Motorola yesterday updated its device update schedule, with the crux being that we'll finally start to see some phones get Ice Cream Sandwich in the next month or so. Specifically, that's the Droid RAZR/MAXX, with the Atrix, Atrix 2, Droid 4 and Xyboards getting it in Q3.

Have a Droid 3 or Droid X2? Sorry, you're out of luck. And today Motorola expanded on why, saying:

"... obviously we want the new release to improve our devices. If we determine that can’t be done—well then, we’re not able to upgrade that particular device."

Interesting choice of words. What it probably means is that Moto determined that the cost in time and effort to update those older phones to ICS outweighs the benefit of Ice Cream Sandwich, which indeed sucks given how young those phones are. But that's the crapshoot we all enter into these days, unfortunately.

Good luck convincing folks that Ice Cream Sandwich won't improve their phones, Moto.

You can get the full statement at the source link below.

Source: Motorola


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Motorola: If ICS won't make our device better, we won't update to it


If you love your Apple product you are on the wrong site. iMore misses you.

And Steve Jobs wants you to move into his time-share in Hell!

He's not being a troll OR an idiot. I also USED to be a dedicated, damned near rabid Android fan. I still believe ICS is more advanced than iOS, but in the end an objective analysis of the things that really matter sent me over to the iPhone 4S and this article is one of the main reasons.

I LOVE Android, I think Google's done a great job with it. But the carriers, manufacturers and hoards of chinese "app developers" are making Android a second tier, low-end platform by screwing the ecosystem and overall experience so bad that it's not worthy of the high prices associated with the newer devices. The manufacturers are not taking their relationship with customers seriously at all, as this article shows - once they have your money, they don't give a piss about you because they are already off creating their 20th new device for that year. That simply will not fly when you just paid $200-300 for a device.

Android ICS is arguably more advanced than iOS, but it doesn't matter since most Android owners are still stuck on Froyo for christ's sake. Apple does not treat their customers this way, in fact they go out of their way to treat customers like royalty. My wife once dropped her iPhone in a puddle and the local Apple Store replaced it even though they were under no obligation to do so. Does anyone really think HTC, Motorola or Sammy would provide anything close to that level of care? Every iPhone model has received OS updates the day they are available for at least 3 years into that device's life, whereas most Android mfrs. won't even update 3 MONTH old devices. The difference in the way customers are treated couldn't be more stark. Android is being pushed by cheap bastards who have no interest in or care for the health of the ecosystem, they just want to extract money from the smartphone bandwagon.

Apple was very. very wise to lock both carriers and 3rd party manufacturers out of their devices. The OS may not have some of the great features ICS does and I will miss that, but build quality, reliability and customer experience are equally important and that's where Android falls down.

Nope. I have an Android and my next phone is going to be a Galaxy S3, but Android really is getting screwed over by carriers.

As much as you deny it he makes some very valid points. There is a gigantic problem with Android right now and its the OEMs. Until you get the manufactures in line the experience varies widely. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be variation but devices that are still in the 2 year window should have had been all updated to ICS months ago. If you have the blow to get a new device every 6 months more power to ya. That's not most people I know. Bad enough they have to live with the device for the length of the contract. They are stuck on outdated firmware cause the manufactures can't be bothered. This should BOTHER Goggle immensely.

At least people who get an iPhone now know that by the time they get a new one. The current one they have will be on the current release of the OS. Will it have every bell and whistle? Does it matter?..Not that much.

Be the Fandroid you want. Don't try to demean valid issues with cheap bluster. You become what you are trying to ridicule.

Seriously man I respect your dedication but I'm no iSheep. I bought an Evo on its launch day, then moved to the GNex the day it launched on Verizon, excited like a school kid. I happen to dislike many things about Apple and get into frequent spats with the Apple loyalists.

If anything, I'm guilty of being pragmatic and objective in a space where loyalty is more valuable than intellectual honesty. Like I said in my little rant, I still think ICS is more interesting and even has more potential than iOS. But that potential is being dramatically overwhelmed by the problems I mentioned.

I simply refuse to throw down $300 for a device as buggy and crappy as most Android phones are, only to be left with no support, no updates and the feeling that both manufacturer and carrier have already moved on, even though my phone is only a few months old. And none of this is helped by the fact that 50,000 new ugly, poorly made and useless apps that were thrown together in a few hours are dumped on the store every single day by these 15 year old chinese kids. I mean honestly, I think the "top 10" section is the same exact apps as it was when I got my Evo. I used to hate that Apple acted as gatekeeper for apps, I mean who the hell were THEY to decide? Now I get it, and I fully endorse them policing apps to keep this kind of shit from polluting their store.

It's sad because no one cares - the manufacturers just want easy smartphone dollars and the developers just want easy app dollars from each of us. Very few people in the Android ecosystem chain really CARE. The attitude both at Apple and the people who make up the iOS ecosystem see things VERY differently. They take a little more responsibility for their roles in the success of the platform, and Apple treats its customers like royalty, with rare exceptions.

The only time you're "Throwing down $300 for a device" is if you buy it when it's first introduced. Problem is, they're all buggy when they're first introduced. The iPhone 4 had the antenna problem (which was NEVER fixed) and the 4s had battery life problems and Siri didn't work right either. Wait until the first or second update and the cost of that device will drop in half and it will probably work a lot better than when it was first introduced. Yea, you won't be the cool kid on the block who's always got the latest toy, but you'll pay less and have a better working device.

Unless you're living bleeding edge and everything on your phone is experimental/beta (which i doubt, because i dont think you'd complain this much if you'd ever rooted your phone), no android device is any more buggy or lacking than any iPhone.

and its really not that hard to discern well executed apps from crap, common sense typically prevails in that effort. you just sound like a lazy consumer to me, your whole issue seems to be centered around how you like/want apple to do everything for you except dial your mother's number.

