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Moto takes to the Twitters to tease us all

We combed through everything said at the Motorola press dinner to try and find more, but this Tweet is all that Moto is saying about a new model Moto X.

It doesn't tell us much, and we all figured a company that makes phones would make a new phone for a new year, but we can't help but be a little excited. Anyone else ready for a new Moto X?


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Motorola hints at Moto X refresh in late summer


If they make it bigger, they lost me and possibly alot of people who go for something pocketable. I just wonder if they would gain all the big screen lovers. I hope they stick to small and compact, don't make it a millimetre bigger!

Ditto. It's honestly bigger than I would like as it is today. But its the best option available.

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I've heard that a lot about the size. Thinner and stronger would be nice. Maybe offer 2 different sizes to get some new customers that like bigger phone. I actually had some of the Moto x features on my note 2 using a custom Rom and they were pretty cool. I'm probably selling my wife's Xperia z and getting her a Moto x. Heard so many good things from this phone.

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Smaller and thinner? It feels really small to me (not a bad thing). I would like to see some surfaces that arent so slippery. If i lay mine screen down on a smooth surface with even the slightest incline it starts sliding away lol.

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+1. They got the screen size perfect. Hope whatever comes next allows them to keep the dimple as well.

That's what I'm hoping. Customizable screen sizes would be awesome. I remember reading an article on that. If not I'm hoping they make a phablet version.

Same size and a hare bigger screen would be stupendous. I'm super excited to see what they have in store.... :-)

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4.7 screen size is perfect for me. Just want a better camera, bigger battery, and maybe a bump in the chip set.

I bought my Moto X when my OG Razr Maxx bugged/lagged out on me. I was really intrigued with Always On feature and X8 processor.

I'm really glad I bought it. It's been about one month and the phone is fast and smooth, screen is bright and good size, and the battery life is solid and lasts me a full day on moderate usage (8 widget, 4 emails, screen brightness 100%, black background).

So ready. Motorola has gotten everyone's attention. Their next smartphone is gonna have more hype than the first, and they need to deliver. I think if they stick with the same principles as the moto x and stick to simple but useful features with updated specs, they'll hit a home run. Maybe refine the features they already have and make them do more. Even though I just bought a moto x and really like it, I want to love the next one.

Agreed. I have had my Moto X since early December, and I love it. If they continue to innovate with the Moto X I can totally see myself upgrading. As it is I have yet to see another phone that has piqued my interest, save for maybe the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. But that's all hardware; not much software in the phone that excites me.

OMG a waterproof Moto X with improved camera would make my brain melt!!!

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I just can imagine how nice the moto x 2 will be :-) moto x is the device to have.

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Motorola's better off making a high spec heavily optimized Moto X. Using mid range technology was what put off a lot of people off of the previous model. Even me.

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" Using mid range technology was what put off a lot of people off of the previous model. Even me."

I'm sorry, but the first part of that line is highly debatable. YOU may have been out off because of the SPECS; that doesn't mean that "a lot of people" were put off. The vast majority of people aren't spec whores; you know that.

Agreed. I know how to read specs and I still sold my GS4 for Moto X because I tried it and it worked smoother than GS4

Agreed as well, I can't believe the totally spec-obsessed amount to a measurable percent of the buying public. And by the complaints that the GS4 doesn't include the mythical 4k screen, they're a group that's literally impossible to please since their expectations are so entirely unrealistic.

I would have totally bought a Moto X if it wasn't initially released at the typical $650 price point or if I didn't need a new phone before they lowered the price to it's current level.

But what you don't understand is that the normal consumer sees dual core on the moto and Quad Core on the S4 or 5 or One, which would they choose?

Always, without fail they will choose the higher spec version

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Not necessarily... But, I can see why you would say that.

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"Always, without fail they will choose the higher spec version"
If that was the case then there would be zero "normal cunsumers" anywhere in the world with a Moto X and that certainly is not the case. Even though sales reps almost always push the S4 over the X, there are still "normal consumers" buying the X because specs are mattering less and less.

By that measure, literally no one would buy an iPhone, and that's clearly not the case. I think normal people (meaning not you, I or anyone else here) walk into a store, look at what's on display and either buy which they think looks the best or whichever the salesman pushes. Can it browse the web? Can it check e-mail and send/receive texts? Can it play Angry Birds? Yea? Ok. I honestly don't think the average consumer cares how many cores their phone has.

I disagree. Nerds who frequent sites like this think about the number of cores in a processor, but that kind of spec doesn't figure prominently into manufacturers' marketing strategies.

You don't see "quad core" in Galaxy or One ads. You see references to user-facing features. When the average consumer goes into a store to play with a phone, the processor type isn't even noted on any of the displays.

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Funny.. using "High end" tech that was laggy, slower, and had a far worse battery life put me off to anything LG, especially Samsung, and even Google did.

Yeah, optimization is key.

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Low specs or not.. It was the fastest phone I've ever used. So I got it for my wife. It's the perfect Android phone.

