Motorola Droid RAZR

Verizon this morning officially announced that a blue version of the Motorola Droid RAZR is available in select stores and will be sold online starting May 17. As we noted when we broke the news on Sunday, it's the same RAZR we've come to know and love (and wonder why it's still being sold when the MAXX exists), and it's still running Gingerbread.



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Motorola Droid RAZR now available in blue in select stores, online May 17


Not blaming AC for this, but I'm tired of hearing about the RAZR. They need to accept that it is an inferior phone and stop promoting it so much. I wonder if sales are very good for an entry level phone because of it's price point, or if they just have too many of them and think pretty colors will attract buyers. lol

Inferior in what way. please, if you are going to spout off how "inferior" a product is, tell us what makes it so.

I have a Razr and I feel that it's one of (again one of...not THE one) the best android phones I've owned and I've had quite a few. It's smooth, responsive, have never experienced any lag or choppiness, it's quick and I've never had a force close on mine. Battery life, as with all 4G phones that came out during the same time this was released, could be better but rocks when locked in on 4G (my area has weak 4G). I've owned this phone since release date and it has not let me down. This is my opinion.

So please, tell me why it's inferior. If it's your opinion, then it's your opinion but if you are trying to push it as fact, then you are sadly mistaken.

So you can either have a blue shell (which will probably be covered up by a protective case) or a bigger battery. Wow... what a hard decision...

The MAXX is currently on the VZW website for $300, whereas the RAZR is listed for $100. Some people will take the $200 over a bigger battery. Not trying to justify VZW releasing multiple colors of the same phone, just saying battery size may not be the only factor when Joe Consumer walks into a store and compares the 2 phones.

Like the color a lot but wouldn't get it over a Maxx if I was going to be on that stupid network.

If you want to make fun of Moto, make fun of their lagging sales all-round. Not this device. It is a pretty solid choice at $100 and probably way better than what ATT is selling at the same price point. Like all Androids, this choice is right for someone.