MinimalX for the Droid X2

Android developer c21johnson has worked up a custom ROM for the Motorola Droid X2.  Minimal X, currently in a beta-release stage, is the first available custom ROM for the X2, which still has a locked bootloader.  Goes to show that keeping phones locked down won't stop dedicated people from hacking at them, and it a huge waste of resources, and I'll stop there before I go off on a whole 'nother tangent.

The ROM itself has been cleared of any useless bloat, and the system and framework have been edited.  As the developer mentions, this makes a great base for some more exotic work to be cooked from, and we expect to see it soon.  Of course you'll have to have root, and ignore the drama and use the bootstrap utility that is floating around out there to install.  Looks like the X2 is following in its older brother's footsteps and has turned out to be a capable, and hackable, piece of gear.  Congrats c21johnson.

Source: XDA-DevelopersThanks, Alexander!


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Motorola Droid X2 sees its first custom ROM


That's really great , I bit its a good news for the Droid X² owners who into Custom ROMs
I don't know why it's a big deal with the Locked BootLoaders , Motorola phones also have custom ROMs (DX, D2, MILESTONE™, Atrix™, defy, XT720, ...etc)

I have been running this rom all day. First let me say, for a beta release this rom is actually very solid. I have only ran into one bug and it's not a big one. The rom is bare-bones so if you cannot live without some apps you will need to download them on your own. The developer has also added a zip file containing some of the stuff you might want to add back in.