Motorola Devour

The folks at AndoridSpin managed to get their hands on the Motorola Devour apparently right as Verizon announced it. And while we don't get a look at anything actually running on the screen, they apparently were told that the Devour "has some tricks up its sleeves," including some sort of IR integration with home electronics. And let's face it: With a mere 3.1-inch screen and other specs that aren't near the top end, it's going to need a leg up. [AndroidSpin]


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Motorola Devour already fondled, apparently has a few tricks in store


hmm a 20$ remote at best buy can do that and no contract. Idk i had the droid and it was a great phone I just hope that this phone doesnt slide open in peoples pocket and drain battery by the display always on and off.

A cheap slipcase prevents this. There are many out there that fit the Droid perfectly. Mine cost $3.95 including shipping off ebay.

I don't think it's a little device. I saw pictures of it next to the Nexus one and it's definitely larger in all dimensions.

THis is gonna be motorola's less expensive option for the droid. It will probably launch around 79.99. There's alot of people who like the idea behind the Droid but don't wanna spend the price, and they want the keyboard that the Eris has. Personally I will not give up my Droid for this or probably anything, even the Nexus one though that's the closest to catching my eye. I'm not a fan of the keyboard, but it's came in handy a few times, like in my AIM app, which would act up occasionally and not record what I was typing on my virtual keyboard so I could shoot out a message and back out rather then back out then go back in and type. Not a super big deal, but it has helped.

Droid design is ugly. I would rather have my droid look like this (in black of course, no gold detailing either, but rather silver please). Seriously, whoever approved the Droid design should be fired, or at the very least demoted. Looks aren't selling that brick. I hope by the time my 2yr.contract expires there will be something more appealing to the eyes in the market.