Sorry for all those who read Motorola Droid and thought we would be bringing you a 2.1 update, but life must go on. It is always fun to see your favorite smartphone make its way into a cast members hand on your favorite TV show, and this week made its way right into a scene or two of Castle on ABC. Have you seen any other Android appearances in other shows? If so, stop in the forums and let us know where! [thanks @videos4bb for the image]

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1414H77 says:

Yeah, and the Pre-Central website says the same episode showed them using the Pre... big whoop.

Scooter217 says:

Looks like she is waiting for her 2.1 update as well.....Sorry I just had too!

hotkoko says:

long live the droid

NickF227 says:

I loved when she took a picture of the thing she needed a fingerprint read on and Castle said "There's an app for that?"

BlackBsd says:

For at least the previous 2 years, the G1 had been present on the tv show "Heroes". The G1 had also made an appearance on the MTV show "The Hills". It is pretty nice to see my DROID on tv though.

eloysuperb says:

i saw the Droid
in Gossip Girl!!!


Nate was tracking Jenny...