Motorola Cliq

We originally helped break this news a week ago, and today Motorola took to Twitter to confirm that the Cliq will receive and upgrade to Android 2.1. (Actually, @motomobile initially said it'd be a 2.0 upgrade, but they went back and corrected themselves.)

A date for the upgrade has yet to be announced.

Update: For what it's worth, @motomobile has also confirmed the Droid will get 2.1. Which we also reported last week. lol (thanks, Chris!)


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Motorola confirms Cliq gets Android 2.1


Too bad this announcement came from a twitter post. Maybe if it was from Motorola's website I would actually believe it.

When will we get it MOTO.....when....this month...or when android 2.6 comes out......plz answer =(

answer and that will make my day!!!

I agree witht the twitter thing... if it were to be on motorola's website then yeah maybe I'll believe that they'll come witht the upgrade 2.1. If anything I wouldn't spend the time waiting for it cause every where you go and do your research about this so called 2.1 its all going to be different so stop waiting and just let it happen... it'll eventually come just don't know when. Patients is key.