Motorola exec Mark Randall calls current smartwatches 'pretty crappy'

Motorola executive Mark Randall isn't just proud of the upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch — he thinks that the current crop of wearables are "pretty crappy" in comparison. Motorola is understandably excited about the Moto 360, the Android Wear-powered wearable is a notable step up in software and hardware design for smartwatches, and one of very few that have dared to go round. Randall, the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Operations at Motorola, said that "We think people just don't want to wear a lot of the devices that are out there today."

Looking around, that's probably a fair statement. You don't see many people walking around with smart watches. Randall thinks that's because they suck:

"We look at the 360 and we look at what everyone has done in that space. To be honest we think they are all pretty crappy."

To be fair, it's his job as a Motorola executive to pimp the company's products and call out the competition as slackers, regardless of whether or not they are. There are plenty of worthy competitors for the Moto 360 and Android Wear, including the Samsung Gear 2 on the high end and the Pebble smartwatch on the cheaper side. Each brings a unique user experience, features, and industrial design to the party.

Do you think the Moto 360 makes all other wearables look crappy, or does Motorola need to ship before they can start calling out the competition like that?

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Motorola exec Mark Randall calls current crop of smartwatches 'pretty crappy'


I think he is right also. I have always said that a smartwatch cannot be as good as it is intended without a competent voice assistant. Android wear finally fixes that issue.

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To be honest, I think the 360 looks crappy. I'm not into big ass round watches. And Mark, talk crap once the watch comes out and people get to experience it. Until then, it's jut a design on paper.

I think the promise of the Moto 360 makes a lot of devices look bad, however, the unknows bug me. How long is the battery life? How responsive will it be? How much will it cost?

But, if it's even half as awesome as the Moto X is, then I'd get a Moto 360.

going on recent history, your fears might be unfounded (though I share them). Here is to hoping for the 2day battery, sub 150$ MARK.

Whether you like the appearance of the Moto 360 is a matter of taste. I would be much more interested in what the watch can actually do... and how well it does it. I have enjoyed my Pebble and have found more and more uses for it. It isn't the prettiest watch out there, but it does what I need it to do very well. I have ordered a Gear Neo 2 and will be anxious/curious to see just how well I like it. As stated before, there too many unknowns about the Moto 360 at this point for me to get very excited about it.

Not having released a smart watch yet doesn't invalidate his opinion. You don't need to have built a house yourself to call one ugly, so I don't see why it should matter that the Moto 360 hasn't been released yet. And design-wise at least, I agree with that sentiment.

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I beg to differ. It matters what is on the inside of house. If its full of doggy poo it matters not how beautiful the outside may be. It's still full of crap. [I like what I did there. LOL!]

Location, location, location?

I'm interested in the Moto 360 (+LG...+++Google). Haven't been the slightest bit interested in any on the market. So, have to agree with Mark. Needs to have all the fitness bells and whistles too. Watches have always been about fashion to a very high degree. Probably even more today. If I had a $1 for everytime I asked someone I saw wearing a nice watch "excuse me, have the time" and they bust out their smartphone. Hell, caught myself a few times : / Noooo.

The more I see out of Android Wear, the more I want to give up on my Pebble.

I still rock my Pebble HARD. It's my nerd swag. But Google Wear has me interested.... Ok Google is some of the most common words to leave my lips in the past months. If my watch could handle Google Now commands....I'd consider

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The only reason I would give up on mine is the poor quality casing - the plastic (especially screen) is too sensitive.
Other than that, have no need for anything these OEMs are offering.
Also, I wish they can keep them running for a week - who wants to deal w charging another device daily.

VZW Moto X

As a watch wearer, they all look crappy including the 360.
I have a collection of watches and change watches based on mod and clothing.
The current crop of smart watches is just bad.

I basically do the same, and compared to what is out now, the 360 has piqued my interest. Though fingers crossed for something even better from htc.

Right there with you. I think to appeal to those of us who use watches as fashion items they need a myriad of available faces (I like the few I saw), but more importantly, a quick and cost efficient way to swap bands.

Even though I love Motorola. You guys are still losing millions per quarter. Don't laugh until you can prove your 360 can sell better than the other smartwatches

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Definitely does. People are rumoring premium prices, considering that's going against everything Moto has been developing with the Android ecosystem, it could end up selling to those in the market for expensive, luxurious watches.

I prefer rounded faces but I already have a Pebble. If the price is right I'll have no problem with the G Watch. As much as I want a Moto 360, I have a strong feeling pricing will be outrageous for what you get.

From a design standpoint, I totally agree. It looks classy, where a lot of the others in the space seem to be generic, ugly or obsurb in either size or style. I have had both round and square watches, and I must say, I have always enjoyed wearing a round watch more so than a square face.

All we know is it's round, and it's not the only round smartwatch.

I say put up or shut up, Randall/moto.

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Company executives can talk how their new product will change the industry and talk crap about their competitors but ultimately it is the market who decides what product changes things and what products go away unnoticed.

Motorola nailed it on the head, there really isn't anything out there yet that we can call perfect, heck even Samsung sucks since they are trying to be only all inclusive with certain device only, and yeah sure we can side load this app and that app, but then things still only work half-Arse, and who wants that, i want something that works flawless without having to sideload apps that's meant to be open to all devices, not just one freaking line!

The 360 looks better to me then any of the competition, but it still isn't going to entice me to put on a watch again. It's not too much trouble to look at my phone, and I usually know where I'm going if I'm on a bike. I don't think I'll put up with anything on my wrist for the few use cases where it would be handy.

If you want to buy a smart watch today a pretty crappy one is a better option than one that isn't for sale yet, and nobody knows when it actually will be....

