Motorola Droid RAZR

What's better than one Motorola Droid RAZR? How about three Motorola Droid RAZRs, in all three colors. The black and white RAZRs are old news, we supposed, but the purple one is brand new. And it's purple.

Oh, and the 16GB versions of all three have dropped in price to $199, so they've got that going for them, which is nice.

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mlhboss says:

does the purp one have the same battery as the maxx?

cdshepherd87 says:

Those hands sure are pretty. Whos are they

briankurtz79 says:

They're all black on the front. Lame...

awomack says:

Actually they're not. The colors are on the front as well. The white is also white on the front. I can only assume the purple one will be purple on the front as well.

the3388 says:

I think he was talking about the screen which is black...

orlanka says:

Phil hit up the salon at the Bellagio

Timelessblur says:

wow only took motorala a few months to turn the razer into a multi color thing like they did in the pass.

wonkman says:

Say What? Oh Verizon better make a price adjustment on my next bill.

Qazme says:

Hurry up change the color they aren't selling like we need them to!

EggoEspada says:

So now every high end LTE phone is at $199 except the Nexus? That sucks, I hope it gets dropped soon before the 15th so I can get $100 back on the device.

Small_law says:

Yikes, not sure about that phone in anything besides black.

ba_hamilton says:

idk. the purple is kinda hot.

0pusX says:

So since the new purple Razr is going to be $199, which is $100 cheaper than the current Razr, is that because it will only have 16GB of on total storage as compared to the 32GB that is on the current Razr? Or is the original Razr dropping to $199 also with 32GB of total storage?

Am I correct to assume that this will be the pricing:

Razr MAXX - $299
Black or White Razr w/ 32GB memory (16 internal/16SD card)- $299
Black/White/Purple Razr w/ 16GB total memory - $199

moosc says:

Locked n bloated

balthuszar says:

i'm still showing 299.99 here on the vzw webpage