Motorola Charm at Best Buy

Hey, look at that. It's the Motorola Charm at Best Buy, listed at $249.99. That's either one of BB's famous placeholder prices, or the unsubsidized price. Either way, we're still no closer to knowing when this thing's actually coming out on T-Mobile, but there you go. [Best Buy] Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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ak110707 says:

It looks like a crippled blackberry... with motoblur.

Dural says:


CavemanOOGA says:

I still wanna get my hands on this little guy, the keyboard looks awesome.

romiust says:

It will be pretty cheap on contract and could be a nice starter phone for new android fans. The specs are not too bad for a entry level.

AnAm85 says:

Why are there no hands-on/review videos yet? Don't we usually start seeing demos for future phones sooner than this? I wanna see this thing in real-time action!

fillossofer says:

I'm aging myself here, but they should call it the "Thing".

techh10 says:

i got a question does this phone even have a touch screen its so dam tiny