Droid X video hands-on

Oh, you want to see the Motorola Droid X in moving pictures? We've got you covered, with 10 minutes of the Droid X in our hands, after the break, of course. (And don't worry, we'll have plenty of comparisons with the Evo 4G. It's coming, folks.)

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Motorola Droid X hands-on video


Why is the power button, and volume buttons chrome when the camera button looks to be red? I hope Verizon doesn't think that is some cool accent for their brand, make them all uniform.

For people who actually travel Sprint's coverage is a joke. I'll care about 4G when it's real LTE 4G nationwide.

Sprints service is a JOKE , I travel all over the country and had more problems with sprint , no more the Verizon network smokes Sprint , its not even close , but I knew all the Evo cry babies would come out as soon as they saw the Droid X , they will knock it every chance they get , The Evo is yet an other HTC piece of garbage with horendous battery life , let the cry babies cry , it is so hysterical !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny you say Sprint's coverage is bad. Everywhere I go I seem to have more 3G bars than Verizon and when comparing my Pre to the Incredible's data speeds, my Pre smoked the Incredible's. Here is another thing to look at, when there is no coverage with Sprint and coverage with Verizon, my phone automatically switches from Sprint to Verizon. If you take roaming into effect, and why wouldn't you, Sprint technically has the most coverage of all the carriers. By the way, one of my sister's problems with her Droid was, wait for it, wait for it, battery life. If you look at your post again you would realize that you are the one that's crying like a baby.

I personally think that the Droid X is a awesome device spec wise, but honestly, it's just a copy cat of the EVO, but without 4G capabilities. But have fun with your over priced Verizon plans. They don't call Verizon Big Red for nothing. When you give them all you money, they get a "big red"..............woody.

I payless for verizon then you do for Sprint with my corp discount, and I could care less what things cost , I need superior service for my business and verizin provides it , when you grow up and get a job you will realize saving a couple of dollars for inferior service is not all thats its cracked up to be , you need a network to actually work when traveling around the country , not hit and miss everywhere you go

And when you realize that you grammar and sentence structure will put you out of business, you can grow up and realize that your "verizin" (or properly spelled Verizon) plan is overpriced once you realize that you pay extra for so many things. As for the network and travel, if you go to all rural areas you will need "verizin" (or properly spelled Verizon) but for the overwhelming majority of people, Sprint works just fine. Oh, and wait Sprint has their 4G network actually out and working in the real world, something "verizin" (or properly spelled Verizon) plans to do starting in the fall of this year. So while you are in a big city I can surf and get information faster on Sprint's 4G network with the EVO while you are waiting for the slower "verizin" (or properly spelled Verizon) network to get you the same information slower while I have that info and close the deal with the client. Oh, did I mention my corporate discount with Sprint? Enjoy "verizin" (or properly spelled Verizon) while I enjoy Sprint with 4G goodness and better 3G speeds in more places.

Wow, you are an idiot. I have nothing else to say about that. Enjoy the 3rd best carrier in the US, with an EVO that has had more physical problems than I can remember out of any one handset. I can't get over what a tool you are, lol

I have an Evo. Please tell me what hardware issues I'm having with it. Please... I can't see any issues so I need you to tell me the hardware issues you say I should have.

We will start with dead pixals, screen coming up and of course battery issues. We also can't forget 30fps limit on the screen and it also has light from the screen bleed over from the bottom. Lets see, I also know of a TWS issue of about 50%. The list goes on and on. If you don't have these issues, more than likely you probably will but I didn't care to deal with all of those issues so I returned it. Everyone acts like the EVO is the best thing ever and I would say it comes close but had to many short comings for me to use (mostly business). I switched to Verizon and bought a DI which is much better on battery and has no physical defects, plus Verizon network is a thousand times better. I also received a corp discount and my plan is cheaper in Verizon than sprint. Overall after owning both phones, Incredible wins between the two, though I wish the DI has the front facing camera but I can live without it. And rooting to fix any issues is out of the question. Factory to factory comparison. (Still love the Evo though)

I think your post is a joke.

