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'High demand' may cause shipping times to vary, Moto says

Motorola's a wee bit excited about finally launching the Moto X today, and rightfully so. It's a big deal. And part of that big deal was the ability to design your own phone and have it in your hands within four days.

Now comes the hedging.

In a blog post this morning, Motorola cautions that because of "high demand, initial shipping times may vary." So much for under-promise, over-deliver.

Here's the full paragraph from Motorola's blog post, emphasis ours:

We’ll be working hard to get your customized Moto X to you as quickly as possible. We expect that because of high demand, initial shipping times may vary. But we will get that down to 4 days or less as soon as we possibly can. We’ll also be adding digital printing in the future, so you can include a personal message on the back of your Moto X.

Look, we get that this is a pretty big endeavor. Unprecedented, even. The ability to customize your own phone like this is the sort of differentiator we've not seen outside of picking a basic color. Five days? Six days? Seven days for a custom phone to be delivered? Probably not that big a deal. Ten or 11 days? Pushing it. Definitely pushing it.

It's setting an expectation and then missing it that's bad. We'll just have to see what actually happens over the next week or two. Maybe this hedge is Motorola's belated way of under-promising.

One bit of good news: At the tail end of Moto's post, it does mention that "Moto X will be available through other carrier partners very soon." In fact, Moto's Punit Soni says "in days." Let's hope that one's not overpromised, too.

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JoeLemaire says:

Exactly. Undersell and over deliver is exceptable. The opposite is not.

mwara244 says:

Sounds like the Nexus 4, took 3-4 months for it to be restocked in the play store. But Moto can't screw it up any worse than LG handling the Nexus 4.

NoNexus says:

Well someone said in another thread that "it will be easy to deliver in 4 days because of low sales"

charger04 says:

I was pretty disappointed when it told me it was going to be delivered in four days longer than I expected. They should be prepared for this so they could keep their word on the 4 day thing

Armada says:

Well, that would require collecting data on the "most common" combinations. But a small sample might not be very applicable in a larger scenario. It's hard to prebuild enough units from all the combinations that Moto Maker makes possible. It's not like they're shipping out only solid black or white units.

tdizzel says:

This. Isn't. Going. Well.

Posted from my brand new, super slim, gorgeous red Droid Ultra

larry greg says:

yes DAYS. 90-120 days.

Typical Motorola, promise and then back track. We should have seen this coming as well. Not surprised at all.

mwara244 says:

Google owns Motorola, and Google has the worst shipping problems of all the manufacturers and stocking issues too like with the nexus 4, nexus 7 releases, and now the Chromecast

Ruchelli says:

I'm not getting this phone. That does not mean that I dislike it, in fact, I think its cool. Customizing the phone though is some serious next level shit! If you want this phone don't let a little delay caused by them building you your own damn personal phone get in the way. Your not buying off the rack here boys. *rolls eyes* 7-10 business days is acceptable.

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jwiesneski says:

Sure, if one of their own selling points wasn't 4 day delivery, then 7-10 days is perfectly acceptable. I also like this phone and am not getting it, but not because of a shipping delay.

Connor Mason says:

The phone looks great. But the way they're launching it is simply awful.

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brentap says:

I just ordered mine, a black/black/silver accent 32gb, and the estimated delivery was stated at 12 days. I'm looking at a Sept 5th arrival.

eahinrichsen says:

Wow, this is completely unexpected and something that everyone didn't see coming at all!

Nev says:

You win Friday.


You're both winners, in my book.

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MarkSeven says:


tantai says:

Out class with LG G2, Samsung S4,HTC One or iPhone 5...Moto X is Junk. Overpriced with last year spec.

What phone had the X8 chip in it last year again.....?

CoreRooted says:

Brainwashed to believe specs are everything. So quaint.

anthonok says:

Should have said a week. That's totally acceptable for a fvcking custom built phone. Then when it showed up less than that... Awesomeness but NOPE!

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tantai says:

How about full hd screen. Quad core chip. Amazing camera. you can find them in Moto X???

Moto X costs carriers just $350, so the price could drop fast. Hold your horse.

Copy and pasting your dribble in multiple posts.... you got issues dude. If you don't like the MotoX and aren't getting one for yourself fine. But don't act like you are going to change anyones mind who is.

tantai says:

Do you work at Motorola? The truth hurth you sorry. Ha Ha

Nothing can surpass the iPhone 5 in build quality, user experience and sheer awesomeness. Moto X is a i5 wannabe haha your trying to hard google! Also Motorola is about on the same level as ZTE and Huawei, they're horrible OEM's.

CoreRooted says:

You mean quad-core of which 90% of the software out there never uses more than 2 cores? Noted. Move on please.

Ryan Oneill says:

Well since us guys in the UK can't get it who cares

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hodan says:

You know how you fix this? You stick to your word and make it happen. Pay for overtime shifts at the factory. Use one day shipping.

No excuse. I feel like banging the "Launch your products like Apple" drum until my ears bleed or until one of these lazy companies can follow through.

It's hard to name an Android phone launch that went off as scheduled. Samsung is the only one that does it.

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duncanator says:

They can keep that promise if no one can customize it. I was just in an AT&T corporate store and there was one Moto X tucked in back near a Lumia 920 and there was no Moto X customization display. I guess you'll have to know the online page exists. I would have never known that it was even out today.

jivester says:

September 4th, r u kidding me! That is not even close to four days from today!

kretz7 says:

I was so excited to get this today, but moto lost my business. AT&T called support and said it'd be at least 14 days before I would receive it. What sort of horrible business model is that? The reason this phone is popular is because of moto maker and new customers are going in and being told you have to pay for the device and 2 weeks of service, but not have anything to show for it? No loaner device, just paying for moto to take their sweet time making it. Who knows if it would have been longer. I walked out without a phone, so not only did moto lose business, but AT&T did as well because I wanted a customized moto x in 4 days. Any other person would probably have bought another device and moto loses a sale. Good idea, horrible execution. Waiting a couple months for the next nexus. :-\

kancharlaraj says:

Just ordered and the ETA is Sept 3rd.
Not happy about it...

Nault2000 says:

The MotoMaker source code gives us a few new bits of information. The listed wood back offerings are: teak, ebony, rosewood, and bamboo. The surcharge for a wood back is listed as $50.