Droid Ultra

More pics, more carbon fiber, more capacitive buttons!

More Verizon Droid Ultra images for your viewing pleasure, this time with a clear shot of both sides of the device. According to habitual leaker @evleaks, this is the Droid Ultra. Plenty of carbon-fiber, capacitive buttons, Big Red's name  and of course the DROID branding leave little doubt that Verizon isn't yet ready to end the Droid line.

While there are no real clues to the internals, we expect this will have specifications in line with the rest of the 2013 high-end phones -- 1080p screen, quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a big ass battery to keep it all running. Today's leak also mentions a new camera technology -- RGBC. Supposedly, the camera on the Droid Ultra will have an extra component to help with white balance and exposure, meaning better pictures in different lighting situations.

So far, Verizon and Motorola have been quiet about the new Droid models. We expect that to change soon. We'll know more when someone decides to officially announce things, and until then we can all speculate based on the leaks.

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Motorola Droid Ultra appears again in a new set of leaked press renders


Looks like the piece over the camera and flash could be a speaker cover. Either that or the three very small holes to right, below the Verizon logo.

My guess is that the 3 holes on the bottom hide the speaker. There's a hole on the top that could be the noise canceling mic - or the SIM eject hole.

I actually don't like the look of this. Guess the HTC one has made me extremely critical of all phones haha.

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Agree. I want my next phone to be an HTC or a Nexus phone.

Currently have VZW GNexus.

Edit: IDK. Samsung phones look nice too. I think Motorola just has ugly phones.

Is it just me or is it rather wide? Doesn't look to be too slim. Yeah, the active does look rather sexual. Highly recommended the One. Best phone I've owned by a long shot.

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I 've had a DROID RAZR for a while. The old one.
Time for a change. I brought Samsung Galaxy S4
I' m pretty much pleased with it. Doesn't take much to satisfy me. So far so good!

I have learned one thing about the Android community with these new Motorola phones. Its hyper criticial and very harsh. I think we tend to forget we make up a small portion of the buyers. This phone will do well. It looks like it can take a beating and if that hardware is true. Then its a solid phone.

Beware the power of the scout's code.

My One will keep me happy until NN5KLP(November Nexus 5 Key Lime Pie)lol!!!

Sent from my HTC One rockin Jelly Bean 4.2.1

Actually it is a good thing going Verizon stays with Motorola. There aren't many company's not even in the USA that still use USA manufactures. And Motorola is an American company. So u ppl should be a lot more happy. Americans are normally so patriotic. So Motorola should be number one. Not Samsung or so. Just saying.

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Supposedly, the Motorola X phones will be assembled in the USA (XT1056,58, and 60). I don't think there's any speculation about these DROID Ultra phones (XT1080) being assembled in the US though.

I ment ppl complain why Verizon still is sticking with Motorola and I said well why so much complaining? An American company sticking with an American mobile manufacturer. I think that is a good thing.

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FYI 2days till Motorola has its press event to announce its new line up and future plans.

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I stay with moto because they have the best call quality and connectivity where I work. I have tested Sammy and HTC phones side by side my RMHD on Verizon, AT&T. Tested a sprint phone but it got zero signal. That is why I like moto that and big batteries, I am a heavy user.

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Moto needs a niche, and big, solid phones with big batteries are nice in a lot of ways. I think people are dissapointed with Moto because we all expect the Google influenced X phone to rule them all. But it doesn't exist yet yet.

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I believe they are the mic. If you look closely around the camera, it appears to be grill material; I would guess the speaker is housed next to the camera, opposite from the flash.

Did the Motorola designers look at a brick and think "yeah, that'll make a great phone shape" not to mention the carbon fiber reminds some cheap aftermarket car interior snap on crap....and the red droid eye is so 2009.

Shocking if it has a good camera, but here's hoping it does. The Razr MAXX HD's isn't terrible, but compared to any of the recent cameras on any current (or last year's) high end smartphone, it's pretty bad.

Amazing all the negative comments that always surface on any mentioned Motorola device. I still carry the original RAZR MAXX, which I ordered the day it was released. Being full time police and part time fire, this phone has been tortured beyond what a phone should survive. Dropped in an ice chest once, in the rain, left in my sweaty pants through fires (several times), in my pocket while mowing, dropped in the dirt, stepped on, left in the sun. Most phones probably wouldn't even work anymore, but somehow this thing ticks on 100% (and gets anywhere from 14-18 hours on a charge with my use. I constantly read in the forums about others having to constantly return and exchange other phones, at least Motorola can put out some pretty strong phones (even not "certified" as a rugged device). I don't see the leaked images looking horrible either, who knows? Just saying.

My previous phone was Droid X and it took so much abuse I'm shocked it survived over 3 years. I mean I treated it like crap because I was just looking for a reason to buy a new phone LOL. Now it's still a beater for my kid.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure most people expect good looking exterior design these days... There's nothing wrong with that if these people work in the office.

Having said that, I can't Ever go back to crappy camera after trying GS4. The screen is also gorgeous. Both of these things have been consistently bad on Motorola when compared to competition.
We'll see

Am I the only one that thinks the DuPont kevlar is awesome...if Motorola would release a phablet device I'd be all over that thing as long as it had a 1080p screen. 1 thing I don't like and I haven't seen mentioned here is the capacitive buttons...soft keys should be synonymous with Motorola

Joshua Jordan

I frequently see reports referring to images of leaked devices as "renders". Is this a buzz word or is it used to indicate that the image is not of an ACTUAL phone but a CGI one?

It isn't carbon fiber. Probably it it's still that died Kevlar as before. Carbon fiber absorbs RF like mad, so if one hopes to get any signal they shouldn't want carbon fiber.

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No cf. Looks exactly like the kevlar backing on my maxx hd. And i personally love the industrial all-business look of the razr line. The kevlar is not only awesome in hand, it makes the phone slip proof and is crazy durable.

This phone takes a beating, lasts all day with charge to spare with all options on and screen on auto which is damn bright. And a great radio to boot. Can't wait to see this new phone with even better specs.