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It became officially official only yesterday, but there's potential disappointment to be had for prospective buyers of the Motorola Atrix HD. Motorola has confirmed, via their Twitter page, when questioned, that the new AT&T LTE device will be shipping with a locked bootloader in order to "meet requirements." Cue the surprised gasps. 

On the flip side though, it isn't all doom and gloom. In a second tweet on the subject, Moto claims that their goal is to still provide a method of unlocking the bootloader at some point in the future. More details on that are promised at a later date.

Source: Twitter (Motorola)


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Motorola confirms Atrix HD shipping with encrypted bootloader 'to meet requirements'


What does it mean "provide a method of unlocking the bootloader at some point in the future" for Motorola? infinity +1? I only know 2 or 3 devices from Motorola that has an official unlock bootloader method.

Absolutely, they say this with every phone they release. It's a blatant lie when they said that they would be opening up their bootloaders. They need to be called to task on it immediately and Android Central should be doing that for their readers. Stop posting the BS retweets from them that are cut and pastes from 7 months ago and actually call them out!

That would be pretty stupid, android central is not congress and at the end of the day how can they prove Motorola hasn't been "working" on it?
and what's with your sense of entitlement? You make it sound like they owe you the service of voicing your displeasure with every policy you don't agree with.

Actually it will be 366 days after it is no longer available for sale. That way nobody has a warranty and the carrier doesn't care anymore.

I read about this yesterday and had a good laugh. My last phone was a Motorola with a locked bootloader on AT&T all I can say is never again, never again Motorola. I hate the "meet requirements" spiel. Fine lock it, just don't lock it so good ;)

Q/A for Motorola:
Does it has bootloader encrypted? YES
Does Motorola will keep it updated after a year? NO
Does Motorola will keep it updated before a year? NO
Does Motorola will keep it with bugs forever? YES

1. Youre comment makes you look like an ass
2. Motorola has an excellent track record for updates at least on my OG droid and DX.
3. Motorola has arguably the best hardware in the industry.
4. Moto was also very quick to get out GB and compared to some ICS.
5. See number 1.

But yes locked bootloaders suck on any device regardless of carrier or maker and I wish they would die.

Not in the UK they don't there software support or the lack of is legendary over here, they love the US but if your from what I they consider another planet (none US) your out of luck. The devices are all well and good hardware wise I have one myself, but if your in the UK and your not prepared to root I would strongly recommend looking elsewhere. Or you will end up with the first usually buggy software release with no update in sight and no end to the empty promises of an update that never materialises.

Tmobile's Motorola Cliq XT left me with a bad undeniable taste in my mouth.
I've been passing on anything Motorola since then.
Recently my views have changed a bit. I realize that Motorola has some good devices rolling out and as long as I keep in mind that I'm not buying them for any other reason other than the out-of-the-box experience, I shouldn't be disappointed with this company in the future.

Does anyone know where I could download that clock or is that parts of an OS? Thank you

I had an Atrix 4G and loved it but it was a pain with a locked bootloader for months if they were more open I would get it but right now I wouldnt touch motorola again until things change I am happy with my Skyrocket and SGS3

I wouldn't be so quick to blame Moto. I have an Atrix 4G, and yes, it's a pain that the bootloader was locked. It's also true that outside of the US, Moto treats us like garbage (I'm in Canada) and takes forever to provide bug fixes and updates.

As far as locked bootloaders are concerned, that's a requirement of the carriers. If you want to complain, complain to the carriers. They insist that the stock ROMs carry all their bloatware because they are counting on income from that bloatware. If the manufacturer isn't willing to include the bloat or gives users an easy way out of it, then the carrier will refuse to offer the phone.

The only way you get an unlocked bootloader is if the carrier decides they've had enough time to make money from you via the bloatware. Then they'll allow Moto to release the unlock. Moto will never say this explicitly because they don't want to embarrass and tick-off their customer (the carrier). If they do that, they might not get to sell any phones at all.

Until then, it's up to you to find ways around the bootloader problem yourself. Don't rely on Moto to shoot itself in the foot by unlocking it for you.