The Evo is a great device, just because you don't have it, doesn't mean it's not good. You probably have a Moto Droid, one of the most overrated devices in human history.

The Evo has a FANTASTIC network behind it. I have proven in the forums, throughout my travels in the 48 states (i have test results for 7 states), that Sprint has a much faster 3G network than does Verizon. Go look. Under carriers.

Secondly, the Evo has 2 cameras, which Droid X does not have. That's a huge miss in my opinion.

Thirdly, no 4G speeds available. Sure. the network isn't large, but Verizon's is NON-EXISTENT. I would take a small network over one that doesn't exist any day. Don't you think?

The battery life of my Evo is ok. Lastst me through the day with moderately heavy usage. So i'm fine with it.

I think the Droid X is a fantastic device, but it doesn't beat the Evo in hardly any way, except the processor. Qualcomm sucks and TI is much much (read: much) better. But the performance I am getting with Evo is very good.

Keep laughing while you pay over $120 for an unlimited plan for a cell phone every month. I will stick with my $79 and my 22% discount. Hell, Sprint even let me use the hotspot for a month for free just to try it out. Another thing? I get to switch phones next year. Yeah, every year actually. Oh, and I get that while paying LESS for my Evo than you do your Droid.

Anyway, good luck in life.

I have accounts with all 3 carriers , and could buy 10 evo's if I so choose , but with there horrible battery life as is all HTC junk , they are not practical , also I need devices that will hold up over time and HTC is not known to be durable especially compared to Motorola , each device they produce is a bigger joke battery wise then the last , I have 2 friends who had to return the Evo's for various problems including a cracked screen from a moderate fall from the pocket , CRAP like the rest of HTC's line-up

And that is definitely YOUR experience. However, experiences from MILLIONS of people who have HTC devices says otherwise.

You may have all three carriers, but I have sold (as in a dealer) all 4 major carriers. I have plenty of experience with phones first hand. HTC makes some of the best phones available. And I have dropped my evo, unfortunately (i usually never drop phones), and i dropped it from very far up and launched it forward at the same time. The phone survived completely with only minor scratches and a semi-lose kickstand. I have great experience with HTC phones, and so do my customers.

If you don't like HTC, then that's ok. See, I don't like Motorola because I think they don't have ANYTHING to contribute to innovation anymore. They only copy others. That's all. Nothing more. I cannot have respect for a company that does not innovate in itself. It used to do so, but not anymore. HTC has innovated every day since its founding, and I can respect that. Also, Motorola throws crap like Motoblur into devices that simply make the experience worse. One of the main issues with Droid was the Battery life. Also with Cliq, Backflip and other devices. Even though I don't like Motorola, I will say that Droid X is a great device. It doesn't beat HTC's Evo, but it's a great device for those who wish to overpay on Verizon's slow network.

My motto is: if Sprint covers where you need coverage, there is not question about it. Get Sprint. If not, then go elsewhere. Simple. But as long as Sprint service covers where I need them to cover, I will be a loyal Sprint customer. It is a hell of a fast network for 3G, great prices, great perks, and great service.

Right...since they have a roaming agreement for both voice and data....coverage must just be horrible...oh wait...probably comparable. Get you facts straight. The only reason I would knock the X is because a think the EVO pushes the limit of large. this phone is a bit larger so it's close to exceeding my comfort zone. As well as the hotspot capability is lacking compared to the evo. Fine phone but not quite apples to apples. But close.


In 2005, my dad and I went on a cross-country motorcycle trip. I had Sprint; he had Verizon. I never had a signal; he always had a signal. After getting back from the trip, I immediately switched to Verizon, even though I had to pay Sprint's early contract termination fee. I didn't care. I was tired of not being able to make calls from anywhere other than my hometown and along interstates.

I guess much hasn't changed in 5 years, not even after the merger with Nextel.


Please let us know about the music player, everyone always overlooks that, how does it catagorize and is the quality amazing like i hope it is! Thanks phil!!!

