It's not Android 2.1 but it's something, right? According to Moto's twitter account, the Motorola CLIQ is going to receive a software update this week. The update will improve the CLIQ's battery life, touchscreen, and GPS. If this sounds familiar, it's because it's likely the same update that got accidentally pushed out to a few CLIQ users a couple of weeks ago. That was an accident, this one is for real.

And as much needed as these little software updates are, we can't help but feel disappointed--why can't it be an Android 2.1 update instead! One day..

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Motorola CLIQ Getting Update This Week


...interesting. Wonder if this is all that is addressed? Either way, glad to see something happening. The wait for 2.1 is still painful though. April-June can't hit fast enough. But I do appreciate Moto's efforts here.

How long until they pull this off of twitter. Their PR isn't looking good right now until they actually meet a deadline they publish.

My understanding is that this is a Band-Aid fix until 2.1 is officially released in the 2nd quarter for the CLIQ.

Funny thing is that I am not having any screen issues with my CLIQ which I purchased about 2 weeks ago. The GPS is working fine and battery life is not an issue either. Wonder if newer units already have this update built in out of the box.

We already got the battery update a couple of months ago. I bet that this new update is being done to prep the cliq for the 2.1 update. Did the Droid get 2.1 yet? 2.1 is unbelievably nice though...I was playing with my friends Nexus the other day! Can't wait...

Haha easy there. I want the Droid update as much as the next guy but cliq owners need a little love too.

Don't want another nexus one vs Droid type of arguments here.....

oh i heard this was a mistake...they will withdraw the comment in a day or two....just like they did with droid. lol

I'll all for love for the Cliq but Droid owners have been waiting for something this whole week. How about giving us some info? Something better than "soon"?

these updates are refinements made to increase the OS functions in prep for making 2.1 smoother in my opinion.