They should make aluminum, leather, and other custom materials

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

I love how great a phone it is even without bleeding edge specs. That said, I wouldn't mind a spec bump in addition to some new features.

I think they should really extend the software features. I've been using a Moto X just for the fun of it, and I'm considering using it as my next phone, but the main selling point is pretty much useless to me. It won't respond to anything I say unless I intentionally slur my words. I don't know why. It's really embarrassing when I tell my friends that my Moto X is supposed to respond to the phrase "OK Google Now," but doesn't... only to have the Moto X hear me say "OK Google Now" perfectly fine as I describe how it doesn't work.

All I'd like to see is more PPI and better camera. The rest is perfect.
A 5" model (in addition to 4.7) would be nice too

I'll be so sad if they don't offer the compact 4.7' screen or something smaller even, and keep the compact bezels!

Optical Image Stabilization for the camera and at least a newish SoC with more efficient operation to make that battery last even longer.

I'm trying to decide between the Xperia Z2, LG G2, and Moto X for my next phone. The Z2 would be ideal except for it needs a workout cuz it's so fat. I don't like the lack of expandable memory on the G2 and Moto X.

I was playing around with the X in-store, and I was really impressed with how compact and smooth it was. I'll be really impressed, if Motorola could cram a 5-inch display and a slightly bigger battery inside a frame only slightly bigger than the current X. It would also be great to see Motorola optimize the voice-recognition software more.

I'm also REALLY hoping that T-Mobile carries the second iteration of the X, this time around. I still don't understand why T-Mobile refused to carry the first X.

You can buy a GSM Global Moto X w/ T-Mobile sim off of Moto Maker but T-Mobile doesn't sell it directly through their stores. It really should not matter much since T-Mobile doesn't subsidize phones but if you'd rather finance through the carrier instead of buying outright or applying for third party financing via Motorola, I guess it might make a difference to you.

Yes they do sell it in store. You can pay for it in installments through their plans just like any of their other phones. It is physically in their stores and it is the same one as the gsm unlocked model as moto sells with a tmobile Sim.

I hope this is true. I've not seen it and that's the only thing holding me back from going to T-Mobile right now is the availability of the Moto X.

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Yeah, I have yet to see it in any stores. Maybe, it's in select stores?

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Maybe it was select stores. But when I went to my nearest T-Mobile to activate my unlocked moto x, they had it on display. And they had a poster of it in their windows.

I played around with it at my local Verizon store. But, I have yet to see it in any of the three T-Mobile stores that I normally frequent.

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Yeah, I meant T-Mo. I wanted to use my JUMP! upgrade on the X, but it's not eligible :(

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If you want to finance a moto x you can do that through Motorola too. I know its not the exact same thing as jump but you can basically get it for free if you're approved for their credit system and take up to I think 12 months to pay it off. That's what I did, although I opted for 6 months cause I don't need that much time. Its not the same exact thing as jump, and it may not work for your needs, but if you want it for $0 down and finance it, you can do that with Motorola.

And I hope they don't. The droid maxx is basically a slightly larger X with a 5" screen and it just doesn't fit the hand like the X does.

Maybe if the back of the MAXX was curved a bit more or something.

Despite the larger battery and wireless charging and the 5" screen, my SIM has been in the X, not the MAXX.

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I'm hoping it's not too much of an upgrade because I don't want to spend money on a new phone yet this year since Google and Motorola both have watches coming.

Yeah, I'm trying to slow down on phone purchases, too. My next phone will probably (fingers crossed) be my last for a while.

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If pricing was anything like the first X, give it 5 months and it will be half price.

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Love my X and am looking forward to the refresh. The only thing I care about them updating is the camera. However, whatever they did for 4.4.2 has made my pictures way better in low light, so maybe that won't even be an issue before long.

Make it 4.7-5 inches and keep vanilla android with a few useful features added like it has now and that will be my next phone

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The size of the phone is perfect ...I hope they keep the design as is... There's always Nexus, HTC and Samsung if people want larger ....Android needs a phone this size.

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I have never used the moto x but have read reviews and it sounds good. So going by this it may come easy to mottorola to produce the X2 as many would be happy with a minor spec/screen increase? That and software enhancements and Camera.

This is all good but will there be the same delay for us here in the UK? Yup probably lol

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Yeah, but I am not sure they will come to my country (Bulgaria).. But if they do, this will be my phone! :-))

Loving my X DE so far. Hope the new one gets a spec upgrade, better camera, keeps the fast vanilla updates, and most importantly the price stays the same (off contract)

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+1 That would probably entice me away from my iPad.

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Unreal! I'm so excited! S5 doesn't interest me! I want usefulness of my Moto X and you can add a "fingerprint scanner" if you please, but I feel Motorola nails down quality features and hopes they continue with Lenovo at the helm!

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I would like to see the new Moto X offered with more memory. I have the 32gb and am already running out of room. Other than my Moto X!!!

