We have heard all about the Motorola MOTOACTV, it has been launched around the world, and updated countless times, but for many the price was what held them back. It appears as though Motorola may have realized that they came in a bit high, and that there was a bunch of competition in the market for a lower price, and they have decided to drop the price by $100. Now ringing in at only $149 for the 8GB model and $199 for the 16GB model, the MOTOACTV is more competetive in the market, and hopes to attract some new users. 

Be sure to check out our full review of this great little activity tracker, and be sure to give it a second consideration at the new price point, your health will thank you.

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Motorola knocks $100 off the MOTOACTV price tag, hopes to help you drop some pounds


I was interested in this device but thought it was over priced and now it looks like it on it's way to being discontinued at least that's my take on the reason for the price drop. It's really too bad as it was a cool idea.

After a load of updates its finally a stable device. The device itself had bad battery life til an update in decemeber made it last about 10x as long. Then an update to the website in may made the website a load less glitchy. After Bubba Watson wore it and won the Master's, it's probaly the opposite of being discontinued they're prob trying to ramp up exposure and get it out there.

The first paragraph of the full review states :

When Motorola announced the MOTOACTV, I really didn't know that to think. An Android-based fitness tracker? Aren't there much cheaper apps for that sort of thing? Then the specs came out and it sounded kind of cool. Still, a phone can do everything the MOTOACTV can.

And it was spot on.
If they drop the price to $50 I'd STILL prefer an app.

Your phone doesn't generally track the number of steps you make in a day and estimate how many calories you've burned . It also likely doesn't link with ANT+ accessories like a foot pod, HRM strap, bike sensors, and what have you.

The Motoactv isn't perfect -- for starters I wish it wasn't quite so ugly as a watch -- but if you're at all serious about your workouts -- and that means just about any kind -- it can do a whole lot more than your phone in a package that's smaller, lighter, and less obtrusive.

I'd buy it on the spot for $50! Even $80... I'd rather not go run 5-10 miles with my $500 phone tyvm. My old iPod touch already has a flaky headphone jack from running with it, I'm actually about to replace it with a $40 SanDisk Clip Zip from Costco. You don't think this thing is worth more than a cheap MP3 player? You're crazy, might not be worth it to you but it's surely worth at least that to people who workout and wanna track theirprogress.

$150 is still too expensive tho... At that point I'd rather just get a sealed armband holder for my phone and risk the insurance deductible if I ever screw it up. :p Though I wouldn't even wanna do that, I'd lose my S-off /root and I'd have to actually use HTCDev to root the replacement!

I got one for $140 off of craigslist a few weeks ago. I couldn't be happier. It 's ultra portable and does lot of things that are way too cumbersome on my EVO LTE. For getting into running, this is a great product. Especially when you compare it to the alternatives.

Being able to wear it on my wrist is a definite advantage when running. Changing songs is a lot easier on the motoactv than a phone. The GPS seems to lock better on the motoactv. I looked at reviews of the Garmin Fit app and it wdoesn't seem that accurate.Also I've had bad experiences (inaccurate times/distances) with running apps on my phone before. Having the auto syncing feature is cool too. Having a device who's sole purpose is for me to exercise/count my daily calorie burn has caused me to exercise more too(about 30 miles in the last three weeks). The EVO is amazing but I love the motoactv for running/exercising.The motoactv is especially awesome when you compare it to the GPS watch competition. check out the competition or,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-406329/p... . I remember when I ran a marathon in 2007 I had a GPS watch that strapped to my wrist that was the size of a cell phone, took double A batteries (that died every other run).

So its a single-function device, with a screen the size of a postage stamp, that after a $100 price drop is now the same price as a Nexus 7...

Yeah, this one is going places.

Actually that's a pretty good description of what it isn't!
It's a watch
it's an MP3 player
it's a bluetooth headset(albeit an awkward one worn around the wrist and used with headphones)
it's a digital personal trainer
it's a heart-rate monitor
if you get to hacking it it can even be the world's smallest android tablet, and I could go on.
I'm not sure what the pebble is capable of but when this thing came out it had no direct competition due to the amount of capabilities it came with...still it was a little expensive for many to swallow, myself included.

I have had one since it came out. It is awesome. It will display your text messages, calendar events, and weather on the watch so if you are in a meeting you can just glance at the watch without pulling out your phone. I also have it rooted, and it is the worlds best geeky calculator watch. I was able to get CoPilot live on there to give me offline turn by turn GPS on my wrist. I use it all the time to play music via Bluetooth while mowing the lawn, exercising, etc.
It is necessary? No. Is it fun in a geeky sort of way? Hell yeah! Isn't that why we are all here anyway? :)

Great device! I have had mine for a little over two months and have really enjoyed it. For those that think an app can do the same thing, you are right, but it is much easier to wear the Motoactv and control it during a run. I used my older Droid X a few times before I got my actv and it was just very difficult to carry in my pocket or my hand. I'm training for a half marathon and it is invaluable.

The price drop is a nice deal. Keep in mind if you grab the 8gb unit you won't have access to the golf software (its essentially skydroid with a custom UI, and works great) as Moto has made the choice to support the "lesser" of the units differently. You can root it and install it, no biggie, but I thought I'd mention it.

That being said, I LOVE my motoactv. It's a great MP3 player that I can wear on my wrist and not have to carry my phone. It's a great golf GPS tracker and scorecard, with functionality on par with a lot of the $400 GPS units. It's a nice looking watch. It's great to track running, biking, hell, the custom activities include baseball and tennis.

I know a lot of people look at it as overpriced, but it's definitely worth the cash, especially now at the lower pricing.

Loved mine when I got it; only really like it now.

I did take mine in the pool with me, and had to send it in for repair. (Yes, it was an accident.)

The GPS is decent, but has dropped occasionally during runs.

I wish you could set the display to active (low brightness level) all the time when wearing as a watch-- the wrist flick wake method is somewhat hit and miss, and using the power button is not very different than checking my phone (the whole benefit of wearing a watch!!). I'd be okay charging often, if this feature were enabled.

I also wish it had a speaker and/or a vibration motor for alerts. I often have my phone in my pocket in loud environments, but don't always feel it vibrate. The Sony LiveView, when it rarely worked, would vibrate when a call or text came in, so I knew to check. With the MOTOACTV, if I'm not staring at the screen, I miss them.

If they release a fully waterproof/submersible version, I'm all over it!

I will say, I paid $180 for the 8GB many months ago, and think $150 is about right.

A question for those of you with experience with the MotoActv and other devices. My own experience has been that my Android phone apps, at least those I've tried, don't give me data that are nearly as accurate as my Garmin device does, and is much harder to use with respect to "in run" information. My Garmin, however, a 405 CX, has not been a physically reliable device to date. The MotoActv seems to be a pretty compelling device at this new price point, at least for the fairly serious runner, but I'd love to hear from others who can provide a real-world comparison with alternatives. Thanks.

I *just* got this 3 days ago. So far, I LOVE it. IMO, it does everything I thought it would and does it well. I mainly bought it for connectivity to my android phone (Samsung S3). I love being able to see CallerID, messages without having to pull my phone out; especially when I'm in a meeting.

I've run and biked with it 1x each so far, and it works as advertised. Fast GPS lock, easy to operate, easy to read.

Since I just got it, don't know about all the issue in the past, but I'm not seen any so far.

BUT really disappointed that the price already dropped. I may return to Amazon, and reorder to get the $50 savings....

Hope that they're just getting ready to launch a new model. Only nits I have are battery life (but no worse than my smartphone), and lack to easy interop with apps like Endomondo, SportyPal. I can live with these...