Root! Root! Root! Rooting is not hard. Follow the directions. It is rudimentary computer science, something people should try. In a civilization with so much integration via networks and computers, people are being extremely stupid on not learning some sort of computer science. So stupid actually, that over 80% of email users actually click on a link that is emailed to them, instead of copying and pasting that link in their address bar. That is how they get phished out of passwords and then they bitch and moan because of their ignorance. Apple basically enforces this ignorance. They should just make computer science a General Education requirement already. ROOT! It is not like you are figuring out the method to actually do so in the first place, you are copying someone else's work.

He makes some valid points. However, I'll never own an Apple product. And with Motorola and Verizon screwing me for buying a Droid 3, and Verizon's "shared data shoved down your throat" tactic, I think I'll be going back to a dumb phone when my contract is up.

I too agree with you cogent assessment of the Apple/Android ecosystems.

I currently have a Nexus S and will only consider Nexus phones in the future. Short of that, it's an iPhone for me, or back to a dumb phone. :(

I have been an Android user for a long time, having owned about 8 different devices since the OG Droid. I have a 4S and new iPad, and also a GNex and Acer Iconia.

While Apple makes some nice products, I typically still find myself turning to my Android devices over the iOS ones. ICS is more intuitive, customizable, and just a better experience, IMHO. Widgets on Android provide glanceable info that iOS lacks, and browsing/Media is a much nicer experience due to higher resolution (phone wise, browsing on the iPad is a good experience save for he lack of Flash) and while the iPad has lots of apps, there are very few I find myself without that I use/need on Android.

Settings are easier, frequent App access is better, and Voice Controls on Android provide more information through search results than Siri does.

If I want to toggle Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, or anything else, widgets let me do so immediately, it's buried in the Settings app on iOS. 3rd party launchers let me access frequent apps faster than paging through screens on iOS. People say settings are buried in menus on Android, but it seems worse on iOS because app settings are typically in the Settings menu rather than the App itself, meaning I have to leave the app, go to te home screen, and try to find the setting I want to change, which seems cumbersome.

Flash browsers on iOS are a subpar experience, but seamless on Android. Sharing content with intents is much easier on Android, instead of launching an app to upload to Facebook, Dropbox, or what have you, in order to do so.

Navigation and Maps on Android is a far superior experience, turn by turn voice nav on iOS is only achieved with third party apps that don't have the detailed level of info that Android does.

Lack of a back button sucks. I miss that probably most of all when using iOS.

Being able to use and compare both directly has been educational and enlightening, and makes me appreciate Android all the more.

About the only thing I like better on the iPad is the better resolution, although I don't have a newer high res Android tablet to compare it to.

ICS is truly a game changer, and I can respond to criticism of Android by iOS users with much better insight after having more experience with Apple's high end products.

I can easily recommend Android over iOS devices to friends now, not just because I am a fan of the Android platform, but because I've now had direct experience with both and can trumpet Android's advantages with more nuance and detail than I was able to before.

If iOS is your cup of tea, then by all means use it. I'm OK with that - users should have choice and the presence of both platforms in the market spurs competition and innovation, but I can definitively say that people who blindly say Android has copied iOS or that iOS is superior clearly haven't used both platforms to the extent needed to make such generalizations.

you can love you or 4 s all you want. My girlfriend loves her iphone 4. but when siri came out for the 4 s she didn't get the update. Apple made up some lame excuse that it wasn't compatible but we all know that the garbage. Apple me update all their phones more quickly and for a longer time but the update are never complete. You never get everything that the new phone or the current software has. The iPhone 3g never even got custom backgrounds! get outta here I crap! Trust me when I say that ios6 will have cool new features and your 4s will get the update from day 1. But you won't get EVERY feature.

really?!?! Hmm, why then does my iphone 3gs and iphone 4 have siri(yes it reqiures jailbreaking and 4S keys) never the less it works flawlessly. Do the research b4 posting

I think you never seen Samsung Galaxy SII ICS update, try to resize widget there... but thats only one hting of many.

lacking 1 feature isn't the issue here. its the lack of the entire update as a whole. moto plans to NOT upgrade phones that are less than a year old to the newest OS completely. not just removing 1 feature.

Don't think it's an Android thing, seems like Motorola to me. Android users have a choice. My advice, know the device/ manufacturer you choose.

No it's definitely an android thing. The only devices that seem guaranteed to get an upgrade is the real nexus now sold by google. Otherwise, you can count on your upgrade coming 6 months late if at all. And forget about upgrading twice.

And you my friend can continue drinking the Iphone Kool-Aid and hoping to update your ancient device for eternity. Maaco will paint it for you for a reasonable price when the time comes. I never keep a phone longer than 2 yrs., technology evolves too rapidly. Don't know what I would ever do with a phone that I can't customize.

so would you rather have updates that slow the phone down ie when the iphone 3g got ios4 it was slow and the 3gs with ios5 lags where as with ios 4 it was fast...i know what i would prefer...sometimes just cause the phone can run the os does not mean it will run.with mobile tech moving so fast sadly some hardwares just get out dated quicker....but in this case the droid 3 and droid x2 are both dual core i think so theres no defending them here..if a 1ghz phone can run ics then so can a dual here just dont want to give you ics and not that it cant give you ics because the phone is not long as i get update to one major os then i think thats about right.

