Thought all of the fun was going to slow down once the Ice Cream Sandwich update became official for your Droid RAZR MAXX? Leave it to the fine folks of the Android community to ensure that the fun never ends, and here we are back with yet another ICS leak for you to play around with. This time it bumps the device up to 6.6.214, and while there is no official change log with it, rumors are that this is the supposed battery fix. Anything that is supposed to help with battery performance is worth looking into, and if you are feeling brave you can flash this on your device in just a few easy steps.

As always, you will want to proceed with caution, and there are risks involved here. While this may end up being an official update at some point, right now it is a leaked software, and with that comes the chance of a brick or other issues. Head into the forums for some additional information, and instructions of how to update your device if you desire to do so!

Source: DroidRAZR; via: Android Central Forums


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Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX gets another ICS leak, bumps to 6.6.214 this time around


Agree the maxx went from being great on gb to alright on ICS. Keyboard lagged like crazy, overall lagginess in the OS. Hopefully this fixes those issues. Plus hopefully they add a 3g toggle back into it.

There is also a .215 that reverts all the changes made in .214 so the chances of this being the actual next OTA are pretty low.

I am running it now. Phone is much snappier and the battery life is back to normal. Im running complete stock Maxx. The It's a real small download, and doesnt require root. Just drop on sd card and load through recovery.

I haven't had any of the problems I've read about. My Maxx is not laggy at all, battery life is as good or better than when on GB, and signal has been fine. Maybe I'm just lucky.

No lag on ICS for me, in fact the phone is much more responsive. Battery life is back to where it was under GB after a factory data reset, but I'll take any update that improves it further.

Try switching network mode from global to CDMA/LTE only. That fixed my battery issues. If you're in the states, why utilize all radio bands?