Motorola Flipout and Charm

If you've got a Motorola Flipout or Motorola Charm and are staying up nights waiting for a Froyo update, time to pour yourself a glass of milk, fluff the pillows and head to bed. It ain't gonna happen. Motorola just updated its increasingly less popular update timeline chart and broke the bad news -- the Charm and Flipout "will remain on Android 2.1." It's not that big a surprise, we suppose, but still is a disappointment.

And now, Motorola, it's about time to start letting us know which phones have a shot at being upgraded to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Droid X? Droid 2/Global? Droid Pro? Any of these ring a bell? [Motorola]


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Motorola Flipout, Charm won't get Froyo, manufacturer says


well i already have 2.2 on my backflip and 2.3 is in the works so i am covered, but moto, seriously, if you are going to make low end devices, at least be like LG and freaking update them

I wonder if the manufacturers will start updating their phones after those spyware apps were found in the Market? I know a few took advantage of security holes in the older Android OS's.

What is the point of making a phone and no updates?! I hate these leeching manufacturers that can't commit. And I don't want to hear that excuse that's it's a "low end" phone because teens & soccer moms use BB or feature phones. I wish these bloody companies wouldn't waste time getting over there heads making these pointless devices, it just makes them & Android look bad.

I don't care if it looks manufacturers bad cause if android dosent live upto their expectations they might move to other os. But what about android.
Due to these phones next time steve jobs introduce mini iphone(if the rumours are true) he might compare his phone to these fucking phones and tell how their iphones are better.
Google please stop manufacturers from making useless phones or if they make any then tell them to keep it up to date.

I don't think anyone other than motorola testers have this phone.
Or they might have sold around ten of these things. Looking out the handset only no one will ever buy them. They look horrible. Android should have screen larger than 3.7".

What about the Bravo? That is one sweet little, and underrated, device. Yes, the screen is small, but the resolution is GREAT and the performance on 2.1 is excellent. If it ran FROYO it would be a GREAT little phone.

Still, it's disappointing that a product that's still in production can't run even previous generation software. Can you imagine if Dell, IBM, or HP said their current lineup of computers could only run Windows XP? They'd be crucified by the media.

You do sound surprised.
Motorola have a track record of being THE WORST manufacturer when it comes to updates:

Promised: Cliq XT 2.1 upgrade - update pulled, and will not happen

Promised: Dext 2.1 upgrade - update pulled 6 months after promise and owners left hanging

Promised: Milestone (EU version of the Droid) advertised as flash ready on launch (Nov 2009) still awaiting 2.1 update

Moto are interested in one thing only - getting $$$$$ from customers. Once they have it, they lose interest.

I was sorely tempted with a xoom, but after being bitten by moto too many times i'll NEVER buy another device from them.

Agreed. I got the Motorola Cliq XT and was waiting for the offical version of 2.1 rom. After hearing the disappointing news, I jailbroke it and put on a 3rd party version of 2.1.

Companies like Motorola is giving Android OS a bad name because it gives people a poor android experience.

Anyone who expects alot of support from a LOW-END device that they most likely got for FREE or paid very little for ($80 or less with contract is damn cheap), really needs a reality check... Besides these lowend models are made for folks who want mostly messaging plus a little more. The phone works and does as advertised.. If you want more then basics then pay up for a better device..

The Motorola Quench and Backflip weren't low end, they were $450 outright ($70 contract), low end are usually $200-250 which the Charm and Flipout are. No matter what, Motorola aren't supporting any devices that ships outside the US.

Not to mention the Quench (Cliq XT), Backflip and one other model I forget were advertised to support flash, yet flash is available only for 2.1 and those devices are still stuck on 1.5/1.6.

I had the Charm for a month last summer and ditched it after seeing the roadmap for OS updates, especially for Canadian Motoblur phones and the Milestone has YET to get an update.

It is pretty sad. My wife got the Charm from Telus because it was the only device that had a keyboard and was similar to her old BB Curve. I told her the bad news a few weeks ago when this news came out and she is ready to ditch it. She isn't a hardcore user but you don't need to be if you're interested in the new apps that only work with 2.2 and higher. Support was horrible from Motorola and the forums do squat for assistance.

And for the posters above. This talk about low end phones and customers should expect no support is B.S. If that's all you have to say here, don't waste your time and move on. We got teens, soccer moms and others who use iPhones and Blackberry's and those are not low end phones. So give me a break. We all deserve support no matter what brand we pick.

Motorola is a joke, why do different countries get upgrades for devices and not some, I understand roll-outs at different times but come on. I will never buy another motorola ever, it might be the best phone or tablet but I will never invest in them ever again. This is the problem with android and will always be the problem no control on what happens with the os, at least apple has great control and ensures that their products get updates for a couple of years. I would hate to buy an xoom or atrix and find out this is as good as its going to get, crap support and no updates. Apple or HTC are the way to go.

It seems to me that people have semi-unrealistic expectations. It's one thing when the manufacturer comes out and says, "we will update the Galaxy to Froyo" and then not deliver. It's a whole different matter for the users to automatically assume the manufacturer/carrier should upgrade their precious widget because other widgets were updated. It's cool that the "powers that be" have been overall pretty forthcoming with updates and feature enhancements but it has also created a sense of entitlement.

If I go buy a new Honda today, I don't expect Honda to replace my engine or give me a new PCM in six months because the other Honda released after mine got it. I certainly shouldn't expect Honda to upgrade my stuff just because those guys over at Toyota were generous a couple of times. Clearly the analogy isn't perfect but you should get the idea.

Buy the device with the OS and features you want now and relax with the complaining... maybe? Just a bit?

People have a new apple to bash on now , ha ?
to them looks like Motorola is the Apple of Andriod

what are yall expecting from a low-end 2.8" phone ?
crying about updates & how Motorola doesn't support it !

There's more to it :

# what if the phone's hardware isn't capable of running latest version of Andriod ? , don't get fooled by numbers & the spec list ! (i.e. I bought a laptop with 768 mb graphics card , to find out its worthless because its an Intel card)

# what if the sales of phones were bad ? & doesn't worth the resources to develop updates for it ?

# even if it got updated , what's the point ? More than half the apps on the market doesn't support or work properly with MPDI screens (or whatever it called) anyway

# Its a budget phones , don't expect mircals from it ! Its like having a drag race between a golf cart & Dodge Viper SRT10

# plus , its made for certain type of people who don't care about updates , like that militry grade Motorola phone on sprint , i1 or something like that

As Motorola always says :
"Don't buy a phone depending on gettigf the next update , buy it for version that its already have on it....,"

Don't forget that Motorola updated their Droid phones , the Droid was the third phone to get offical FroYo after the Nexus one & the Evo ! The American verions of Galaxy S does't have FroYo yet & probably the Defy will get it first

If you want updates , get your self an iphone , but don't get pissed off when they cut your device from updates for being weak or old (like my 1st gen. iPod touch which can't run IOS 4.0 & higher)

Motorola will go down just like they did before if they treat their customers like this, really pathetic!

What makes it worse is that many of the updates on the list are for Q1. It is already March so Q1 only has a few weeks left.