Yes you do. If you have a smartphone you pay $100 a month for it. they cost $200 subsidized. Divided by 24 is less than $10 a month. Some people have these things called savings accounts.

it seems to me your the one on the kool aid, you can customize an iPhone beyond what Apple allows-just jailbreak it, now doesnt that sound familiar

Yeah but it's not as great as Android

You can several things an iPhone can only do if jail broken

But it's not that good, especially with installous.

U can't swap kernels, change an OS to sense to blur or to stock

And it lags the phone alot.

Plus a large portion doesn't know or want to jailbreak.

I also don't usually keep my phone for longer than 2 years, though I did keep my original iphone for 3 years. It kept up surprisingly well. But major os updates tend to roll out every year. It's nice to know I will get the update when it rolls out for at least three years from the release date of the phone.

I know people who still use the iphone 3gs and like it. It speaks volumes about apple products that they tend to stay current for as long as they do. I could easily keep my 4s for 3 years if I desired too. I would miss out on hardware upgrades like a bigger screen and LTE, but functionally the 4s would continue to tick right along. Some of the high end android phones could do this too, if they weren't weighed down by both the OEM and the carrier.

This is the biggest problem in android right now. Google simply doesn't have control over the user experience. Between the OEMs wanting to differentiate themselves and the carriers wanting to add crapware and lock down features, the final product is almost unrecognizable in comparison to Google's standard. Imagine if every computer maker wanted to install a custom theme for every windows computer they sold. It would be a disaster. This is no different. Google made a horrible decision in the beginning to let OEMs do whatever they wanted to do with the OS. Now Google is complaining that the OEMs and carriers have too much control and they are degrading the user experience. Well it's because you gave them control.

When I pick up an iphone, I know exactly what I'm getting. I know that whatever version it is, it was at one point the flagship device for Apple, and it was exactly how they intended it to be, from the hardware to the software. When I pick up an android, I don't know what I'm getting. Even the Nexus can come with surprises like no google wallet and delayed updates.

Agreed, and own a Og evo, but let's be honest all apps work perfectly fine on older android os, we need to stop over dramatizing this need for os upgrades, the apps music, porn web and what ever else you was doing still works

i sold my 4s, dumbed down os, small screen, the band that's a scratch magnet. Front facing camera that hasent been updated in 2 years. I'M DONE WITH APPLE!

I disagree with you and with everyone saying that.
Just personal choice, between the IPHONE or ANDROID.
The update never give you more GHz speed nor more storage space! May be some functionality? I do have the SGS2 Epic Touch running Gingerbread 2.3.6, HTC ONE X running ICS 4.0.3 and Nexus S 4G running ICS 4.0.4. To me I rather the SGS2 Epic Touch, for the speed and the functionality, over the HTC ONE X And the NEXUS.
And the Gingerbread to me better than the ICS.

yep gs2 with exynos was just awesome..i think as long as the apps continue to work and no features are disabled then it doesn't really matter what os you are on...there is what 5 android os out there and majority of the apps work there,its only when an os comes that does not have backword compatibility is when real problems arise...i mean look at microsoft theyy saying if you are not on the latest os then you cant use the app is not doing that and as long as you dont need to be on a particular os to use the app store then to majority of the people it doesn't matter what os they are on...i have yet to meet a android person in real life even talk about ics or that they have not got the latest os...this issue is only with people like us who read these sites and now about the general people samsung or htc phone are not android phones but are rather seen as galaxy phones or htc phones.

All Motorola is doing is putting ICS on the phones it knows will handle it well. I would rather them do that than shove an OS on a phone that will run like crap with it on there. I've heard more complaints with 3gs users over iOS5 and above slowing their phone to a crawl. I would rather have a phone that worked like it was intended on a slightly older OS then one that ran like crap with a shiny new OS.

agree that i would prefer speed over having the latest os that runs crappy but the x2 which has dual core should able to ics without a problem considering that the one v and nexus and desire c which are 1ghz or less single core running ics well especially the really if the nexus can then so should the x2 which has twice the this case moto just dont want to give the update and not because they care about ruining the user expereince

Besides the CPU you also need to see if the phones in question will have enough memory to run the new MOTOBLUR/ICS...

To each his own, I suppose. I traded my iPad2 for a cheap (Archos) tablet, because I found myself using my 2 year old Blackberry as my go-to device for quick web searches/browsing. Safari sucks that bad.

In my experience, a 2nd rate ics tablet >>> a BB Storm 2 > iPad2.

Now if Verizon would come out w a 4g global phone, so I can get rid of the BB...
At least I've got the tab in the meantime.

Yup. I've been a longtime Android user - only briefly switched to an iPhone - but the only reason I use Android over iOS is because of the Google integration. I'm not too sure if I could live without Google Voice integration that wasn't on par with what it is in Android. Other than that, iOS for me is a better experience.

Now if they only unlocked some of their older bootloaders.

I barely have gingerbread on my moto defy, thanks to CM7.

Geez. Hardware Acceleration is a good reason why they need to update their devices. Don't they know how lag the scrolling on Gingerbread is due to lack of Hardware Acceleration? And BTW, PLEASE PLEASE DON'T FURTHER LOCK DOWN OUR BOOTLOADERS WITH ICS UPDATE!

And unless they are planning something big with the ICS update, I don't see why phones with 512mb of ram would bring no improvements over gingerbread. I mean, even the HTC one v, nexus s and 2011 xperia series of devices with 512mb of ram can run ICS well, so why not Moto?

Because the Nexus S is running STOCK ICS, not MotoBlur... maybe 512mb is no longer enough for the new MotoBlur/ICS the way the OG EVO can't get the new Sense/ICS image do to lack of on board memory.

Before you replay, please note I am not saying these phones can't run stock ICS, my Nexus S is living proof of that. I am saying they may not be able to run their OEM bloated ICS versions.

