T-Mobile has officially launched the Motorola Cliq XT. That's the good news. The bad news is that contrary to what we previously were told by TMoToday, the Cliq XT will retail for $129 on new 2-year contract and not the previously rumored $99. The slight price bump isn't ideal and leaves us a bit disappointed but hey, what can you do, carriers rarely "get" pricing like we would want them to. In any case, the Motorola Cliq XT is a full touchscreen device that runs Motoblur. And it's pretty nice. [t-mobile]


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Motorola Cliq XT now available for $129, not $99 as first believed


what difference does it make, it's on contract, which means you end up paying about $2000 over the life of it either way, $30 is negligible unless we're talking about unlocked without contract price.

i just have mine 2 day. not bad, feels light, the os is responsive. good so far. i don't expect miracles but it does what it's supposed to.

I got mine March 17, for $130 (upgrade)
Initial experiences:
basically a G1, with a better interface, and camera.
I primarily baught this phone, because I thought I would be able to stream bbc world news, and cnn videos on this phone. Alas, I was wrong. I get a "this device cannot play media" message, from most tv, ad news websites. ABC actally works o.k. I am experimenting with many of the "Android Market" Tv apps, with some success.
my only hpe is that Android updates the o.s. to 1.6 or 2.0.
I think this will solve some of my problems.
other than that, I love how light the phone is, and how loud the speaker is. I can play music without having to plug in.