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After a bit of a wait, the rugged Motorola Defy Pro is now available at Rogers for free on a two-year contract, or $274.99 if you're going month-to-month. As you might expect, the Defy Pro is just as tough as its predecessor, the Motorola Defy, except it has a QWERTY keyboard. The specs are about in line with the pricetag, which is to say that they're on the lower end. Here's a run-down. 

  • 2.7-inch 320 x 480 HVGA display with Gorilla Glass
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and front-facing VGA camera
  • 1700 mAh battery, 12 hours continuous use time, 13.5 days standby
  • IP67-certified (totally protected against dust, protected against immersion between 15 cm and 1 m)

The Motorola Defy Pro still isn't showing up in the Rogers online store, but I'm sure it'll pop up soon enough. In the meantime, there's plenty of information at Motorola Canada. Personally, I'm excited to give this a shot. There aren't a whole lot of Android phones with good QWERTY keyboards in a portrait orientation, nevermind ones that have any amount of ruggedization. The last one was the Motorola Admiral, and it never found its way up here to Canada. 

Anyone thinking of picking this up? I'm looking at you, BlackBerry refugees. Is Gingerbread a dealbreaker?


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Motorola Defy Pro tumbles onto Rogers today


i really wish they upped this to a dual core with a gig of ram and a 3300mAh battery. I know it is a budget device but there is no excuse these days to have such a small processor. my droid pro was a 1.2ghz with 512mb ram and that came out 2 years ago. time to bump it up.

Low resolution, single core, low memory, no NFC, AND Gingerbread? The blackberry form factor is still appealing to a lot of business people; and the IP67 certification is awesome, but the business people I know don't wants specs from 2 years ago. They're willing to shell out for a more expensive device.. as it is, the businesses I know are just getting Nexus devices with Otterboxes on them instead... and grudgingly getting used to touchscreen keyboards.

Motorola's old Q9 series had excellent keyboards. Only RIM's KB on the Bold 9000 was better.Moto could/can make excellent hardware.......when it wants to.

Holy crap, good thing for Moto that RIM has no money to be sue happy like Snapple because I agree..that looks a lil too much like an actual BB. Save for the ridiculously large Motorola branding on the front, the average consumer could be fooled by that.

They should have named it MotoBerry.

I am one of those blackberry refuges, Thought I would have a hard time making the transition to Android but my Nexus galaxy running ICS has won me over completely. I was sure I would miss the physical keyboard but the Galaxy Nexus with Swiftkey on it I would not even want to go back to a physical keyboard.

Hey, I come here for news on ANDROID devices. Why would I care that this Blackberry is being released?

Wait... that's Android? Holy crap.

Yea,a Moto Cha Cha.*sigh* Sadly,had Motorola bothered to give this device any kind of quality specs it could have tapped into a certain buyer market.The Defy Pro could have been the Android version of the old WP Mobile Q9 series.And of course it's another phone without the 3300 mAh battery. I guess if it's not a "Droid" it's just crap to Mototrola.

What really pisses me off is:

all the Slider Phones
and all these (NON super popular phones with a huge screen)

have such poor specs and hardware?


i want a 5 - 5.3 inch phone with a slide out keyboard a 3000 MAH battery a dual core cpu, 2 gigs of ram.

and same for the above.

I am not gonna buy some, half assed phone.

there is no reason this phone should have worse specs then galaxy s3.

no reason, at all.

I totally agree with you!! I think a phone the size of the Galaxy S3 with a slide out keyboard woud be amazing. If you took the Droid 4's keyboard, stretched it, and added it to a phone like the GS3 or Note, then you got a QWERTY that would definitely sell. But to be honest, I think OEMs keep releasing crap qwerty phones because they're trying to slowly phase out the physical keyboard. Maybe it's just a really small niche now. With RIM not dominating the market anymore, more and more people are giving up the physical keyboard for full touchscreen phones with better specs. And it's sad that we have to change what we're willing to use so that we're not stuck using dinosaur phones. One of the reasons why I gave up the Droid 4 for the GS3. The Droid 4 had decent specs, but it was the most underwhelming experience ever.

No, Gingerbread isn't really a big issue. Having a much worse screen resolution than the lame-duck BB9900 is, though. The processor and RAM (which are also less than the 9900) doesn't help matters.

I love the 9900's form factor and it's keyboard is, bar none, the best on any device, but the OS and app selection is deeply hurting. I repeatedly wished I could have had that device's keyboard with the hardware and operating system specs of the Galaxy Nexus.

Instead, we get Android on a device on-par with the BlackBerry Curve. Who was Motorola expecting to buy this?

God that looks familiar. Small screen, nice keyboard solid looking . . . B-something or other.
That looks more like a Bold than an actual BOLD!

I might consider picking this up as a backup. I very much love my Gnex. It rocks, especially with JB.

However I do miss a physical KB. I dunno, I'll think about it. A backup device maybe, but not as a daily driver.

Idiots. Yeah, you whiners, not Moto. It's a $275 phone FFS. Get a clue. THIS IS HOW THEY WIN OVER FEATURE PHONE USERS. It's not $600 or $700. It's $275. That's off contract. No subsidy. Full price. Get it?

I have two Admirals down here in Arizona. They are not as much fun as my GNex, but they do the job. One of them is my kayaking device and the other is a BB replacement at work.

If the Defy/Defy Pro is equiv or an improved version of the Admiral, go for it.