So these devices were released before Google madate that phones be supported for 18 months? I think the DROID 3 was released afterwards. Motorola is not giving their customers good faith service

IMO Google dropped the ball on that. Whatever weight they have to throw around they either haven't done, or did and were told to eff off. I'm betting it's another bright idea from Google that never got any push behind it. God knows it won't be the first time a Google bright idea died for lack of support.

Truthfully If you have a trillion devices out all you can worry about is the latest one, hell most ppl don't really care about ICS, that's only tech ppl and bloggers.

Bold statement coming from Moto.. Once again an area where the hackers and developers will prevail hopefully and provide at least some good ports or unofficial/official support from Cyanogen Mod 9.

Responding to comments of nobody cares about ICS except techy people, etc. that isn't true completely. Every time a device is denied upgrade ability to a newer OS it holds people further back, especially when an even newer OS releases. Not everyone has the money or due to contract to run out and buy a new phone every few months so we expect or would like to be supported to the most current OS if humanly possible to stay in touch with the current and not fall further behind.

Again my statement above is a double edged sword because the manufacture or carrier says we can't upgrade it because its not possible but then the developers come along and make it possible if you root your device...

To be honest I regret ever getting ICS on my Nexus S. Since the upgrade the phone has been frustrating to use. The UI is super laggy and the phone reboots often. The camera hangs all the time, frustratingly just when you need to take a quick photograph. The ui is so laggy that I can't tell if I have pressed a button on screen and usually end up banging on the screen trying to get some response. It loses signal often and a lot of the time I can't use the navigation app because it can't get a data signal. I have been close to chucking the phone several times. I never thought I would say this but if the next iPhone is decent enough, I am switching.

The Nexus S was shamefully underspecced when it was released. It just doesn't have the RAM to handle it.

coming from a 4s, im telling you to just buy a newer android device. your device is just not good enough for ics. even apple knows when to cut devices off further updates(3g). even though the 3gs got the 5.0 update, some features are unavailable and due to the dumbed down simple os, it runs okay but nothing like it ran on 4.0

I had a Galaxy Nexus and it suffered all of the same problems mentioned. Constant random reboots, strange lags etc. you'd try to type something and it would literally take like 3 seconds for the letters to appear. Swipes would lag, sometime even just waking the phone from sleep would take a while. The stock music app was all kinds of screwy and buggy, I'd get calls and couldn't answer them because it wouldn't respond to me pushing the accept button. It was a mess. I wiped and returned to stock twice and nothing fixed the issue. I finally got fed up and bought an iPhone 4S.

This is on a device that damned well better be able to run the core ICS features without lag since Google allegedly designed it to work well with the OS.

I am running stock ICS (4.0.4) on my Nexus S just fine. I find the stock dialer app to be a little laggy, but the rest is working faster than GB. I don't like some things with ICS such as the search bar on all the home screens, or the lack of separate notifications volume, but overall is working nice on my little under-spec'ed Nexus S 4G.

you must be doing something wrong! i used my nexus s on stock ics and no AOKP ics and i have none of the issues you are talking about. try factory resetting your phone. maybe something went wrong in the upgrade process.

This is just like the folk who's answer to problems in windows is "just reinstall the OS". I don't want the answer to stupid problems on my phone to be "wipe your phone"

This is totally not my experience with ics on the nexus s. The only problem I've had is apps closing from lack of ram. But as far as lag goes nexus s seems to keep a higher frame rate at times than my galaxy nexus. And I seriously don't know how any one can really defend wanting to be on gingerbread over ics... that's like saying your against bug fixes and better memory management. Lastly motorola should be ashamed. This is bluntly saying the Droid x2 and droid3 users arnt important to the company but bionic and razor customers are

This is clearly the reason why iOS and WP is a better choice over Android. Being at the mercy of a carrier or manufacturer for an OS update is not acceptable.

Yep, iOS is definitely a better choice. I'm sure it was a wonderful experience to have to wait until late 2011 for proper notifications or mid 2010 to have any sort of even limited multitasking.

The fact is that missing out on iOS updates would mean you'd lose some -serious- functionality. missing out on Android updates means you lose some tweaks and a few smoother things, but you don't really gain much in functions.

Ehhh, what? ICS is a massive, major update to almost all aspects of the UI, core apps and the OS in general. Fact is, most people will never receive it because these Android manufacturers are cheap f*cks that don't care one bit about you once they have your money.

Look, I had an Evo and a GNex and was a fierce advocate of Android. I STILL think ICS is more advanced and has more interesting features than iOS even though I ditched my GNex for an iPhone 4S. But the manufacturers, carriers and hoards of chinese developers pumping out thousands of bullshit apps are like children that WILL ruin this thing without stern adult supervision. Since Android is open source Google can't really provide that supervision so things are starting to fall apart. Mark my words, eventually Android will become a widespread but low-rent platform. Why? Because manufacturers can't justify these $300 superphones when they have crappy build quality, the ecosystem is busted, the device doesn't get updates and crap like constant force reboots, laggy typing etc. are persistent. You can't sell devices that do that for $300 when an iPhone costs the same and suffers NONE of those problems. Eventually Android will be on nothing but cheap devices, purchased by people who don't care about these issues.

I agree with Beeny. I have a nexus s and I still will use an iPhone 4s over the nexus. ICS is awesome but the phone in my opinion isn't as good as the iPhone. He's right, ICS can do more than iOS but when you look at fluidity, iOS wins. Hacking only represents a small majority of people. My girlfriend was completely done with her epic 4g and insisted on a 4s and she said she will never use an android ever again after playing with my iPhone.

