Motorola Droid X

Lyle writes in to tell us the story about his seatmate on a recent flight from Texas to California. And there it is, folks, the Motorola Droid X. Lyle had his Evo 4G sitting up on its kickstand when the person next to him had to try and one-up him with an unreleased phone. (Can't say we blame him.) Nicely done, Lyle. But next time somebody sees one of these bad boys at 35,000 feet, take the time to run a few benchmark tests, m'kay? Thanks, Lyle!


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Motorola Droid X flies first class


Ok, this thing has got to be nearing release soon considering how many places we've seen it leaked! I mean, an airplane? Lol

I'll take my Evo and Sprint's well priced svc over that heap and VZW's crappy svc any day of the week. I'm sorry but just cause u r the largest provider doesn't make you the best.

Verizon service is worse than Sprint?! lol Better price is all Sprint has on Verizon. This "heap" looks pretty good to me from the pictures we've seen.

Uh.. what? What kind of rocks have you been smokin.. the only thing Sprint has over VZW is cheaper plans and very limited 4G coverage, for now. Verizon is the biggest because it is the best. The EVO is a nice device, will be nice to see its sister phone on LTE in the next year or so, on a network that deserves such a flagship.

Just a point of clarification...VZ isn't necessarily the biggest because it's the's the biggest because it bought Altel. But yeah, I agree with you that the only thing Sprint has over VZ is the price.

Price actually being a huge factor when it comes to owning service. You can get the Evo with 4g and still have a cheaper plan than being on VZ. Which is exactly why I am on Sprint with the EVo. I may only get 4g sometimes, but my 3g is still beast. Not only that the 4.3 inch screen plus kickstand does its justice.

What kind of tool whips out a device just because you're using a competing product? Stupid.

That said, the body on the X looks lighter than black slabs we've seen in previous pictures. It's definitely metal.

A tool who works for the company, and doesn't care if you see he has an unreleased phone, and actually wants to see if there it sparks interest.

Given that, I would have photographed it openly (instead of the grab shot this obviously was), and maybe from several angles. Worst that happens is the pick it up and put it back in their pocket.

All the time I would be saying DAMN thats a cool phone, in hopes of getting some hands on time....

hmm...seems like someone could fall in trouble. After all, how difficult is it for Verizon/Motorola to figure out who flew first class in the past few days with a new Droid.
Or else this is a planted leak.

I doubt an employee is going to get any heat about "revealing" the X at this point. I think the cat is sufficiently out of the bag.

does anyone else think that the droid x looks like a samsung blackjack 2. its profile shape is almost identical.

Hmmmm lets see would I have laid that casually out to say "yea look at this" without having to say a word???? Yea most definitely just as I lay my foot into the throttle of my car at redlights. ....Matthew you must be one of those guys that never can seem to one up anyone lol. Tool. As far as service providers go you can sum it up with "you get what you pay for". Lastly my thoughts on the phone so far? I'm hoping for the forward camera but looks doubtful. If not I'll just wait for the next one that gets laid next to the Droid x with a sense of superiority.

Hardee-har har.

I'm not a throttle gunner. If I am going to show up someone, I'll do it by direct action, not some jackass, passive-aggressive move like laying a phone down to show a bigger Android. Either strike up a conversation about the EVO and reveal the X (if you can) or just chuckle to yourself knowing you have a superior product. Confidence means you don't have to show off.

In the end, it's not the serious. I was commenting in jest.

Hmmmm I used to have a blackjack and doesn't strike me as similar but then again that was a long time ago lol.

what are the chances that some guy flying first class with a unreleased phone would be say next to a tech fanatic!! small world:D

So I was the one that snapped the picture. He took it out a couple times during the flight but he was mainly using his blackberry., he randomly opened up a picture and tilted the phone towards me to make me take a look, but the reason why I didn’t take any other pictures or ask him about it is because I thought it was the Motorola Droid (which I haven’t actually seen) but the way he was acting made it seem like it was some special phone and I thought to myself I wonder if it was the next Droid because I don’t remember seeing that red button on the side.