Motorola Cliq

Speaking of the Motorola Cliq, a few of you started noting in the comments today that your phones saw updates, too. Turns out, according to Phone Scoop, that Version 1.3.8 -- which remains Android 1.5, by the way -- accidentally was pushed out to about 600 people and was only available for 15 minutes or so. Battery life, screen sensitivity and GPS are said to have been improved somewhat. No word yet on when any update will be made available again. [Motorola forums via Phonescoop]


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Motorola Cliq sees accidental update


funny. i wondered why there wasn't much buzz about the update. i have noticed a difference with the touch screen since getting the update and the SMS icon in the notification bar is different i think. i never had GPS issues before so it works the same for me, which is to say it works very well. Battery life is the same for me as it was before the update. nothing to get excited about yet :)

I got the update yesterday morning. When the previous update 1.1.38 was leaked back at the end of November I was one of those unlucky ones who got the message "This update has been recalled" while downloading the update. I manually check for updates 10-15 times daily, hoping to see the 2.1 update. This time I was prepared. As soon as I saw the update, I connected to my wifi and downloaded and installed it.

One of the new features is the "Manage SIM card" icon in the applications tray. The phone does feel more responsive and faster. The battery life before I downloaded the update was around 48% and immediately after installing the update it went up to 56%. About 20 minutes after installing the update it was at 58%. The previous update did improve the battery life, lets hope this one makes it even better. I never had any issues with GPS tracking so can't say about that.

Now hoping that Moto will "accidentally" release the 2.1 update and I will catch it at the right time. Come on Moto, give us the 2.1 update already!