On another note, I wish my Verizon 10.1 tab would get ICS already!!

iOS prioritizes the UI over apps. Android does it the other way around to put more CPU power into multitasking. You pays your money, and you makes your choice. I'll take multitasking over UI fluidity any day.

Not if you tried using my phone you wouldn't. Somethings the most basic stuff is frustrating. Today I had a missed call. I hit call history on the phone and selected the number. Nothing happened, I hit the number again, nothing happened. I hit it again about 4 times and the phone ended up dialing a completely different number that I had dialed the day before. I canceled that call and it dialled it again. We're talking basic fluidity of basi operation here. I don't give a rat about multi tasking when I just want to simply return a call.

Those are the kind of things I want to hear fixed in ICS: For what its worth I prefer Android as an OS, it is way more fun. But I need a phone that works perfectly first. So i sold my buggy Gingerbread Droid 2 and bought an Iphone. I hated that sometimes while talking the speakerphone would activate, I hated, how it said loading in the play store and did nothing more, I hated how some apps just don´t work and end up force closing, I hated when I call one number or at least try to and the phone calls another, I hated that sometimes I can´t unlock the phone to answer a call, something I can't unlock it period, just little things, the little things really upset me, because I am busy I don´t have time for that. Android seems sometimes like a Beta version of a product. Then you factor in all the mess with the upgrade situation. I am sure this old Iphone 4 I have will get at least one more major update, sure with less features but who cares, something is better than nothing, so whoever made that lack of features argument is silly. I have used an Iphone 3gs, and guess what, IOS 5.1 works fine, really, it works fine, and it feels more fluid than my Droid 2. So I god rid of it, bought an IPhone which I hated but I have to eat my words because everything works "perfectly". I find the UI really "dumb" and I hate that I can´t configure it like I could with my Android phone, no custom launchers etc.. But you have to choose, have fun or use your phone as it was intended to. I hope that as Google gets more into this Android too ill be come an awesomely stable OS and I can return. I use Exchange on the Iphone to ensure my Google calender, contacts and email are properly synced for day I return to Android.

Multitasking? That is one of the reasons I dumped Android and got an iPhone 4S! Multitasking sucks on Android compared to iOS. Try this: open LogMeIn on Android and connect to a remote computer, then when a call comes in take it and then return to LogMeIn, the connection is broken and you have to re-establish the connection although I am running on Wifi so this is not a CDMA issue. I contacted the developer about it and they said it is a limitation in Android. On the iPhone, you take the call and when you go back in LogMeIn the connection is still there and you can resume your work. Whos multitasking is better?

I am not an Apple fan, I had an EVO 3D and an Asus tablet and when my wife got an iPad it took us a week for all of us to dump all Android products and we all got iOS, why? Because the experience on iOS products are far more superior and reliable than Android products. Ask my 4 year old who I dumped my stupid Asus ICS tablet to, it restarts 10 times a day and get stuck on boot ever since it got ICS, I reset it many time with no luck. My 4 year old hates it and would love to play on the iPad but we won't let him. On the other hand, I have had my iPhone 4S for months and I had to reset it 0 times! My Evo 3D suck donkey balls in comparison. Stop hating on Apple for sake of hating.

I am a hard-core Android fan. I think the problem at the core of the Android world is the ever increasing fragmentation of the plataform. It wasn't enough that we had custom OEM ROMs running on the major Android phones (i.e., Sense, TouchWiz, MotoBlur), now we have not only phones from different manufacturers but different versions of the same phone on diffent carriers.

What I see as advantagous on iOS is the uniformity which allows app developers to design a single program that will run on all current model iPhones no matter the country or carrier they are in since all have same screen dimmension, same processor and OS versions. This makes development, testing and debugging immensely easier than in the Android world. Third party manufacturers are also able to produce a miriad of accessories for these phones since the connectors and dimensions of the device are essentially the same.

What I see as a downside for iOS is the uniformity, you see an iPhone, you've seen them all... boring if you ask me.

Motorola does not support their products. I would advise everyone who considers buying one to not do it. These companies won't change unless we stop supporting them with our dollars. I would suggest Asus, or Samsung.

Yeah man I honestly hope that Asus gets into the smartphone business a little more. I have a TF101 and it has gotten at least 9 or 10 updates. Not only that, but the wait is almost non-existent. They have all these other tablets released and they are STILL UPDATING THEIR "OLDEST" TABLET! It blows my mind how much they care about customer support. Asus is a great company

There's a difference between Supporting their products & Updating their products .

I agree , Motorola sucks when it comes to updating their products (2 times Motorola user) , especially outside the U.S. (AT&T Atrix got alot of updates & now got 2.3.6 while EMEA Atrix got one update ONLY from 2.2.2 to 2.3.4)

But their Support is excellent, you got a problem just ask them & they will help you no matter how dump is the issue.

So, Samsung phones have always gotten fast updates? Can you say "Charge"? Add Touchwiz, piss poor build quality and the worst radios in the cell phone world, and I'll just have to pass.

Oh, and how's the GPS in your Transformer? Dude, that dongle is SWEET!

galaxy s got updates to eclair and froyo thats 2 updates there and the s2 already got ics outside of the us and is coming next month in the us...seems to me they are doing much better than moto when it comes to updates.the delays in the us are usually the carriers faults.

The S2 got ICS so fast because Samsung was the ICS Nexus manufacturer, that gave them a head start on everyone else. And the Galaxy S was one of the worst phones I've EVER had the displeasure of using. The radio was awful and the GPS didn't work at all. The fact that I've owned a BB Storm is the only reason a Galaxy S phone doesn't hold the top spot in crap phones for me.

To me the phone working properly is far, far more important than how many updates it gets.

Or, yknow, if somebody bought them.