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Who are you to judge how much value people get out of their watches? Did you buy a current smartwatch only to be disappointed with it?

I have a feeling when we see the price of the 360 we're gonna be blown away. In a good way.

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That would be a great price point! I'm hoping for a bundle with the successor to my Moto X!

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That's about what I'm expecting. Moto seems to be on a low cost rampage lately

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Sorry moto, but give me some tangible evidence to support your statement before you make such inflammatory statements. Hurry up and give us the t product!

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Yea it looks all nice and pretty. I'll give em that. Better looking than my red pebble. But I'll wait for judgment until I know the price and hear some reviews. Yea a 2014 BMW is a fine car but so is a 2014 Hyundai genesis sedan..
I've been burned by moto before. I'm looking at you droid RAZR...but I'll give em the benefit of the doubt...

I'll reserve judgement until we actually see the 360, what we've seen so far looks good.
But many products look good until they come out and you get past the marketing slideshows and videos

Not to mention the all important question, how much does it cost? for many that will be a large part of deciding if it's worth it.

I feel like I'm the only person who is meh on smartwatches. I don't see the advantage over just picking up my phone.

I would rather developers worked on building true peripherals for smartphones rather than notification mirrors. Fitness trackers, for example, serve a function other than letting you know you've got a text. Why not focus on making those better? The current crop blows.

How many people do you know with smartwatches? Personally I don't know anybody with one (that I'm aware of) and I know some serious tech fans in the real world. I do know a lot of people with "fitness bands." They just make sense (so do those LG fitness ear buds) and do things other devices can't do. Def agree with you.

One killer use would be meetings at work. If you are in a meeting and you get a notification and check your phone it's a bit awkward as you don't want to appear rude. If get a notification on your watch and simply look at it to take note, then it just looks like you are checking the time rather then diverting attention away from the speaker.

It's a subtle difference but could be impactful.

Another use is in the car. I get a notification. I want to know the nature of it. I can look at my watch which is on my wrist without having to take my hands off the wheel.

On paper the Motorola 360 looks better than my Sony Smartwatch 2. In real life my SW2 blows it away. :p

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Well, you know what they say, "a smartwatch on your wrist is worth two in the bush", or something like that :p

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so you have an actual 360 to compare it to? Care to put a review in the forums for those of us that are not as fortunate?

That's funny cause I feel the same way about their phones. Was a Motorola fan for the longest but they might as well fall into blackberry hell.

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At least the crop exist. still not a date or price for this watch. i was really excited bout the 360 as well but im starting to get annoyed that its already mid may and they claim "summer" and we still dont have any specifics

therefore summer is next month and we barely know anything about it. im not saying you cant be tight lipped till even a few daysb4 its available but to brag about it or slam the competition at this point its not warranted

Yes, because nothing ever gets hyped before its released

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Yes things are absolutely hyped b4 they are released but by eager fans and techies who speculate how awesome something will be when all they have to go on is a "leaked picture". Not by exects. When it is by them it's just empty words

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Ridiculous, least to say.
What's next - "your momma" jokes ?!
We can all blame Legere for this new Wrestle Mania talk in the tech industry, that's for sure :)

VZW Moto X

Think it is best that is out there the new LG looks good also, I think they should go with the Round design, but add it to the middle of a cool bezel and lugs .

Am I the only one that wants to stick a big wide leather band on that bad boy?.. like really wide like almost into bracer territory.

Yes! With some chrome studs and maybe some leather thongs hanging off of it!

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I highly doubt Motorola is going to release a crappy smart watch. It will be along the lines of the Moto X. Which some people think is weak because it only has a dual core. Which it really has 8 cores. Plus I bet the 360 will work with just about every phone. It's software will probably be matured right at release as well.

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The Moto X is a great device, no doubt, but that was really Google's phone. Moto released PLENTY of terrible phones between the original Razr and the Moto X. Oh, and it has a dual core CPU... and 8 total cores. Please just look it up from a site you trust. The Tegra 4 has a quad core CPU and 72 GPU cores. 76 cores!!!!

I agree with him completely. I love the idea of a smart watch, but I don't want to wear something that looks like it came from 1982. The square screen makes me think of a Casio digital watch I wore in elementary school, not to mention the huge calculator watches! I can't wait to see if the moto 360 looks as good in person. A round face with analog-style hands and all the capabilities of google glass, it looks pretty amazing to me.

That watch worn by the hipster in the screen shot doesn't look any better and I would imagine it functions similar to the Galaxy Gear. I guess he's entitled to his opinion.

Under $150, means compromises have to be made. I want something that is in the 3 to 4 hundred dollar range without compromising looks, quality and abilities.

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You don't think something up to 400 a little much? To me its an accessory. Like a standard watch or sunglasses. Most people don't own just one. So at 400 it would have to be just own one for the average consumer. And yes I know standard watches and sunglasses can cost way more than 400 but you can also get them for 5 bucks. What I'm saying is range. Maybe a stylish more expensive band or a gold plated version is available. Idk

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I think the look of the 360 is going to tailored more towards the professional. I'm curious to see actual sales of this watch compared to the rest. I , personally, think that this is the ONLY smart watch that looks at all appealing. The rest of these so called "smart watches" should have just been fitbit material. They look cartoon-ish. They look like they were made for a 17 year old kid. Just my opinion on what's on the market now. Hopefully HTC, MOTO and Google can change it up(really pulling for HTC....obviously)!

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I've said this before, but the reason that I don't own a smartwatch is that they all look like nerd ID-bracelets. Looking forward to something a little better design-wise.

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