Motorola Connect

Important improvements to Motorola's first-party software for its new devices

Motorola has just pushed out an update to its Motorola Connect Chrome extension to improve the overall look and fix several bugs. The Motorola Connect extension works in conjunction with software on one of Motorola's latest devices — that'd be the Moto X or a new Droid on Verizon — to display text messages and incoming call information on your computer, saving you from having to pick up the phone as often.

The newly designed extension improves on the initial release with a better design that is easier on the eyes, along with a bunch of unspecified bugfixes. Motorola Connect is still a good leap away from what other third-party apps have done and far from what Google Voice offers, but it's a simple solution to managing calls and texts for folks who just want something that's baked into the phone out of the box.

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Motorola Connect Chrome extension updated with cleaner design, bugfixes


Love this new feature from Motorola! The last two links that make my devices sync with all forms of communication!

Now I'm waiting for 4.3 so the notification dismissal syncs.

Such an underrated feature of the new Motorola (Moto X, DROID MINI, DROID ULTRA, DROID MAXX).

I agree it's pretty awsome! It was funny. My wife was using my laptop when she called me and the notification popped up scaring the crap out of her! Awsome!!

Mighty Text. Keep in mind, using this will count against your sms plan. If you have unlimited sms, no worries...

Between this, my pebble (thanks for talking it up so much +Jerry Hildebrand and +Nick Nickinson), and an app from AT&T for my tablet I now receive text messages on up to five devices at once.

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Nice! I love this extension. Only use it in the office. Best way to text everyone all day at work without being on your phone.

Anyone having problems with the new extension? When I click on the icon, I get the agreement page. Once I agree, the browser goes to a login page for Motorola. I'm already registered with my G+ account, so I get a loading screen. After a few seconds, I get a "about:blank" page. From that point, whenever I click on the Connect icon, I get another "About:blank" page. I have cleared my cache and cookies to no avail.

I have the same issue. Ive tried clearing. Uninstalling. All kinds of options and still nothing.

I am having the same issue. In addition to clearing cache and cookies, I reinstalled Chrome as well as the extension. That has not worked either.

Seeing the same problem too, as of the last couple of days. It used to work fine. A real pity, because when it works it is really great.