Like Google.

I'm sure their new Google overlords have made it clear how important updating the OS is. However, Google isn't going to want to throw a new OS on a device that can't handle it. Considering the oroblems a lit of iOS users have had with their phones after updates, this is a good decision.

You nailed it; updates only make sense with capable enough hardware. Give me a lean GB on a single core CPU with only 512MB RAM, and forget about ICS.

Google's acquisition of Motorola was just approved yesterday. As a result, it would be a bit early to expect them to had influence on Motorola's policies regarding Android phone updates.

Even then, I couldn't help but wonder why only 18 months? I mean, if we're expected to sign a 2 year contract, shouldn't we be guaranteed device support for that entire 2 years? It's a total scam and one of a small handful of reasons that I ditched my GNex for an iPhone 4S a few weeks back. Android is slowly being murdered by the manufacturers and carriers.

ICS is for me leaps and bounds a better ui experence than my two Evos that had Enclair, Froyo, and Gingerbread. If I was still running my 3VO and they said no update I would feel left out. Gingerbread is a solid OS and its all you need but thats not the point. You have a newer phone and feel like it must not be worthy for an update which makes you question your choice in devices. If the manufactorer gave up on this why should I keep it? Thats just me and only my opinion.

But Android 4.0 DOES make my Motorola Triumph better. If only for the sole reason that I can use Chrome Beta! And that's saying a lot because there isn't a single ICS ROM for this phone that has a working camera yet.

Thats because the hardware drivers are not open source. And unless the OEM decides to reliese them for ICS for whatever model of phone it will probably never work right. Unless the devs can put something togeather.

having the ability to disable the crap moto puts on phones was the only reason i may go back to them. Id like to stick to nexus but it would have been nice to have a razr maxx battery in the nexus. I usually like the hardware moto puts out, its just the software/bloatware thats crap.

Keeping it real in this space MOTOROLA along with VERIZON is the BIGGEST JOKE in the technology game. People spend dearly to purchase devices yearly especially on Verizon and what do people get in return... NOTHING AT ALL NO SUPPORT. I applaud GOOGLE for putting an END to this carrier control crap with selling device through GOOGLE PLAY STORE thank god for a choice. I have never had any Motorola device and I thank god for that. Quiet as kept the devices they say should get it probably won't either. Motorola is just an embarrassment to android as well as all manufacturers. Google will end all this crap soon that why all google needs is motos patents their cell division sucks eggs....

Yes, it's obvious you've never had a Motorola phone. I've got some advice for you in the form of an old saying... "It's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt".

I call bullshit, if the device is dual core then it can benefit from ICS. The first version of Android to take advantage of Dual Core processor. Hell a lot of Single Core phones simply hum on ICS ROM's

It was a result of poor translation. I had someone interpret the original press release and here's what it said:

"We already have your money, now fuck off."

1. I don't read the statement as being tied to Moto's cost/time as much as end user experience. If getting ICS onto these devices is makes it janky, and takes away usability from the previous OS version, leave it be. Just tweak the current OS and skin to fix known problems and improve functionality.

2. I am STILL not understanding the mindset of expecting free updates to the latest OS on smart phones. These are just the newest generation of personal computers. I blame Apple iOS strategy for the most part. Look at Windows history. They will push updates of the current OS but if you want to upgrade the OS, you got to buy it. Parallel: I would not attempt to put Windows 7 on my old Cyber Power custom built PC that, when shipped, had the latest Windows ME OS on it! I definitely would not expect Cyber Power to send me every version of Windows OS for FREE since the day I purchased it.

Have we become that spoiled?

The difference is that Microsoft is selling an os where as android is open source and free. All the manufactures should have to do is plug in the drivers and some small tweaking. Also any phone with 1ghz a8 and 512 of ram can run ics. This is soooo not even close to your comparison of windows on your cyber power PC.


I see what you mean about Android being open source and not being sold for profit like MS Windows products. In the parallel I made, it would be CyberPower's, the hardware producers, role to push the updates. I guess even more responsibility would have to be put on the Hardware manufacturer when I as the end user cannot put the latest Windows version on my PC due to a skin that is layered on top of the free OS.

On the other hand, do you see how in both cases, someone has to develop the software to make an upgrade possible? Google does their part, for free but I cannot go to the AOSP, DL the files and slap it on my device, even if I was willing to pay for the new features. I could take some chances and root and flash a ROM from the developer community and this would be a free option as well but voids my warranty.

So in the current model Android Smart Phones live in, Motorola is the defacto equivalent of MS. They are the only one who can produce an OS upgrade for the device with out voiding the warranty.

How about this thought: What if Moto, or all OEM's for that matter, offer to sell upgraded OS's to hardware owners. It offers the following potential advantages:

1. May be more timely since OEMs get paid for their work and thus motivates them to produce this software
2. Maintains the device warranty
3. Is tested and guaranteed to work on stated devices and networks before release
4. Offers choices to the consumer. Hold the cards you were dealt out of the box or pay the kitty to upgrade to gain the latest features.
5. Forces OEMs to work out the OS with the carriers as well, acting as the users agent.

With all due respect and humility, not looking for a debate but analysis via discussion with you: I still feel that we may be asking for free stuff from all the OEMs when we know it takes man hours to produce these OS updates. I think the way Apple is able to offer this "free" service is that they get their money up front. Their stuff is pricey. They also save a bunch by using lesser hardware and buying it in massive quantities.

Thanks for your feed back and being a sounding board for these ideas.

