Are you still holding on to your OG Motorola Droid, and loving every second of it? As you may have noticed, if you are not rooted, and on a custom ROM, the device has recently been pushed an OTA update to FRG83G. While the update is still no Gingerbread love, it does help resolve those pesky SMS issues where it was sending your messages to the wrong people. So, if you have not already been pushed the update, be sure to check for it manually, and we hope this helps resolve any issues you may have been having! Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Motorola Droid receives OTA update to FRG83G


MY OG Droid has been rooted for a while and I still got the notification for the OTA (as have several other people on XDA). No need to unroot your phone in anticipation of getting the OTA notification.

To play it safe, I unrooted (Superoneclick v1.7) then installed the OTA and then rerooted without a problem.

Several people skipped unrooting but all did have to reroot after OTA.

I personally think there are some speed improvements (especially when exiting an app or switching to the homescreen) however the reported improvements/setbacks run the gamut from very good to very bad depending on who you talk to so upgrade at your own risk.

Why does the original Droid, which is now about two years old, get updates, while the Droid 2, which is only nine months old, gets nothing?

I think maybe because Motorola doesn't think that there is good reason to update it since 2.4 isn't out yet (which is mainly a bug-fix for 2.3)
I think i reed some where that Motorola will skip 2.3 & get 2.4 instead

weird.. my wife's OG Droid got the notification and went through the update process but her's still says 2.2.1 FRG83D. Tried to check manually for updates and it says her phone is up to date while mine displays 2.2.2 FRG83G..

Mine has been rooted for eons, but the other day the screen developed a crack. Screens till works fine but it would cost be 50 bucks to get another one (or go the ebay route) so I used the money I would of spent and got a Thunderbolt. RIP OG Droid...(though it will probably live on in MP3 player form)