Motorola Droid Bionic

Judging from the excitement in our inbox and in the Droid Bionic forums, it looks like that major maintenance update is rolling out. Here's what you get, and it's a pretty long list:

E-mail, messaging and data

  • Improved stability of data on 3G and 4G
  • Fixed lockup that could occur while browing during the handoff from Wifi to 4G
  • "Data roaming" pop-up message will display once when roaming in CDMA internationally
  • Jump to the most recent message after changing the device orientation while in message list view

Device features

  • Mobile hotspot now supports up to eight devices
  • Black screen of death fixed
  • Improved stability to avoid power cycles
  • Fix lock up and power cycles when connected to Bluetooth headset or HDMI cable
  • Improved cold SIM card activation speed
  • "Low memory" warnings when using the Laptop have been reduced
  • Improved camera autofocus for better shutter response time and better imagery
  • Location privacy message will display when using location based service setup
  • Fixed issue where device would power back up after being powered down


  • Improved stability
  • Display will not turn off after use
  • Calling screen will no longer be recreated
  • Reduced frequence fo the "Low memory" warning messages

You can check for the update now by going to Menu>Settings>About Phone>System Update. And hit the fourms link below to let us know if things are going better for you.

Source: Verizon; More: Droid Bionic forums


Reader comments

Motorola Droid Bionic major maintenance update rolling out


HAHA...go to check my bionic to see if i can update...and it had a case of BSD "Black Screen Death"...Updating now!!

The voicemail bug is still there. That is the one thing that bugged me the most. My Bionic has always been good, none of the problems listed. Hate putting voicemail on speaker to enter my password. Oh well. It's not my old Samsung that I had to hard reset twice a month.

With google voice being free and available at this point, I would really suggest moving in that direction for your voicemail. It works better, more reliably, and although the transcription isn't always perfect, it is a nice feature.

same here,,,downloads just fine but will not install and i am not rooted or anything.....aaarrrggg

Mine is going well so far...rebooting now after the install...

*Goes and crosses fingers*

This is new...I'm getting a "check for update is not available at this time...try later" error. Anyone else seeing that one?

Reboot then try again.

I am of the belief that it is always best to do a fresh reboot before any software installation.

Those Bionic owners who are able to successfully install this update will probably get more money for the phone on Ebay. Good luck to you all!

I updated mine and am uploading to ebay tomorrow. This phone has been terrible and remains terrible. Still losses data connection and toggles constantly between 3g and 4g...even with the update.

Just checked for, downloaded, and installed the update. Seems to be working just fine though the first boot seemed to take a very long time. I'm assuming that was a result of the update process.

I definitely lost root after updating...

No idea what I'm doing wrong but the tool referenced above seems to do a whole lot of nothing.

EDIT: the p3droid solution, which oddly enough seems to be the same as the one above (which failed), does seem to work if you have updated and lost root.

I used the above method and now the recovery and boot part of the phone are toast. Every time the phone restarts and goes to the fastboot screen saying failed boot.

Thankfully I had set it to stock and VW is sending me a new one.

Does this mean they will be doing an update like this for the Photon. A LOT, correction, ALL of these fixes can be directly applied to my Photon!

First boot after update took a long time. I was worried for a little bit that the phone was bricked. The camera works a lot faster now.

Update pushed to me in Brooklyn, NY at 10:00am(ish). No troubles. Agree that the camera is wayyyy faster. Psyched about that. Was pretty much the only major gripe I had.

I have gone to Check for Updates and it keeps saying "Check for Updates is not available at this time. try later" or words to that effect. Anyone else experiencing this?

I have been getting that for about two weeks now my question is why does it do this and will we still get the update

For the most part, I like what I read, but I want to wait a week or so hear the gripes about the update. I'm hoping it didn't make some issues worse or create new ones.

I'll follow this thread and anything else I can find.

After the update I have already received my first black screen of death. Less than 3 hours with the new version, so I would say this will likely continue to be an issue.

No bsd side the update and apps that were on my sd card are no longer installing themselves when I i'm cautiously saying this an improvement.

So far so good. The whole thing-download/install/reboot took about 6-7 minutes.

I've also noticed that the wonkiness where the touchscreen would act funny when charging seems to be fixed

I’m in queens NY. I checked for the upgrade and it was available. It downloads and tries to install but it keeps failing. I tried a full swipe and still nothing. I’m also rooted. any ideas?

If you were an early adopter and used the "SU" process to root your phone then the Update will fail or clicking update will result in nothing happening. Follow the procedure listed in the following post and install and run the script listed. WARNING... You need to use option 1 and it will wipe all data on your phone

yupp, that was it!!! i had to unroot and go back to stock to be able to install the update. now i cant root back. seems the exploit that was needed to root is now gone. gotta see who comes out with a one click method to root. thanx for your help!

Previously rooted with 43V3R Root, still rooted and haven't had a single hiccup all day with 3G. Not in a 4G area so I don't know about LTE but it seems to have done wonders for my 3G connectivity issues.

i am in Seattle WA and i get the Message "check for update is not available at this time...try later" i want this update so bad i can taste it i have the 3G to 4G handover issues since Day one but was told buy Motorola and VZW they where working on it

Successfully updated to system version 5.5.893.xt875 on 12/14. BSOD 1 hour later and again today. Nice job!!