This definitely is a Motorola issue. The phones that are not getting updated to ICS (Droid X2, Droid 3, etc.), have all been released within the last 8-12 months. Which stinks. Where as HTC's updating a lot of its older phones. Heck, the OG Droid Incredible, the phone I have, got 2 updates in its life cycle, and the GB update came long after it was EOL. Motorola is starting to get a reputation for pushing out too many products and not supporting them too long after release. Even though these phones have the memory for an update, which is supposed to help with the security of the phone among other things, so Moto needs to re-evaluate its position.

I know I have read a lot of disgruntled posts from people that are ditching Motorola for that particular reason.

Valid point, IMO. I've got an Archos tab that was upgraded to ics early... until a recent update came out, it was a BIG step down from Honeycomb... almost made me wish I had back the iPad2 I gave to my wife when I got the tablet. Now, after the fix, the tablet once again rocks. Point is, it takes a while for the manufacturers to test a new os version with each device, to sort out any issues, and make it work well. A smaller company like Archos doesn't have the resources to do that, so I was effectively their beta tester. Anyone asking for a quicker ics rollout for their Moto, Samsung, etc is basically asking for that same treatment. That would be a disaster for the big companies.

It's funny watching all the vitriol over what Motorola has said. Any sane person would read the statement as saying that if ICS won't run well on the hardware, they won't update the device. It's like people getting mad because your current PC can't be updated to Windows 8. Sure, you can shoehorn it onto the PC but if it runs like a snail afterwards, it's not very useful is it?!

But you're talking about phones less than a year old, right? If 1 year old devices can't run ICS well, then Moto is basically admitting they were pieces of shit to begin with.

It's not like ICS is laden with 3D graphics and crazy shit. If anything, it's MORE efficient. It just so happens to support multicore devices better, but it should run fine on any "well built" device from the past year.

People respond the same way at Apple when they drop support for a device even though they support each device for 3 years.

Difference here is that that's 3 years. As to opposed Moto where a device that's barely a year old can't run the new OS. That also applies to the other OEM's that can't get their CR@P straight.

Also, if anyone thinks that the company that released the Backflip doesn't despise humaity, you're kidding yourself,

Hey Motorola, I don't think buying another Moto phone will improve my life, therefore, I will not be buying another one.

That sucks, if I'd a D3 or X² I might've been pissed, but yet again My Atrix runs perfectly as it is & ICS Will be just frosting on the top . Don't get me wrong I don't mind having ICS, but if it's buggy I don't want it.

Im not an engineer, but i think it got more to do with the RAM than the CPU , from I what I read ICS doesn't run that good on a Nexus S let alone something with PhilBlur or Sense !

Plus, Sony knew & admitted that ICS won't run as good as Gingerbread on their Xperia 2011 line (which had 512MB of RAM) ! Thats why they made it available via PC only so "So They Dont Force It To the Users*"


* Their own words


If Moto is going to provide OS upgrades for less than a year after the device comes out, then they should at least allow owners of older devices to unlock their devices so that they can easily install their own custom ROMs. My DX is running an AOKP build of ICS just fine in spite of (not thanks to) Moto!

Yeah sure. That's what Moto wants you to think. I honestly believe that the reason the D3 and DX2 are not receiving ICS is due to Verizon's ambition to push their 3G-only devices to the side to entice you to upgrade to their 4G LTE phones. Moto has no power or say over Big Red, but Moto is too damn proud to admit that.

Yep, and just another reason Android is ultimately screwed - this alliance of incredibly cheap and lazy manufacturers, greedy carriers who have been given way too much authority and an OS developer who's basically only in it for the advertising revenue (love you Google, but it's true) and you're looking at an eventual disaster.

Compare that to the iPhone where the manufacturing is practically beyond reproach, the carriers have zero say in anything, and the OS developer is incentivized to build the best devices and ecosystem possible because that's where they make their money. Which do you think is going to provide a better experience long term?

Being a TF101 owner I can somewhat understand. It was perfect with Honeycomb, now with ICS, not so much. My RAZR Maxx is just fine so now I'm leery of an upgrade.

I can't speak to the technical merit of Motorola's decision about which handsets they upgrade. What is that there is a limit to legacy support. Even Apple will eventually shed support for older iPhone models. Every choice about legacy has pros and cons. Hardware capabilities limit software capabilities. The farther back legacy extends, the more the upgrade has to be limited, therefore bringing less capabilities to newer hardware specs. Even iPhone will have to abandon older models (that 3g and 3gs I am talking about).

Difference is iPhone 3G and 3Gs came out 4 and years ago with them receiving 3 years of update respectively whereas the Bionic came our 6 years ago. So while your statement is true, it's disingenuousness to use those examples comparatively without the real time periods for a truthful perspective.

Realize that most consumers don't even know what OS is on their phone, let alone version. All they know is they have a "Droid". It's a small percentage of us here that yell for updates.

To my mind that's a huge problem for anyone who's a tech enthusiast. Why would you want to cast your lot in with a bunch of people who don't care about anything but the price? Again, I say Android eventually becomes the OS of choice for cheap, low end smartphones for this reason among others.

You can't justify $300 "super" smartphones if the build quality is crap and you're going to treat those customers as badly as the people who got their phone for free on contract. Only enthusiasts buy those pricey phones, and they won't put up with this treatment forever. Once those enthusiasts bail, you're left with a bunch of people who don't know or care about the OS so the platform stagnates and fails.

Ok we get it. You were an Android junkie who switched to iOS & you love it more. You've reiterated that about a dozen or so posts. Go to iMore & be happy. Is it not as exciting over there or something? Is the community a little boring? We get it already. Moto sucks. Google sucks. ICS sucks. Froyo sucks. Life sucks. We heard you & you've made your point so move along. The horse is dead.

Everyone blaming it on RAM is full of bull. My Fascinate runs ICS smoothly with 370MB of RAM. That's right, not even half a gig.

