Motorola Droid 4

So here's the Motorola Droid 4. We're about to do our thing to it as only we can in our full Droid 4 review, but here it is in a nutshell: Fast device, blue display, good build, great keyboard, and the craziest damn battery cover contraption we've ever seen.

ToolCheck this out: The little plastic thing you see here -- sized up against a 2005 California quarter -- is the battery cover unlocking mechanism tool device thingy, or BCUMTDT for short. It's not unlike the iPhone's "SIM unlock tool," which is a fancy way of saying "thing you put in a hole to remove some other thing." It's craziness, we say.

What's hiding under that battery cover? Well, not a battery, for one. As you no doubt by now know from our hands-on with the Droid 4 at CES, you can't actually remove the battery from the phone.

So why bother with the battery cover unlocking mechanism tool device? There are other goodies tucked away under there -- mainly the micro SIM card for 4G LTE data, the microSD card -- and one last surprise, which we'll uncover in the video after the break.

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That's right, it looks like we'll see an inductive charging battery door for the Droid 4. At least, it looks like it has the hardware for one. Stay tuned.


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Motorola Droid 4 has an unlockable ... battery cover?


Darn, was gonna get one til I read the non-removable battery part. They either gotta go to the next gen batteries that charge in six minutes or start doing some high density stuff until then, b/c with the original ROMS the batteries are still a total joke...

So it's really not a battery cover...just a back cover.

And I don't know why but I'm just not a fan of the weird octagonal shape form. It's surely distinctive but aesthetically just not for me.

It reminds me too much of Battlestar Galactica. I never understood why all of their paper (why are they still using paper?) had an octagonal shape. The only way to make it was to cut the corners off of a square piece of paper, making it more expensive to produce.

Anyway, at least it's not as pronounced as on the Xyboards.

On my Prime, with a non-removeable battery, there is a small hole that you can use a paper clip to hard reset it.

If that's the answer to that, cool - but I hope the battery in these units don't go bad too often. Getting a new one will be a pain. Also, Apple might sue Motorola for using a non-replaceable battery. O.o

Volume down + power? That's what I use. I haven't actually done a battery pull in a long time that method it's just so barbaric.

You must come from the Windows platform where rebooting is a daily affair. ;)

Actually most devices you do a hard reboot by holding down the power button for x number of seconds. Then holding down the x button again for x number of seconds. (It's actually a hard power off and power on but it's similar to doing a battery pull).


Shift+alt+del always worked with droid 2. Ive never had to pull my battery ever. I'm guessing shift sym del would do the same.

So this is why they kept the nice car dock from the Nexus. So they can release it for their precious droid line...

Right. Verizon and Motorola conspired to not offer a car dock for the Galaxy Nexus to THE WHOLE WORLD in order to get you to wait and buy a completely different phone to sell a $50 dock.

Phil, looks like you were right, the wireless charging cover is already on verizon's web site for $39.99

Good God Motorola that is one ugly ass phone. What have you done to the poor Droid. Every one up until this point looked great, but this is dog ugly. I'll give ya some design advise.

1. Unlock the bootloaders (and dont expect your fans to buy a new phone w/out a warranty)

2. Stop cutting off the damn corners of your devices (its ugly. IE The Razr, Xyboard, and now Droid4 are ugly)

3. Spend some money and hire someone to help with naming (IE Xoom, XPRT, and esp the Xyboard)

4. Stop alienating your early adopters (you dont charge 299 for the Razr and then 2 months later make a better Razr with the much better battery and charge the same $299 while dropping the other Razr to $199. The only people you punish is the early adopters also known as your die hard fans).

5. Release an actual Droid 2 (I know you have officially released now 3 of them, but I am talking an actual phone that does the OG Droid good. I mean really just follow what I wrote above and you might be ok)

6. FIX THE BUGS THAT PLAGUE YOUR DEVICES BEFORE RELEASING ANY OTHER PHONES! (IE Droid2, DroidX, Droid3, DroidX2 etc with the many problems that came with GB update including the keyboard lock ups, the Hibernate key freezing the phone, the lag, the turning the phones on when someone wanrs the phone off, and esp making the phone actually usable when on the charger

7. LAst but not least. STOP MAKING PROMISES YOU CANT/WONT KEEP! (IE the Xoom it came but way way way late, Froyo, GB, and now ICS updates, and esp last but not least the lies about looking into unlocking the bootloaders)

You lost me as a customer after the OG Droid when you piled on Blur and locked the bootloader. Do you not realize that the Droid was popular because of what it was? Why would you find success and do the complete opposite? You might still be able to save face with some of your customers, but the pride has got to go.

/End Rant

Because MOTO is doing just fine without your business..

For every one of us that wants an unlocked bootloader and the ability to root, hack and anything else to our phones.. Their are hundreds if not thousands of people buying them that could care less about those abilities!

I don't mean to bring your happy place crashing down upon you, but we are the minority.. Most people just want to use it.