Megan Fox with the Motorola Devour

Perhaps you remember this picture of the Motorola Devour. (Take your time. You'll find it.) This was just six months ago, when the mid-range Android phone was released on Verizon and even garnered its own Super Bowl ad. Today, it appears that the Devour and the original Droid -- which isn't even a year old -- are headed for the big smartphone meetup in the sky, with Verizon listing them as being "End of life."

Now, that doesn't mean your Droid sucks, or that it won't be supported. In fact, in the document leaked on DroidForums, it clearly lists the two phones under "Current devices with limited or no remaining shipments from the vendor." In the case of the Droid, that's hardly surprising, as we're expecting its sequel anytime now.

And while the Devour hardly was a head-turner (read our full review if you want to know how we really feel about it), it's a stark reminder of how short a lifespan phones can have. Hell, think about how many phones we've seen announced and/or released in the last month. Anyhoo, if you still want a Droid or Devour, better get 'em while you still can. Or, you know, you can wait a tad and get something newer and better. [DroidForums via DroidLife]

(Oh, and just because we can, check out the Devour ad after the break.)


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Motorola Devour, original Droid reportedly nearing end-of-life


Too bad. The ONLY phone worth buying from Motorola, the Droid, is no longer going to be available. Well looks like HTC, Samsung, whomever will be getting my future business.

The original Droid still runs games better than my Evo...
And overclocked past 1ghz... I don't see why anyone would be upset with this phone.

but... ..but... I LOVE my Droid... I hope this doesn't mean it won't be getting anymore updates. I have 13 months left on my NE2...

They are putting out the DROID 2 next month so it wont totally be gone but yea i was an early adopter of the DROID, a little jealous of the DROID X but still happy with the choice i made, its an awesome phone

Weird... Any indication as to why Motorola would discontinue their best-selling phone? That makes 0 sense to me. How long did they sell the RAZR?

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Lol it was bound to happen how else will they get you to buy the locked down x and Droid 2.

Thank God
That phone was horrible
Hardware and Software
Motorola has failed with this Motoblur
Their first gen's are still on 1.5
When everyone else is preparing for 2.2
I'm glad I got rid of my Cliq

It's funny, after hearing so much about Droid and now Droid X I completely forgot about the Devour.

But thank you for posting that video, I forgot how funny that commercial was.

So 8 months after it was introduced, the Droid is about to be End of Lifed (EOL). Luckily, Droid owners can still get the latest OS's by loading custom ROMS.

In 8 months from now, the DROID X owners will likely be End of Lifed (EOL) as well. But they will never have to option of loading custom roms.

Well this is sad news not only do I have the Moto Droid but my son has the Moto Devour and he has pretty good luck with it no problems. It a good teenager phone since it hooks to all the social networking a kids wants to keep up on.