hold it any way you want to

Read the fine print :) .  This is supposedly a full page ad in the New York Times (can any readers verify?) for the new Motorola Droid X, that lets you know you're free to hold the phone any way you like. I'm not much for the mudslinging, but I'm lovin' it.  Antenna? Droid does. [Twitter via  @sarahintampa]


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Motorola Droid X -- hold it any way you like


I would have listed more features. Like voice search and voice-to-text for all text inputs, built-in satalite map navagation with street view, up to 40GB, etc.

yeah I saw it in the NY Times , take that Apple , I think its so hysterical that they actually released a phone that has that problem , R&D department was asleep I guess , thats just freakin ridiculous

"And Most Importantly it comes with a double antenna design" - so you can hold it any way you want. That is far from the most important thing to me. The fact it's a fast Motorola with Android is what I like. And the larger screen, too.

You either have no sense of humor or have completely blocked out all iPhone-related news in the past ten days.

The only downside is the way motorola has locked down the bootloader, which from reports is virtually impossible to bypass. Not much worth in it if you can't have the openess one expects to get from android. Nice phone though for verizon people who were smacked with the incredible debacle.

@Steve Jobs, take dat, take dat, take dat....

I may be alone on this one, but I think the line in the ad is a bit petty. Be bigger than that Motorola. Act like you've belong. Instead of being a "take that Jobs" zinger, it comes across as desperate and too clever by half.

I almost find it regrettable that the Android community is becoming the very zealots we complain about and mock Apple users for being. I say let Apple keep digging its own hole with this antenna issue. If anything even needed to be said about reception, just stick with the part about crystal clear clarity.

Edited to add: In spite of my feeling about the ad, Apple did set themselves up, though, when it puffed out it's chest at the launch announcement and went out about how smart they were to design an innovative antenna system.

After 971 "I'm a Mac" ads, I say go for it Moto.

"I'm a Droid"
"And I'm an iPhone"
"You can hold me any way you like while making a call"
"Well I have over 150,000..........click"

I think you're allowed to have some fun. Apple deserves whatever that's thrown at their face for this one.

The great thing about this ad is that if you didn't know about the iPhone antenna issue, you wouldn't even know that they were taking jabs at Apple. it's a very tasteful way to point out what the competition is doing wrong. Bravo, Verizon/Motorola.

My feelings exactly. On the surface, it's simply Moto extolling the virtue of their antenna design. But underneath it's a dig back at the biggest mudslingers of them all -- Apple inc.

I disagree. If you didn't know about the iPhone antenna issue, you'd be like "wtf? Why would I not be able to hold a phone however I want to? What are they talking about?" (As demonstrated by a comment above.)

There's nothing subtle about this ad and I LOVE it!

So I keep hearing about this locked bootloader BS. Has anyone confirmed this or is it just internet speculation??

I can't get over the storage of this beast! 8 GB onboard + 16 GB MSD preinstalled. If it supports 64GB MSD it would have almost as much storage as my first laptop!

Love the ad, I wish Verizon would come to Canada.

For all the people saying you wouldn't know it's a jab at the iPhone, look at all the other Droid does commercials, that's all those commercials are is a jab at the iPhone.


Apple just got Droidslapped!! BTW the Droid X can hold up to 40gig total.It can accept a 32gb card as well as 16,8,4,and 2. Can the new iphone do that ? NO.Oh i forgot it can hold a signal along w/it's carrier All Tired and Troublesome(AT&T).

You know... If Apple themselves hadn't made such a big deal about the new external antenna and even the gap designed to keep it from bridging with the rest of the phone's edge BEFORE even releasing the phone, there'd probably be LOT less people focusing on the issue. All phones suffer from it to one extent our the other, but now it's just a huge PR black eye for them regardless. Boasting about a flawed antenna design before releasing the phone, only Apple, lol.

You guys should go over to tipb.com and read their post about this, and then read the comments. The booboobeeboos are deafening; it's beautiful.

Good for you, Moto/Verizon. Apple releases a product that's faulty and tells you it's your fault that it doesn't work. So let them take the jab. Those who get it will really get it.

Iphone 4 is a pretty piece of sh!t. The design is flawed in amazing ways. Fragility? F^cked antennas? iOS 4?

This is way you don't put all your eggs in one basket. Repeat after me: diversity is a good thing.