My upgrade is this summer, and the Moto X sequel is definitely one I will be looking at. Here's to hoping they put a much-improved camera in it.

But all the conspiracy theorists said that Lenovo was killing the line, killing the updates, killing EVERYTHING!

Make the camera better, bigger battery and we have a winner.

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I'm done with Samsung phones. The new HTC one or new Moto X will be my next phone.

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Make the screen a bit bigger because of the on-screen keys but try to maintain the same size that means a slightly smaller bezel, improve the camera battery and other essentials, make the back-plate removable, sd card slot. Don't botch the launch.

Moto Maker making European launch - new moto x coming Lenovo aqusition so much to be excited about for Motorola lately I think they are the only one's bringing new things to the market in a stylish way atleast

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I think the 720 is key to the way it sips power. Don't need 1080, unless you plan to screencast with it, and even then...

I am a little disappointed. I was hoping it would be earlier. Like release in June. O well. At least there is a time frame though. I will wait patiently for the announcement and hope that it is the best thing ever when it comes out.

O and I want a full 5" screen on the same frame ;-)

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Just wondering how much they gonna be selling the 2013 model for during the summer - 220?! :)

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VZW Moto X

Multi window or gtfo. That's the only thing Keeping this phone from perfection.

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Hope the new Moto X will actually be sold at T-Mobile stores this time around. I enrolled in JUMP partially so I could grab the next Moto X.

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They could make the screen a tad bit bigger without changing the overall size of the phone. Can't go wrong with a larger battery, more RAM or more storage.

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Better low light camera shots would be greatly appreciated. Also, none of that price drop and increase every other week business. I wanted feel special when I got mine for $350 during cyber Monday deal. :/

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but wait, did you know its now free? jk. i have no idea what the price is. i could care less as i already have one lol

Sweet! I've really wanted the moto x forever now (running an EVO 4g LTE), yet my upgrade is in Oct. There was always the benefit that the moto x would be cheaper by that point, or, god forbid, completely unavailable. I want it for the size. Even this EVO is too dam big. I'm definitely not in the "give me a 5in + screen size on top of whatever the bezel will add in diameter" group. One handed phone please.

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I'll wait to see the new Moto X because I'm just not impressed with the GS5.

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I'm down... But please god make moto maker available from the start for all carriers!

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Oh man am i glad i saw this! was just about to pick up an OG moto X but I'll wait. But if the new screen size is any larger than the OG moto X then i'll just buy a used one off someone.

XD Yessssss!!! This is the BEST news I've heard all day, all week, all last week... Alriiiight! I won't even lie: I was extremely bummed a couple weeks ago when Google sold off Motorola to Lenovo (...ugh). Last year, I moved from my Optimus G to the Moto X and it's the BEST I've ever owned, hands down! I can deal 'n move on like anyone else but I'm glad I won't have to now with this "announcement." After using Active Notifications (or whatever they're called), Assist, and by far the most efficient battery I've ever had in a phone, I really wasn't looking forward to leaving all that behind. I don't even care how Lenovo/Motorola do their business: just thank you for giving us another Moto X! Happy happy, joy joy!

Please make the screen bigger, or come in different sizes.

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Keep the compact size.... Extend the battery life.... Assist should include the ability to read text messages anytime.... Not just driving. And a camera upgrade of course. Oh.... and the awesome pricing deals .... stick with that too please!

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Other than the camera, I don't really see anything that needs improving. Software is blazing fast, active notifications are literally the best feature I've ever had on a phone, and the screen to case ratio is perfect. Hopefully when the new one comes out, I can convince my fiance to buy the original X at a cheaper price.

Anyone complaining about the screen is a spec whore, honestly.

The got so much right with the Moto X on their first model. Hope Lenovo doesn't fall prey to spec envy. There's really very little that needs to be done to make the phone better.

Moto X is the best phone I've owned. I actually sold off the DNA I had for this phone. It's so much more stable, great form factor and none of this permenant capacitive button nonsense, all those control buttons should be on screen. The size is perfect (I think going any larger than 5" is for women who can make a bluetooth call from their purse phone).

Things I'd change on it would be to somehow integrate a fingerprint scanner for play store purchase authentication (but again don't add any additional buttons to the phone).

Active notifications must stay.

More RAM, faster CPU, faster GPU, larger battery, thinner, lighter, better camera, the standard gamut.

I'd like to see design wise maybe a flat back rather than the curved back and maybe do more of a carbon fiber or aluminum casing up to the edge of the screen rather than having the seam down the edge of the phone.

Induction charging would be nice as long as it doesn't increase heft or size of the device.

And last the number of logos on the phone and the size are perfect for what would be required. I don't need Samsung like branding all over the phone.

I want a Moto X but, I am gun shy after having the Eris and then the Bionic. Seems like when I get a phone all support stops. I will sit back a little while longer and wait to see how the whole Lenovo/Moto deal plays out. Removeable sd card would be great though!