Motorola Diablo, Gallardo

Looks like Motorola's latest are getting ready to launch on AT&T. The Costco dummy units you see above are of the Motorola Flipside (bottom) and Motorola Bravo, a couple of mid-level phones announced at at CTIA. We're assuming AT&T will continue its MO of locking these guys down to the Android Market, but remember, that's what the Android Sideload Wonder Machine is for. Thanks, Mac!

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edubb11 says:

Love how the National Retail centers are named after Lamborghinis.

feardunn says:

Love how a Wireless Advocate employee keeps posting AS-400 inventory screens. Post all of the dummy display units that you like, leave Costco's private network information out of posts.

Eazail70x7 says:

I just played with the Motorola Bravo today at an at&t. Pretty coop little phone

BerryChoppy says:

I got the dummy units yesterday while at work. (Radio Shack if you are wondering) I was like what is this semi ugly phone? hahah but it is nice to see a few more android phones coming out on att.

antpal200 says:

Same here, I work at an AT&T authorized retailer. The Bravo was nothing special, and I know it has worse "specs" but the Flipside I was surprised with. Finally a GOOD Android phone with a full keyboard (sorry Backflip users, this is the one you wanted)