After the presentation, the execs from Motorola, Goole, and T-Mobile were kind enough to provide some glamour shots of the new CLIQ. After the break, six more up-close-and-personal images of the phone!

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Anonymous says:

the d-pad is on the wrong side!!! it should be on the right (like keyboards) no the left!!!

Tallbruva says:


Let's go one further... How are you supposed to use apps that require the phone to be in portrait like Pac-Man or some other app that requires the track-ball in portrait.

gamer says:

d pad is on the left for gaming duh second post is interesting though i dont know how you would navigate in portrait

Anonymous says:

Wow you guys really need to get a life. U see pictures of this awesome looking phone and your worried about playing Pac-Man?

handbags says: