Motorola Droid Pro pricing

Remember how we brought you the Motorola Droid Pro launch date but were left wondering what it would cost? Wonder no more. Your cost, after two-year contract and $100 rebate, will be $179.99. A one-year deal will be $249.99 when all is said and done, and off-contract will be $479.99. All in all, not bad for a phone with a 1GHz processor, full QWERTY keyboard and the ability to work overseas.

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xrussx says:

Queue the press release!

trmoney24 says:

so are the specs set in stone? is the resolution really lower than the incredible?

Stang68 says:

This is really tempting, especially being a former Blackberry user.

BoNg420 says:

Well good, cuz this phone looks like an android phone and blackberry pearl had a bastard child.

Griffspen says:

I want this on AT&T!!!!!!!!

318sugarhill says:

Wish I waited buying the Droid 2 for my wife. I would have gotten her this. She loved her BB, but wanted all of google's services. I still hate moto, but she likes it, just the droid 2 is a POS!

CSI Guy says:

Well I was going to pass if the retail was $599 but at $479, I just may give it a try.

Androidninja says:

With all that it has to offer - Full specs - can I get a "Damn that's a low price!"

eahinrichsen says:

Forgive my VZW ignorance, but if you buy with a one-year contract, do you still get the $100 rebate, or is that reserved for two-year activations?

bucgator says:

I have owned 3 Blackberry's before(7290,Curve 8310, Bold 9700), even had a Treo 650, which was my first touchscreen phone(what a shitty touchscreen experience), now have an HTC Aria which I am really enjoying because coming from the Bold to the Aria was nice because they are the same size basically. That being said I really miss the actual keyboard from my Bold, not to mention the phone was louder and the notifications were superior to the Aria. Not sure if this is true on all android phones though. Overall though I love the android experience way better than the Blackberry experience with the exception of the physical keyboard, so this phone works well and I think will be a huge success and a great bridge between the 2.

P.S. Also played with my brother's iphone back in 07 when he got it and even the iphone 3GS that he got earlier this year, and found typing on it just as bad as my android phone, but the customization of my phone is lightyears ahead of his so I am loving my android experience, but just miss a few things from before.