Droid 3 desktop dock

What's the Droid 3 without accessories, right? Here's a quick look at the official Motorola Desktop Dock for the Droid 3, which offers up a stylish and simple way to present and use your Droid 3 on any flat surface, while providing HDMI and analog audio out, as well as charging it in the process.

The Motorola Desktop Dock for the Droid 3 fits the phone like a glove, which is no surprise. The Droid 3 snaps in via the microUSB and HDMI ports. It's easy enough to get the phone into place -- you won't be struggling to get things to fit.

Motorola Droid 3 desktop dockWhen you connect the Droid 3 to the dock for the first time, you'll be asked which dock mode you want to use. "Bedside" gives you a large clock and easy access to the alarm clock. "Productivity" gives you date, time, weather, calendar and shortcuts to the app drawer, messaging (which looks surprisingly like it'd go to gmail instead), the browser, e-mail the camera and contacts.

You can have the Droid 3 ask you which mode you want to use each time, or set a default. From the menu button on Productivity mode, you can get to Agenda, Today, Calendar Settings, or exit from the dock app.

Motorola Droid 3 Desktop Dock

From Bedside mode, the menu button either takes you to the dock settings, or exits the app. Speaking of dock settings, you can change the remove some of the "Dock Features" (next event, weather, music date) -- though we're not quite sure where those features are in the first place. Unchecking weather doesn't remove it from the Productivity mode. You can also change the nighttime brightness, choose "silent mode" set a sleep timer, change the wallpaper and set weather options.

Motorola Droid 3 Desktop Dock

You can have the desktop dock in any color you want, so long as it's black. It's lightweight by not topheavy, and it's done up in a mix of glossy and matte finish. On the rear of the dock you have  ports for HDMI out, a 3.5mm audio jack, and microUSB power. The dock comes with an AC adapter, but you're on your own for the HDMI cable.

The Motorola Desktop Dock for the Droid 3 is available in the Android Central Store for $47.95.


Reader comments

Motorola Droid 3 Desktop Dock review


The one thing missing from this dock is the ability to connect with your computer while docked.

I bought it without checking I simply assumed it would just like my D1, DX and DX2 does.....nope. If you're looking for connectivity to your computer look elsewhere.

Other than that the dock's awesome!

This thing was a huge disappointment for the DX. It's basically a glorified charging dock. The software was really poorly done, and they never followed through with updates.

I read on a forum somewhere, might have been Android Forums, that it does fit with the case.

I loved the dock that I bought for Droid X. I think it was only $30 bucks too. Have it hooked up and set in front of my Tv so I can watch Jetflicks on my big screen through the HDMI.

The Droid v1 couldn't use the dock if you had a case on it, so I made my own out of Lego's. A lot cheaper.