BGR is hearing that the Motorola Cliq will receive an update to Android 2.1 in March. Yep, you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of Android 2.1 next month! This follows the news that the Droid will be receiving the 2.1 update sometime this week, so it looks like Motorola is getting all their devices on to the same Android version. The Motorola Devour, which is supposed to launch with Android 1.6, should also be able to update quickly to 2.1 since it runs the same Motoblur UI as the Cliq. Here's to hoping it all works out!


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Motorola CLIQ Getting Android 2.1 in March ?


This is very good news as I just purchased the CLIQ (moved from a Blackberry Curve 8900) and love the devise, but had a feeling the OS was a bit behind the curve (so to speak). I was actually going to contact Motorola today to find out if they were going to update the devise or not.. if not, since I am still within my 14 day trial period at T-Mobile it was going back. I would then revert back to my Blackberry until T-Mobile came out with one of the new Motorola Androids running 2.1. But it looks like I don't have to do either... take back the CLIQ or wait for a new Android phone to show up at T-Mobile. I can certainly wait a few weeks for the official update to 2.1.

I have to say... being new to Android, I really like the CLIQ. Much nicer devise then any Blackberry on the market at this point. And the OS, even though 1.5 is a bit outdated at this point, is still far better then even the latest OS 5.0 that RIM is putting out. Glad I made the leap over to Android.

I'll believe it when I see it. If this is the case though, I can't wait. I can't stand all the issues I'm having with the Cliq on 1.5.

This must just be a devise by devise circumstance. I used to hear all the time guys with issues with their Blackberry 8820s and 8900s (both of which I had) running certain versions of the OS. I guess I was lucky because I never had any of those issues while running those same OS versions. Same with the CLIQ. Now granted I have had mine for only a little over a week, but I am having absolutely no issues with any of the applications or the hardware on 1.5. By-the-way, I just checked with the guy who I have been working with at my T-Mobile store for the past 5 years and he said, "yes, the CLIQ is getting a major OS upgrade in the very near future". He said that T-Mobile wants all of their Android devises running on the same OS version as soon as possible. I suspect this is due to T-Mobile Andriod Tech Support being able to standardize as much as possible. They are doing the same with their Blackberry devises. They want them all on OS 5 by the end of the 1st Quarter 2010.

My big issues w the device, and i've had 2 now, are with bluetooth and wifi. I have a 2010 Kia Forte that it WILL not connect to... unless i'm 2 minutes into the call then it randomly connects. And a jawbone prime that it will connect with fine. But then it won't. But then it will. It's very on and off. And for some reason wifi at my house will NOT work. It never obtains an IP even when connected. But it connects. Very strange. Other than that, this device is a gem for me. I love the keyboard on this too.

I thought I'd let you know that I had the same issue with my moto cliq, but you can go in and manually add the IP address and it saves it and connects every time. Now that I figured that out I have no issues with the wifi issue. and not be be nit-picky, but I have NO issues connecting to the BT in my Mini Cooper, are you sure it isn't the Kia's fault that it wont connect? Not that I'm dissing the Kia's quality, but they aren't very expensive cars, and while they are EXTREMELY high quality for the price, but I'm wondering if the bluetooth connection is maybe one of the very few places Kia cut corners?

Nah, had a myTouch - worked fine in the car. Had a BB, worked fine. I'm assuming it's either the motoblur because the phone book will not transfer and there are like 6 combined contact lists or 1.5 android incompatibility issue of some sort.

This just made my day. Now I'm soo excited I just can't hide it. Lol. But seriously I can't wait till it comes out cause then the cliq won't feel like a low line android phone it will be up there with the good devices.

Well I am very excited that the cliq is getting this update even with the little hitches here and there I'm glad I even have this phone I went from a samsung blast to a broken bbp 8100 to the cliq and hopefully with 2.1 on the way I can something to look forward too but imagine we cliq owners get 2.1 and gingerbread comes out would you want the ota for the os model

This is great news if its true 2.1 will make this phone so much better I left the g1 for this phone its pretty okay but I think the ota update will make the phone way better my figners are crossed moto don't let me
down or nexus one here I come lol

I have a cliq with tmobile and today I download and install system version 1.3.18 it came in 2 updates and I wasn't prom to do it but I was checking for updates on the settings/about phone menu and got them, it said it suppossed to improve battery life gps and touch screen, but since I jus got it, can't say how much of an improvement they are yet. I mention it for some of the people who were talking about the short battery life. I also hope this is not the update t mobile was talking about, couse they better get my cliq the 2.1 os soon.