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Still hanging on to your OG Droid?  Here's some news you're going to love -- Peter Alfonso, of Bugless Beast fame, has released a mostly AOSP build of Gingerbread (Android 2.3.2) for your classic Android phone.  He pulled the code from the master branch of the 2.3.2 tree, added in a few of his (and the community's) favorite modifications, and the original Droid launcher, media, and boot animation.  Make no mistake -- this is 100 percent Droid Does Gingerbread.

Like we saw earlier with the Eris, there's no need to sit back and hear about Gingerbread instead of experiencing it.  Motorola and Verizon may have decided the Droid has reached the end of its life and update cycle, but the Android development community is second to none,and once again delivers.  Now get out that USB cable and head over to Pete's website and get started.  [PeterAlfonso.com]


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Motorola Droid gets vanilla Gingerbread custom ROM


And this is why I still rock my D1 since launch... So hard to give up.. TB looks good though.. only time will tell.. till then why not some GB..

I commend your effort Peter, but custom led notifications, menu unlock, lockscreen / messaging gestures, and the notification power widget prevent me from leaving CM7. Now that you've proved to the community that you can do it, how about giving cvpcs a hand at making D1 the best version of gingerbread on CM?

can anyone help, will this work with droid 2? i have 2.2 and tried rooting it with easy root and z4root and neither worked. so i guess ill try to root first then try this rom?? sorry kinda new to the droid 2, came from "incredible" which was a breeze

No. It won't work for the Droid 2. You need to go over to the Droid 2 forums & do A LOT of reading before you end up bricking your phone because it sounds like you are trying to go in over your head. Z4root does work on the D2 (I don't know about the D2 Global but I would assume it does) so you must be doing something wrong.

I saw the other day in there that Jerry wrote a step by step walkthrough on rooting the D2 a couple weeks ago. You will also find other threads on exactly how to flash custom ROMS & which ROMS exactly are for the D2.

i been using liquids gingebead bluid and it uns smooth the only thing i dont like about it is the locksceen i will this out is it in eom manage

bah i finally gave up my OG droid last week and bought a nexus s talk about network shock.... i love that thing and i might just install the rom for the hell of it.

Works great! Easy guide for those who are asking:

Rename the ROM to update.zip and put it on your sdcard then boot into recovery. Flash the update.zip file, when complete you can install the AutoOverClock.zip file as well from recovery. Then reboot..done!

Donwloded... Installing... Boot... Droid... Eyeball... GREEN? Settings... About Phone...

Amdroid Version 2.3.2 :-)

Build Number GPA10 :-)

Installed it on my Droid. I experienced one problem, as I was listening to the music player I noticed that whenever I turned the screen on or off I would get hiccups/stutter in the playback. It would play and then stop a couple of times before resuming without hiccups. This happened whenever I turned the screen off or on (turn off screen animation is nice though). Anybody else getting this?


Reinstalled and it works okay now, looks like there was some problem with the first installation.

I reinstalled 3 times and still had that problem. I went back to my stock and rooted ROM. I wanted very much to like it, but I'll continue a search for a fully functional ROM.

Ok so I have an completely stock Droid, not rooted or anything. I'm looking to do my first "unofficial" modifications to my phone though. Which would be better to get started with, this or Liquid Gingerbread?

Sometimes its also about what "plays well" with your Droid. It can be finicky where one ROM works great on yours and blows on someone else's. Like on my Droid CM has *never* run good but a ton of others think its the best. Ultimate Droid has been by far the best custom ROM on *my* Droid and I believe Gingerbread is right around the corner but as far as something close to stock, nothing runs faster and smoother on mine than Pete's Bugless Beast builds.

Anyone know how to get his AutoOverClock working? I am not sure if I installed it or not while in recovery (or did it right for that matter).

My notification bar is missing and when I click on the notification menu nothing happens. Must of not installed correctly.