Phss Evos isn't as sexy as this beutiful pice all android phones "Do" no matter what specs they have sole because of it OS lol

Phss Evos isn't as sexy as this beutiful pice all android phones "Do" no matter what specs they have sole because of it OS lol

Looking forward to a video review with video camera mounted to tripod. ;)

I can't wait to see all the menu options this phone has in depth as well.

The Multi-Touch Keyboard is a DEFINITE WIN for me.

Could you go thru the ringtones and give your opinion on the loudness of the X's speaker? Compared to the loudness of the Moto Droid's speaker?

I have my fingers crossed that the X's speaker is nice and loud just like the Moto Droid.
I am dying to know if this phone is LOUD! ;)

Thank You For Your Time

I would love to see the developers bring that multitouch keyboard to the Market. Would definitely use it on my Evo

I won't be touching another Motorola product until they get their noise-canceling technology fixed. Been through five Droids and still sound muffled and digitized.

X looks pretty good to me, so far. When you finally get X and EVO together, I'd love to see some side-by-side full resolution, and full scale pictures that include highly detailed subjects such as flowers and backgrounds, and patches of blue sky. A similar comparison of 720p recording on both phones would also be really helpful.

In the pics I've looked at so far, it seems to me that the EVO shows some kind of undesirable edge "enhancement" on the details and some noise on those big patches of blue sky, more than on the X, but admittedly I'm comparing similar, but not identical subjects. It seems so far that the X camera might be a bit superior.

Do you need someone to hold the camera for you? I'm in NYC and didn't get tickets to the Engadget show, so I'm free.

This phone is MINE July 15 !!!! What is the full retail price of the phone for people who are not eligable for an upgrade ( Me )

Very nice for VZW customers. I prefer Sprint, but thats just me. Not gonna dog anyones choice in network or phones. I love my EVO as I'm sure new X owners will love it. So everyone who gets one or the other, enjoy until the next round of great new Androids come out!! Android forever!!! F- Apple!!!!!

Those of us struggling with the Moto DROID's stock 3 screens not 5...

Looks nice.. if I could get one by getting rid of my DROID I would..

Thats exactly what happens when you give little children high end devices to play with. They dont understand them, but all they do it yell at the top of their lungs, MINE IS BETTER IF YOU DONT HAVE ONE, blah blah blah. I think you need to pass an IQ test before you are allowed to register to comment. There would be alot less garbage on this board.

C'mon guys what with all the evo is better no X is better crap. They are both good phones. We should be glad to have any new great phone in the android family. It's what makes android great freedom of carrier and freedom of device. Each person has there own opinion on which they would have but no need to bash one another about what phone is better.

The skin shouldn't really matter... when you can just download launcher pro or something. Which i plan on doing anyway.

Phone looks really sweet, but the NinjaBlur/whatever looks pretty awful. The background also looks really bad. It's like they had a 13 year old boy in charge of the MotoBlur aesthetics.

I beg to differ, it actually looks a lot like Blur. I own a Cliq XT and I can tell thats the same/similar onscreen keyboard, home menu, settings menu, and even battery manager from the Cupcake version of MotoBlur. Even the dialer icon is the same as the older version of blur. I wan't to say they just took out the worst parts of blur, social networking aggregation, and cleaned up the widgets and skin. MotoBlur2, it seems.

I do agree with everyone about the ugliness of this new blur skin and blur past and present. Down right awful, thank goodness for launcherPro.

Htc is stating that the Evo is capped at 30fps because of the hdmi out put and the resources it requires. Can anyone tell if the X is running at higher fps?

Man I was really hoping to get some good shots of the dialer, and you only filmed the bottom 1/3 of the phone during that. could you please if you refilm go into the dialer more and explore it more?

I was mainly wondering if it has my must have feature that Sense has on my incredible, to be able to look up by typing the name OR the begining of the number. I like to dial by hitting the first few numbers and then it have them list the contacts with numbers that work. I hated that my BB storm didnt have it and i love that my incredible has it. but i had the dialer of the incredible otherwise, i always hang up calls because the huge end button is right below the number pad. plus it just doesnt work well IMO.

so i wanted to see the droid x dialer, thanks.