Moto X PowerDock

Another Moto X accessory goes on sale before the device itself.

Motorola is going another step in the direction of having a full accessory lineup for the Moto X at launch now with the new Griffin "PowerDock" for the device. There are very few frills here, and what we see from the two product shots included in the listing are a basic base with a Micro USB plug to charge the phone and a cradle in the back to hold it up at a steep angle. Around the back you can see another Micro USB input for the power adapter into the wall, just as we'd expect.

This dock is prominently displayed as being made by Griffin, just like the car dock, so we have to assume that we may see an even broader lineup of Moto X-specific Griffin accessories in the pipeline. Remember the phone isn't even on sale yet, so we applaud Motorola for having accessories ready to go out of the gate — we certainly can't say the same for Nexus accessories over the years.

Basic black color with a shiny white base plate seems to be the only color option here, and again you're looking at $39.95 for this accessory direct from Motorola.

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Motorola has a snazzy desktop dock for the Moto X, too


Maybe if the lockscreen and launcher (the two most common things shown on my phone) worked in portrait mode, that might be nice. But they don't.

It wouldn't be that hard to keep the port on the bottom where I like it and still have a landscape dock

Motorola has always been great about accessories. My last 3 Motorola phones had car docks & desk docks available at launch.

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Wonder if it would work for the N4. Anyone know if the ports face the same way? There needs to be a standard....

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I wonder if another device, like an n4, would fit...

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I'm impressed, Motorola is really executing on this phone launch. Other OEM's, please take note.

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Docks should be wireless. They should have NFC tags built in so that when the phone is on the dock the phone can trigger some dock-specific behaviour. They should have bluetooth-audio support so that you can attach speakers, or connect the dock to a stereo.

I want to be able to put my phone in a dock and have it automatically do things like 1. turn on wi-fi and blue-tooth if they're off,
2. charge
3. allow me to output music to the stereo
4. turn on some dock-specific app like a daydream.
5. Wirelessly

Finally, it's rude if the dock only works with one model of phone. Come on people, we upgrade our phones all the time. Sometimes several people in one house have different phones but would like to share a dock. Docks should be universal.

1: Buy NFC Tag
2: Stick adhesive NFC tag on back of dock where the phone rests against it
3: Program NFC Tag to complete your desired tasks
4: Stop whining about docks


Actually NFC typically doesn't work when the phone's screen is in an off state. MotoX might be unique in that regard (or that unlock clip they sell also has a magnet).

Typically companies add a magnet to docks that facilitate the unlocking feature, NFC can be optional.

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Loving all the accessory support for Moto X...being released even before the phone is. Moto is doing this right!