For all you Droid owners out there who passed up on the Droid Incredible in hopes that Verizon would be releasing the Droid 2 soon after, an inkling of hope has appeared. Above you see a pic of the Motorola A955, the Droid 2, in Verizon's inventory system. We saw a peek of what the keyboard may look like this afternoon, and maybe, just maybe, this thing's closer to release than anybody thinks. [via Droid Life]

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Soco_Jon says:

i passed on the incredible...i want some specs!! ugh!

Actually, a new droid beast is coming. And they are two!Droid II Detailed Reactions

Lets just hope its not the shadow cause that doesnt have a keyboard

eazid says:

I chose incredible because I didn't want the keyboard. But that's just my preference.

But I'm confused. This isn't the Shadow? Or is it? I thought therefore only going to be a certain number of "droids." Maybe I'm wrong. Lol

6s1d9 says:

Thank god I got the incredible!!! Physical keyboards are sooo not for me.

ftumph says:

Does anyone know if this runs stock Android or MotoBlur?

anthonyzul says:

I would expect it to have stock Android like the Droid 1. I would be incredibly disappointed if it had Motoblur on it..

anthonyzul says:

I like having the slide out keyboard, I just wish it was better designed. The only thing that would make me give up my Droid is a Droid 2...