUI on some models of phones if it helps them sell more Android product. There's a market for these phones out there, otherwise they (and Apple) wouldn't be doing as well as they are. If they sell, great; if not, they'll disappear. Besides - Moto is locking down all of their phones, regardless of interface, so "serious" Android fans will be looking elsewhere anyway.

Looking at the blurry picture, only shows the very same widgets that are on the D2 and DX! Motorola has stated that they are not going to push MotoBlur anymore. Get over it people!