Droid Bionic

A couple blurry Motorola Droid Bionic pictures have leaked out, and while they don't really tell us anything new, they do give an almost first-hand look at the device and it's new design.  Compared to the Droid Charge, it's a bit bigger, a bit squarer, and a bit more humped. 

As the September release rolls closer, we expect to see more pictures leaked out.  It's been a long crazy ride, but it's almost over folks.  Hit the jump to see the backside.

Source: Droid Life

Droid Bionic


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MIxcoatl says:

Missa Brurrycam, preeze rern how focus!!!!

Nothing to see here people, move on...

Reef48 says:

Wow... Look an Droid X with an LTE antenna!

That was exactly what I thought when I looked at it.

I saw that and I thought, Dang look at that Droid X with more junk in the trunk. That hump is even bigger, or starts even further up the phone for sure.

tehsusenoh says:

Dear Sir Blurrycam: Please get lasik.

cj100570 says:

No longer interested....

VMdoug says:

So glad my Motorola Photon from Sprint doesn't have a hump!

sforsyth01 says:

Wanted this phone in January. Now that its August, I don't want it anymore. The GSII and Vigor both crush the specs of this thing.

cwilson617 says:

This thing is launching 3 months after the Evo3D with less hardware? Okay, it's got a better camera, and it runs on a fastet network. You VZW 'scribes pay dearly for that speed. Oh, and don't go over your allotted amount of data. It could cost you your first born. No thanks.

MIxcoatl says:

I have accounts on VZW and Ma Bell and I pay as much for 2 lines on ATT and I do 4 lines on VZW. ATT charges overages on data just like VZW so I really don't think your statement is very accurate.

Evo 3D is Sprint, not AT&T. Ironic in a comment about accuracy...

TheANARCHY says:

Wait for it, wait for it... Your beloved Sprint, if it doesn't get gobbled up by Verizon after the AT&T/T Mobile merger, WILL drop their unlimited everything bit. They can't afford to keep it going as the smallest player in an ever shrinking competitive landscape.

As for the Evo 3D glad you like it. Looked at my Brother-In-Laws, made my head hurt with that blurry display. To each their own.

trailblazen says:

roflcopter! Funny thing is most of us got grandfathered into unlimited or else this comment might have actually ment something.

Sniper1087 says:

well since sprint is planning to switch over LTE your WiMax phone is going to become a paperweight with a very annoying screen after that, anyhow right now the SGS2 beats every phone out of the water even the Evo3D.

arundc says:

Really? First born? A bit too much don't you think. I have an unlimited data plan with VZW and I am extremely happy. Pretty consistent service for when I need it. I don't use its data plan when I am at home (FiOS) or at work. So I average about 3 GBs/month. The overage charges are not just unique to Verizon, hello. People should just stop griping and enjoy their phones with whoever they have service with. We are all Android users here...


rbess1965 says:

Being new to the Smartphone market but a VZW customer since their inception, securing the unlimited 4G plan was my main goal so I jumped on the Charge after the Revo made it out. Luckily with my major employer discount, I only pay 23.00 a month for it. Pretty satisfied with the Charge but it does have its challenges, mainly with data connections. Can’t put my finger on it but it seems like the Bluetooth may have something to do with it. Anyway, I thought the Bionic would be the next best thing but the Pentile display isn't making me want to jump on it. I'll be looking to the GSII or the Vigor next.

ClinchDroid says:

Droid Bionic soooo hot, want to touch the heiney.

bbalak says:

Meh. Given up. Waiting for the Nexus Prime.

Hand_O_Death says:

When do you think the Prime will be released?

TheANARCHY says:

For Verizon? Never. Big Red has too much invested in the Droid line up to allow an open device like a Nexus with no bloat or carrier mods involved. I wish I was wrong but I'm not.

Hand_O_Death says:

Normally, I would not argue with that logic but...

bbalak says:

My guess is as good as the next speculator, but I am OK with my CM7 DInc through the end of this year. I think it will be released by then.

brycenull says:

Looks a lot like a Droid 3. Just saying!

KillerG says:

I think I liked that old design better lol. Still probably getting it, but everyone will think I'm toting a Droid 3. But at least it looks clean, like a Droid X. I liked the design on the X, so this should be perfect.

TheANARCHY says:

It better sell a bunch of these phones or Verizon/Motorola will have failed big time on this long delayed device.

abocornwall says:

wait what the photo is a Droid 3 next to a Charge...

bullydogger says:

Thats one sexy looking phone. Although more powerful is coming but not playing the waiting game no more. It will be this or the GSII. I will make a decision when I see the real specs.