It's not RAM. It's the partitioning system. Samsung and HTC have guaranteed issues with the One X and SGSIII when updating to a new version because they still latch on to the old method of multiple partitions and archaic formatting.

From Gingerbread forward, any phone using UMS or with an SD card will lag behind when it comes time for a platform update. 

Who cares if some old phone doesn't get ICS, I have a Samsung continuum running 2.2 and Iknow for sure that it will never get another update it's EOL. Think about it from a business perspective why waste my peoples time and my money updating a device that people will end up replacing in 12 months or less. Now as for my Galaxy tab 10.1 what the effing hold up?!!!

I don't buy that at all. I've seen how nicely some of those ROMs run on even single core Moto devices.
Could they at least provide some specifics on why the X2 and D3 won't improve on ICS?

So this is why Google purchased Motorola? You would think that they would update their own sh*t and is the reason I purchased both a Motorola Phone AND Tablet.

I did however insure that they were both ICS upgradable, but now I'm scared about future updates. Particularly on the phone. The Motorola Photon is a cool phone. Best kept secret in the arsenal , but it gets no respect.

Maybe if Motorola and every other device maker would stop coming out with a new phone every 5 minutes, they could concentrate on making a few truly great phones and supporting their entire product line.

Sorry if someone mentioned this already, but didn't Moto move away from Tegra 2 and use the OMAP SoC in the D3 and X2 because it was the preferred platform for ICS? Same thing with the Bionic when it finally launched, right?

The solution should have been this: Moto should not have released both the Droid 3 and X2. Maybe one, but not the other. In addition, the Bionic was their flagship, so why did they bring the Razr in like a month later, instead of waiting and building it as their first ICS phone? Same idea with the Droid 4, the D3 should have included LTE and there would have been no need for the D4.

Now I'm wondering whether to give up hope for an update for my Atrix 2, which uses that same SoC as the D3 and X2. Moto says Q3, but of what year? 2014? Are there any Moto devices yet on ICS besides the Xoom? Did the Xoom even get ICS?

I'm moving back to HTC or Samsung for my next phone, unless Moto gets the ball rolling. And with this kind of behavior toward phones that are more than capable of being updated just getting tossed aside, Google's eminent takeover of Motorola keeps looking better and better.

Motorola always used Ti OMAP CPUs , They used Tegra 2 only for the Atrix , Photon , DROID X2 & XOOM !!!

The DROID X2 have Tegra 2 CPU

Almost all Motorola phones have TI OMAP CPUs

Also what if Motorola Droid 3 as a poor seller? That could have also played into the process... I disagree with Motorola though and you gotta wonder How MS rolled out 7.5 on all devices within a month.

So Motorola thinks that because they are about to release a maintenance update for the Photon in a few weeks they can push back the ICS upgrade from Q3 to Q4???? That's ridiculous!!!

Well now that it's offical that starting next week Google will be the new onwers of Moto we will see if they change there tune or not.

To everyone arguing over whether iOS is better than Android or Android over iOS and calling the other stupid.. SHUT THE HELL UP.

Seriously guys. People have different tastes. If iOS works for someone, but not you, that's great. There is no need to insult or argue over it. It's like arguing in elementary school because someone has a better lunch than you, or the colored pencil you want.

Just grow up.

AOKP runs perfectly fine on the D3 without hardware accel, I'd love to see how well it runs with acceleration. It's a cost thing and nothing more.

The statement makes no mention of any financial or cost effectiveness reason. Did it occur to the author that maybe what they meant was that the upgrade would make some phones slower or less capable for whatever reason> ICS requires more memory among other things. I don't want my phone upgraded if it will make it operate worse than with the upgrade. Did you ever try "upgrading" a Windows XP computer to Vista or Win 7?

So what's the lesson? Stick to a different manufacturer? Get a Nexus? I am ready to replace my Droid X, which never got off of Froyo. I don't want that to happen again, but if I want to stay on Verizon it seems like I don't have a ton of great choices. I could go with the Razr Maxx, and while I like the idea of the huge battery there's no guarantee that it will ever be updated after next month's move to ICS. I could get the Incredible 4G LTE, but I understand that Sense 4.0 has some memory issues (at least on the One series phones) which HTC sees as a feature rather than a bug. Or I could get the Nexus, but that's already hardware that's six months old, and I'm probably far enough into the product cycle that I'm closer to the next iteration coming out than the old one, right? (Plus, it just feels kind of plasticky and chintzy to me.)

What's a guy to do?

Oh Motorola, the Droid X2 is one of the biggest flaming pieces of crap you have ever shat out. The fact that you don't think ICS would improve that phone is pretty telling. You're flimsy excuses won't win you any friends among the people who know what the hell.

Edit: The fact is that the community has already shows that ICS will improve these phones, ICS IS AN IMPROVEMENT OVER GB. Saying that it wouldn't improve the phones is a flat out lie.

Are we really that surprised that Moto would think "bottom line first, user second"? They do it time and time again. 8GB motoactv owners aren't getting the same software updates as 16gb owners. Why? Moto has decided to charge the 8GB owners for the software the 16gb owners are getting in order to "differentiate the procuts" (Direct quote from level 3 moto support folk).

Wait until they decide to give the razr maxx owners ICS, but decide that regular Razr user will have to pay 9 dollars to upgrade to the same software. (or something equally silly)

Posted from my delightfully free of little red 'm's G-nex.

Moral of this story is get a Nexus Device. The multiple skins on top of Android is one of the main reasons why devices are so slow at updating. Show Google that this is what you all want when it comes to your phone. Not the stupid moto blur, touch wiz, or htc sense.