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With the onslaught of news coming out of Las Vegas this week, we almost forgot that CES isn't the only place to make an announcement. Then we opened our mailboxes to find this. It's an invitation to join Motorola in London on January 14 for the unveiling of a new product, and despite previous assertions, we're hoping the company is finally ready to bring its flagship Moto X to Europe.

Luckily, we'll be out of the desert and back across the pond by then, so tune in next Tuesday to see exactly what Motorola has up its sleeve. 


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Motorola introducing a new device next week in London


Haha that was the first thing I thought of too, but it probably is a world- or EU-version of the Moto X

Ummm awesome. Can't wait. I have been holding back from getting the X with all the holiday discounts. I think I will just wait and see what this is exactly. Though I will be happy for our neighbors if they get the X.

Was about to pick up a Moto G tonight, but cancelled that now. Going to wait and see what this announcement is.
Would love to go there though, since it's in London. Hoping for a Moto X, especially since they've stated that they're "looking into releasing the Moto X in Europe", which they keep saying on Live Chat.

Plain and simple, nothing beats Motorola products or Motorola phones period. /s

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1


I ditched my S3 for a Moto X Dev Edition and am sooooo happy to back on a Moto phone. This is easily the best device I have ever used. Installed Gravity Box to make a few UI tweaks and I'm happy.

Ex....Sitting in my office I open up GPS Status and connect to 12 satellites immediately. With my S3 I would get 0, even if I waited 10 minutes. I would even drop GPS signal in my car unless I put the S3 on the dashboard. Such a fail.

Of course, there's no rumor at the moment that Motorola is building a tablet. But if they are thinking about it, or trying, they need to differentiate themselves. Just like they have with the Moto G and Moto X.

Guess who's doing celebrity endorsement this time...


Who knows? This could be anything. It could be a lot of things. It could be the moto x for the rest of the world, or another groundbreaking device for everyone around the world

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"...join us on the next step of Motorola's journey, as we welcome a new addition to the European Motorola family of products."

Sounds like the Moto X is now going to Europe.

If it's a new fone then I hope it has international LTE bands

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One of the new products announced at this event could may well be the next nexus tablet device, It's missed several speculated release dates. This could be the first Nexus branded device to be manufactured by a Google company.

It prob won't be a moto x2. It's way too soon. Plus moto said that they were focusing on releasing less and less devices this year.

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Woodside said
Project Ara was almost ready. I'm thinking we see prototypes soon. A revolution is coming up!

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I don't think this will be the Moto X, and it certainly won't have the customisation options that you get in the states. Although you probably could submit an order to the Google factory in US and just about get it shipped to you in a week, the additional cost of this service will put most consumers off. Happy to be proved wrong.

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If the Moto X would have technically worked on European networks, I would have happily ordered one through Moto Maker.

As it is now, I have ordered a Moto G and they won't be seeing my money for a Moto X or any other device soon (guesiing this Moto G will last me about 2 years). But I sure wished I had been able to be sure there would be a Moto X (or similar) device in eEurope soon, I would have waited that one month extra so they could have had more of my money.

Oh wait, no, BRING THE TOP DEVICE TO EUROPE AND TAKE MY MONEY! Well, in 2 years then.